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Ther Border Fence between the USA and Mexico is a bad idea


Thank you for joining this debate, First I would like to state my oppening arguments. There shouldn't be a border fence in between Mexico and the USA because not only does it seem very inconsiderate by showing that we have to block out a country and isolate ourselves and Mexico but also why do we need a big fence showing that we don't want anyone in our country from Mexico. Second why do we have to create hostillity between two nations who work well together. By building this fence not...

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Terrorism is a serious threat to the US


Following the tragic demise of 3000 New Yorkers on September 11th, the United States was scared. In attempts to repel futrue attacks they issued a declaration of war on "Terror" and started invading a country that was harbouring The Foundation's masterminds. Who could blame them for that country had just spat in America's face by refusing to cooperate in cathcing the men repsonsible? But for some reason they did not stop it at that. That presidential election one of the major media campaigns...

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The American invasion of Afghanistan is justifiable.


Good morning/afternoon/evening, I would like to first thank my opponent for joining me here today/tonight for this debate and any onlookers for partially judging this debate. I would also like to eventually thank any voters who vote for me in this debate. Now my points: 1) After the 9/11 attacks the U.S. was fully justified to attack Afghanistan because it was an act of self-defence. There was viable proof that Afghanistan harbored several terrorists that conspired in the 9/11 plot, the...

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The US Patriot Act is necessary for the safety of America.


The Protect America Act modernized the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to provide our intelligence community essential tools to acquire important information about terrorists who want to harm America. The Act, which passed with bipartisan support in the House and Senate and was signed into law by President Bush on August 5, 2007, restores FISA to its original focus of protecting the rights of persons in the United States, while not acting as an obstacle to gathering foreign intellig...

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Being Racist is okay


First i would like to say. Tell me why it is okay to hate other cultures and other poeple with different beliefs and skin color?...

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the topic of this debate is abortion and i believe that this is wrong because ur killing humans okay


my opening argument is that abortion should be illegal b/c that is basically kilng a human being okay son so see me...

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Iran presents a real threat to the welfare of the United states and the world


I believe Iran presents a true threat to the welfare of the united states and in fact the world. The reasons i present to support this statement are: 1. Nuclear Capability 2. Terrorist Funds 3. Religion 1. While there was a report that said Iran stopped pursuing nuclear weapons in 2003, there are other reports (notice it's plural) from both the US and Israel and more, that estimate Iran will have the capability to produce Nuclear Weapons (NWs) ranging from as early as 2009 to almost 2020....

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African Americans deserve the right to vote


I firmly believe that all men are created equal. because all people are equal then they have the right to vote. Any one who honestly doesn't think this accept my challenge....

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Gay Marriage


I challenge rockylightning to a debate on "gay marriage" (cancelled earlier). Please keep it 5000 characters maximum. Thanks!...

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Mahmoud Ahmedinijad is not wrong to not listen to the U.S.'s request that they stop making nukes


I am in no way endorsing Mahmoud Ahmedinijad. He is a horrible extremist, and he is a very hateful person. However, I have no problem with his nuclear weapons program. Let me clarify. I am against every nuclear weapons program in the world. I hate nukes, however, I don't hate Ahmedinijad's program any more or less than the rest, which brings me to my first point. If you and your friend were both smokers, and neither of you were trying to quit, what would you think if your friend told you to q...

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