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The Ontological Argument For God's Existence Is Sound


RulesMy opponent will present any one version of the Ontological Argument and try to prove the existence of God. If he/she succeeds then he/she wins the debate. If I sufficiently undermine the argument to the point where my opponent has not established God's existence with the version of the argument chosen, then I win the debate. The first round is for Pro's opening argument. Additionally, in order to ensure that we get the same amount of round...

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is homosexuality actually a sin


The bible was written long ago when there was not a such a copious amount of scientific research, and as such the people then believed that homosexuality was a choice because there was nothing to prove otherwise. You must know that the holy bible was also written in societal morals, not only religious morals. For example, people back then deemed it permissible to stone a woman who had lost her virginity before marriage....

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God exists


Looking for a short devil's advocate debate... Normally I would be Pro on this topic, but I'd like to be Con for this one.The BoP is on Pro to show that God exists. God shall be defined as the transcendent mind which is all knowing and all powerful, and preserves the universe in existence.Since this debate structure is kindof funny, because my opponent has the burden, he can go first right away with his arguments.R1: Rules/Acceptance and openi...

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The first ultimate question is "How can we improve the human mind?"


I define "ultimate question" as being the most urgent question humankind could answer in contemporary times. I advocate that the current ultimate question is "How can we improve the human mind?", simply because solving this puzzle would result in us becoming capable of answering the next ultimate questions faster. I realize that such questions can be split further into smaller tasks. A pertinent example would be: "How can we acquire knowledge faster?". In order to avoid this "bureaucracy", I...

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it is better to call babies who are just becoming aware, as agnostic than atheist


it is better to call babies who are just becoming aware, as agnostic than atheist(to be sure you could call them both depending on definitions, but this is focusing on having to choose which is better)the commonly accepted approach to atheism and agnosticism, is to say the first is no belief either way, and atheism as a proactive disbelief in God.the oxford disctionary defines agnostic as "a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God."

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chicken or the egg- i say the egg came first


one needs to define chicken. a chicken is one which can mate and have kids with at least one chicken in existence. if you were to go back in time, there would be the first chicken capable of doing this. that chicken came in the form of an egg....

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Atheism is more probable than Theism.


Resolved: Atheism is more probable than Theism.For purposes of this debate, the term "God" will be defined as to include the general attributes of the Judeo-Christian God (i.e.: omnipotence, omniscience, omnibenevolence etc.) That...

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Are black holes real?


This Debate will be for the July Beginners. (OPEN DEBATE) Rules: 1. No trolling 2. No in-valid points without backup. 3. No calling other's "idiotic" or other names because you disagree. 4. Do not claim you can prove something, and then give no evidence. 5. Please give a logical explanation. Also, please do not claim you are older/have a higher education then you actually do. This is quite annoying and can lead us to think you are a complete retard, because it's evident in your gramm...

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Is The Biblical God Morally Better Than Humans


Round 1 is simply introductions and rather or not my opponent accepts my challenge. I have challenged Toxifrost to a religious/philosophical debate and at the moment I'm currently awaiting his answer. Personally, I'm a Christian and a firm believer in the Bible. I will try to argue that the biblical God is morally better (even morally superior) than us humans. I hope this argument remains civil and not turn into a contest of insults or popularity contest, meaning that if I lose it is because...

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There is no unchanging, separate self.


First round for acceptance only. The feeling of being an individual separate from ones environment is inevitably found to be illusory. There is no core to being, no "observer" or "soul" that continues from life to life, or even, from moment to moment. All things are subject to change, and there is no unchanging substrate to this change. Indeed, "essence" is an illusory notion....

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