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It is possible to draw a four-sided triangle


Please note the rules of this debate and that it's a single round. A four sided triangle cannot be drawn because it's logically impossible to do so. A triangle only has three sides by definition so allowing four sides would no longer be a triangle. It's the same reason why the primary color blue cannot also be pink and still considered a primary shade of blue....

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Should violent video games be banned?


If you choose to debate against me, you are for video game banning and against violent video games. Here are my thoughts: First of all, I'm tired of hearing kid under age breaking laws and video game companys taking the blame for it. If the kids can't tell the difference between reality and virtual reality then they don't need to be playing those games. Their parents should pay more attention to their kids and some games are rated by age group because your suppose to be at least a certain...

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Superman can beat batman in a fair fight


As the title says Superman can beat batman in a fair fight Good luck and have fun to my opponent...

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Vi vs Geo Round 1 Feverish Rap Battle Tournament


Round One Check it, my flow be flawless For Diamonds rain without rest This is why they call me Neptune My beat stellar, yours a mess Introductions aren't required For Geo has found me out Galileo-scoped my route Now he believes, with no doubt I'm the puppeteer, you see Swing the threads of string theory Rhymes so gravitational my big bang makes them chicks weary Check this vibrational Your big clang not for the hearing Slow like black holes, flow don't end This can't be natura...

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should power ranger be removed


Power rangers. It used to be good, and one of my favorite shows. Now it's just a mess. The characters look like they are made out of recycled milk cartons, the plot is literally the exact same every single time, and it's just. Not. Good. Kids today are growing up today after watching this garbage thinking "eh, power rangers, nahhhhh," while if they were watching some of the older series they would think it's great. so because the producers can't think of anything new or good, kids are missing a...

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the Powerpuff Girls VS. the Man of Steel


I believe that, in a fight, the Powerpuff Girls would beat the Superman depicted in the Man of Steel movie.I believe that the Powerpuff Girls, despite being 6, would still win against this Superman.The Powerpuff Girls have a huge similarity to the Silver Age Superman: they occasionally get random powers that they neve...

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Is Harry Potter Satanic?


Although I can see where you are coming from, how does the practice of witchcraft in a fictitious story promote Satanic rituals and values in everyday life?...

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If nervegear existed would people use it to evil end like in SAO (Sword Art Online)


First round is for acceptance only & as this is Kastorians first debate please don't vote harshly towards him when this is over thankyou!...

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Androids are better than iPhones.


Androids are better than iPhone. Anyone who thinks the opposite can debate on the topic with me. And all those who find Androids better may vote for me. The first person to accept the debate can debate with me. Waiting for a better opponent but the world knows Android is better than iPhone. :) :) :) :) There would be 4 rounds. Round 1 is just the introduction round. The true debate starts from Round 2 and lasts till Round 4....

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Superman would beat Batman in a fight to the death.


In a scheduled fight in which both Superman and Batman have an allotted and equal amount of time to prepare, Superman would prove the victor. The fight must also be one on one. Although possible that Batman could defeat Superman in a face-off to the death, it is neither plausible or likely, given the qualities and traits of each hero. To put it very simply, Superman is very intelligent, super powered, and almost completely invulnerable with only one inherent weakness, which is Kryptonite. Bat...

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