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= Introduction = Whoever accepts should offer three different debate topics in the first round. I will chose one of the three, and we'll debate it starting in round two. Con may offer No resolutional analysis, framework, definitions or arguments in round one. Nothing may be posted aside from Con's three resolutions and a short Greeting. It will be my right to interpret the resolutions the way I want to, and Con should not violate my right to interpret the resolution by offering ad...

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Video Rap Battle: My Ex Is Worse Than Yours


I've avoided debating my esteemed opponent for over a year now. Finally the time has come to experience our first ever (completed) debate against each other with a most interesting and entertaining topic: A video rap battle distinguishing whose ex-girlfriend is truly the more evil and/or deranged. The parameters for the debate will be as follows: 1. Each rap verse will be no more than 50 lines long 2. My opponent will post a brief introduction, and I will begin the rap battle in R2 3. Ther...

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True Blood is better than Twilight


I believe that True-blood is an all around better, and more entertaining show to watch than Twilight. For my first argument, I will say that in true blood vampires don't sparkle. When sunlight hits them, the vampires in true blood go up like a pellet of sodium dunked in a bucket of water. Sparkling is for small delicate Victorian ladies unaccustomed to the heat, not powerful nocturnal predators with an insanely powerful thirst for human blood. If Meyers(author of twilight) were writing comic boo...

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Yo Mama Jokes!


Yo mama joke... 3 jokes per round. No swearing please. Thanks :D Good luck...Yo mama's so fat that not even 50 sumo wrestlers can out-weight her.Yo mama's so white that kids thought she was a ghostYo mama's so fat that once she's on her back, all she can do is stay on her back. ...

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Royalpaladin should be made into jerky (full resolution inside debate)


Note, this isn't supposed to be offensive to anyone. It's just a joke. Full Resolution: The member known as Royalpaladin should be killed and made into jerky for debate.org members to eat. No semantics. First round is just for acceptance. No redefining anything or taking another position. You are Con for the original resolution. The only thing you may say in the first round is "I accept." Anything else will be a forfeit....

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The Umbrella Academy could defeat the Minute Men.


"LOOK MA, I'M STARTIN' A DEBATE. Yup, it's a comic-book hero showdown between Alan Moore's Minute Men of "Watchmen" and the Umbrella Academy from the comic book of the same name by Gerard Way. The respective line-ups are as follows: Minute Men: 1. Edward Blake, AKA- The Comedian. 2: Dr. John Osterman, AKA-Dr. Manhattan 3: Daniel Dreiberg, AKA- Nite Owl II 4: Adrian Veidt, AKA Ozymandias. 5: Walter Joseph Kovacs, AKA- Rorschach. 6: Laurie Juspeczyk, AKA- Silk Spectre II. Spectato...

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Could a woodchuck chuck a lot of wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Well I mean the name says it all.A wood chuck is a wood chuckin mother chucker. There ain't nothing else to say about it....

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The chicken comes before the egg


Rules: No getting anal over definitions of chicken and egg, and this applies only to the folowing classic problem: What came first, the chicken or the egg? And also, we're talking sctrictly non-religious. Since whoever will be pro has the burden of proof, he can go first. Good luck!...

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God does not exist.


Rules: 1. All arguments must be logical fallacies. 2. There is no BOP. Providing non-fallacious evidence is forbidden. 3. Your argument must be funny. 4. You must buy me lunch....

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Theist Vs Atheist Vote Bombing Contest


This debate is to discover what the users on debate.org prefer between atheism and theism and gives them to opportunity to vote bomb either one or the other, which is all in the name of good fun. I am a theist who believes God exists and also that there are good reasons and good arguments that strengthen that belief, I do not adhere to the idea that you can simply lack a belief in God once being presented with arguments, Especially as many arguments are unresolved. I believe the default po...

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