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God DOES exits, but not in the way you think it does


Hello my friends! This statement should be a surprise, taking into account that it comes from an agnostic. Do I believe in an anthropomorphic, sentimental being who created us all out of benevolence? No. But things get deeper. Although I currently have a PhD in Algebraic Topology philosophy always fascinated me as well. Through many years of intense research and thought I found my Holy Grail - positivism. But not in the sense of baroque positivism, oh no, something MUCH MUCH better came to my...

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Winter Regular tournament R1: Resolved, the USFG should legalize Euthanasia


This is round one of the Winter Regular Debate Tournament. This debate will be about the legalization of the nationally controversial topic that is Euthanasia.Important definitionsUSFG: United States Federal Government.Euthanasia: Also called mercy killing;

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God exists.


The resolution is that God exists. Pro will be arguing that God exists, while Con will be arguing that Pro has not established that God exists. By accepting this debate, Pro agrees that they have the burden of proof to establish that it is objectively more likely than not that God exists. The rules for assessing this are the standard rules of logic, including the rules of deductive and inductive inference. For example, a deductive argument must be deductively valid and have premises that we h...

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People do not have free will.


In this debate, my burden is to demonstrate that the universe is determined. Determinism: The philosophical doctrine that every state of affairs, including every human event, act, and decision is the inevitable consequence of antecedent states of affairs. Free Will: The philosophical doctrine that the conduct of human beings expresses personal choice that is not determined by physical or divine forces. I will let my oppon...

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Is is probable that the Christian God does not exist.


Full disclosure, I am debating this issue because I'd like to boost my ELO so that I am eligible to vote in the "better" debates. Also, I know this is a topic of importance, so I have no doubt it will be accepted. My position, as the resolution states, is that that Christian God is less likely to exist than it is likely to exist. In other words, there is reason to believe that the probability of the Christian God existing is less than 50%. Rules. 1.Burden of Proof is shared. I will p...

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Atheism ideology does not provide good morals.


This debate will be based around the idea that atheism does not provide a good moral design. Moral- being about good living and acting....

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I will lose this debate.


Sometimes, debates aren't about winning; they're about losing, and this is one such debate. Voters are free to interpret the goal of this debate as they wish and may vote accordingly. I have selected Emmo as my opponent because he expressed an interest in debating with me in the comment of another post. My goal is to lose this debate.Throughout this debate, I will argue that regardless of my overall rank, skill, etc. as a debator, I will do a terrible job in this particular deba...

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legalize memes


Memes should be legalized because with out memes i would have turned to black tar heroin years ago...

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Policing, law enforcement, or security services provided by government is immoral


R1: Acceptance R2: Argument R3: Rebuttal R4: Closing Remarks(only limited new argument if absolutely necessary) I am taking that position that modern policing that is, all protection, security and law enforcement currently provided by governments is immoral. I will try to argue generally but my frame of reference is the United States....

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The infinite regress problem exists in objective morality only


Resolution clarification: When attempting to justify objective moral statements one provides reasons in order to satisfy the necessity for warrant. However, those reasons themselves require reasons, and as do those reasons, continuing ad infinitum. This isn't just an infinite regress, but it becomes a vicious infinite regress. Con will argue that this problem is not unique to objective morality, it exists for subjective moral statements as well. I will argue that t...

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