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The Theory of Evolution (By Charles Darwin) is more believable than The Creation Story (Genesis)


Before I start. I made this argument based off my own beliefs. I do not deem to insult any creationists, but I do commend myself if I do. First off. We all know that the belief in God is rather... A controversial topic. Don't you think that believing in something, that has ample evidence, (Even though it's a theory.) is more alluring, and "sane" than believing in something that only has Evidence in a Book? The Creation story states that Adam and Eve were the first two humans on Earth....

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The Concept of Omnipotence Causes Logical Contradictions


Resolution: The concept of omnipotence causes logical contradictions. logical "of or according to the rules of logic or formal argument." "characterized by or capable of clear, sound reasoning." "(of an action, development, decision, etc.) natural or sensible given the circumstances." contradiction "combination of statements, ideas, or features of a situation that are opposed to one another." "a person, thing, or situation in which inconsistent elements are present." "the statement...

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Legalize Gay Marriage


I have seen that you take opposition to gay marriage, and I would like to challenge you on that. The first round is for accepting. Thanks, and I can't wait to debate you....

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If the Taliban are terrorists, then the United States are as well


Official Resolution: If the Taliban are terrorists, then the United States are as wellThis is an intresting concept I've been meaning to get to, on a philosophical argument I've been studying for awhile. The BOP will reside on me proving, that if the Taliban were to be considered terrorists, then the United States would also have to be considered terrorists. The opposition must be of the belief that the Taliban are terrorists. Usually...

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War has more benefit than harm


Although it sounds bad, I would like to argue that war DOES have more benefit than harm. Please begin your argument....

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Utilitarianism is the only viable system of morality


I want to argue that Utilitarianism is the only viable system of morality. Utilitarianism includes normal utilitarianism and rule utilitarianism - I can argue for either or both of these schools of thought. You can argue that another school of thought is most likely true instead, or merely argue against utilitarianism. I'd prefer that we assume that some form of morality exists within this debate. Whether or not morality exists would be an interesting debate, but it isn't the clash I'm looking f...

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Resolved: A just society requires the recognition of animal rights.


First round will be for acceptance, following rounds for debate. Obviously, this is the current LD resolution. Let's try to debate it that way. Sources are important, but not overwhelmingly important. Logic, reason, etc. should be the grounds for compelling arguments. Kritiks are fine, so long as you do not willfully misinterpret the resolution or wage an assault on the dictionary. In our efforts we ought to mutually endeavor to test the strengths of our ideas, rather than quibble over phraseolo...

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Utilitarianism is in principle a better system of morality.


Note: I have made this debate impossible to accept. To be considered for accepting this debate, please state the moral system you will be arguing for in the comments section. Topic:I take the position that "Utilitarianism is in principle a better system of morality." My opponent must choose a sufficiently different system of normative morality and argue in favor of it. The winner is the one who shows his morality system to be better.

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This house believes ethical egoism is false


The rules of this debate are rather straight forward:1) There is to be no use of separation of arguments through subheadings or headings, or any technique other than basic essay writing (that is, paragraph-by-paragraph). 2) The definition of ethical egoism is roughly that moral agents value only their self-interest. This definition may be contested, but massive departure from its meaning counts as a forfeit of the debate.3) 4,000 characters, f...

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Atheism Has No Burden of Proof


BoP is on myself as Pro and Instigator to prove the resolution. My BoP requirement is to demonstrate that my case is rationally justified despite Cons rebuttals. The definition of Burden of Proof and Atheism are subject to debate. First round is for acceptance only. No new arguments in round 4. All other standard debate rules apply....

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