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Resolved: In a fight, Darth Vader would easily vanquish Superman.


I'm a big fan of both fictional characters, but I'm afraid that if the two were to trade blows, Vader would easily wind up as the victor. I will perform this debate by stating how the dark lord of the sith would counter Superman's powers. Strength: People claim that Superman would dominate Vader due to his sheer Super strength, but I am one to disagree. Vader can easily move objects which weigh over 100 tons. Proof: In "The Empire Strikes back", we saw an old and weakened Yoda lift Luke Sk...

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Batman is, on balance, a positive role model


Full Resolution: Batman is, on balance, a positive role model.My opponent and I will be representing opposing positions on the above topic. I will be arguing in favor of the resolution, while my opponent will be arguing against it (i.e. Batman is, on balance, a negative role model). Each debater will share the burden of proof.For the sake of consistency, this discussion will focus on the most common and longstanding representation of Batman (a.k.a. B...

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The Pokemon TV Show Should follow the Exploits of Red, not Ash.


Thanks for accepting the open challenge whoever you are. I will attempt to affirm the resolution that the Pokémon anime should have followed the exploits of the character Red, and not those of Ash Ketchum. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the show here is a synopsis: Ash Ketchum is a boy who on his tenth birthday decided to be a Pokémon Trainer, one who raises and battles Pokémon. He began with a Pikachu and has gained many more since the show's beginning. He also has adventure...

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Internet vs Electricity


I say that the internet is much more important than electricity. I know people will say that electricity is much more important because the internet wouldn't exist without electricity. But who cares! Electricity does exist....

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Connect Four


Good luck to whomever takes this debate. Official Resolution: I will win a majority of the games of Connect Four that I play against my opponent. ========= Debate Rules ========= 1. Five games of Connect Four are to be played in the comments section of this debate in the manner described below. 2. The winner of this debate is the person who wins 3 or more of the Connect Four rounds. All 7 points go to the person who won the majority of rounds, regardless of spelling/conduct/source...

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What is the best book?


This debate is not meant to be serious. I would just like my opponent to argue for what they think is the best-written book they know. Please no religious texts, and just fiction. My claim (pro): Watership Down, by Richard Adams. Rules: no personal attacks. It would also help if I read my opponent's favorite book before round 2, and vice versa. Finally, the books must not be part of a series. Thanks, and may the best book win! (Re-issuing, due to lack of reply from Con. Opponents, anyone?)...

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Sarcastic Presidential Debate


Another fine humorous debate by MassiveDump. My opponent and I will be directing speeches toward the audience on why we would make a better president than the other guy.-Round 1 is an acceptance round with brief description of yourself-Profanity is encouraged-Voters are to vote strictly on who was the most entertainingSo, I'm Candidate #1, MassiveDump. I have an odd commitment to My Little Pony, but still manage to have a g...

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In Star Wars Neither the Republic or the Empire are Good or Bad


The first round will be for acceptance. I will be taking the Pro side proving that Neither the Empire or the Republic in Star Wars are Good or Bad (This is my first debate so I'm pretty much doing it for fun and to get noob sniped :p) (Definition) of Good [1] 1.

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Who is best My Little Pony Villain?


I will be arguing that the Dazzlings and Discord are the best villains. Does anybody want to accept this debate? You can choose to defend as many villains as you will like....

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percussion is the most important section in a band


I will keep it simple. Rules: 1. respect 2. use actual sources 3. stick to round layout 4. provide votes on why you should win 5. have fun 6. Break of any rule results in forfeit of all points to me rounds: 1- acceptance, thanks to, what you aim to prove 2- opening statements 3- questions 4- answers 5- rebuttals, closing remarks, and voters I accept and I want to thank my future opponent for the test. I aim to prove that percussion is the most important section in band and why...

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