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Suicide because of bullying is more unacceptable than bullying itself.


I have made this debate impossible to accept (or at least I think I did). Please leave a comment if you wish to compete. Or if it didn't work for me, feel free to just accept it! :)I will be saying "yes, Suicide because of bullying is more unacceptable than bullying itself" It is immoral and a stupid thing to do and society should focus more on 'stop suicide' instead of 'stop bullying'In this case the definition of 1.

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A secular debate about gay marriage


I see a lot of debates of gay marriage yet none of them secular. Every one of them has religious terms and for once, a secular debate about it must be made Just to clear things up i am for it and con will be against it. No references to religious terms will be made. Good luck challenger....

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burning building: test tube babies v. 6 yr old girl - saving girl inconsistent w prolife message


there is a burning building. you only are able to save a box of test tube babies with at least ten inside, or you can save a six year old girl. which is morally the right thing to do? i would say save the girl. i define prolife here. someone who is prolife at all points of pregnancy, where they think the laws should pretty much reflect that by mostly outlawing abortion..... should to be consistent save the test tubes. how would it be consistent for them to save the girl?...

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Who is more evil, Hitler or Stalin?


I would like to challenge RickyMT to a debate of who is more evil, Hitler or Stalin? I will be on the side that says Hitler is more evil mainly because of a previous debate the my opponent had with another debater claiming Hitler did nothing wrong. This round will be acceptance, with another round to state your position and the third round will be rebuttal....

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Alexander the great was more important in our history than Julius Caesar


Hello, I am arguing my point that Alexander the great was a more influential factor in our history, than the famous Roman, Julius Caesar. Alexander the great conquered 2/3 of the known world, accomplished the impossible and achieved what no man thought possible. In the words of a colleague of his, 'a man with no equal in all the world' Julius Caesar achieved a considerable amount, with the limitless funding of one of the biggest and most stable empires the world has ever seen. Caesar had it...

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The Problem of Hell Redux (2)


I thank KeytarHero for agreeing to debate this with me. IntroductionI have already done two debates on this subject but I hope to tackle this issue yet again. [1][2]To reiterate, my position is that the existence of hell - conceived of as eternal, conscious torment (e.g. the "traditional" doctrine of hell) - is, in all likelihood, incompatible with the existence of a God who is conceived of...

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God probably exists


Is God real? Hello. The BOP is on Pro to give arguments showing that God probably exists, while Con must effectively refute all of them. Both Romanii and I will be playing devils advocate in this debate, meaning we represent a side we don't agree with. Debate structure: Round 1: Acceptance/rules Round 2: Opening Contentions from Pro / Rebuttals Round 3: Rebuttals / Rebuttals Round 4: Rebuttals / Rebuttals Round 5: Conclusions / Conclusions ; no new arguments or rebuttals...

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Nations would benifit from using Tridemism as their political philosophy


Tridemism is a political philosophy designed by Sun Yat Sen, but in America, it is very similar to Progressivism. It promotes 3 main beliefs known as the principles of the people.1. Nationalism2. Democracy 3. Welfare of the people (Socio-capitalism)It calls for the three main pushes in the American Progressive era1. Official Recall

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A man should be able to relinquish all responsibility for an unborn child.


My full resolution is as such: a man should be able to relinquish all responsibility for an unborn child as long as a woman can essentially do the same by aborting it. If a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she has the only say in whether she gets an abortion or not (as long as it's legal). If the man doesn't want to have the child, but the woman does, he's out of luck; he can either stay with the mother and child, or leave and pay child support. Either way, he has some sort of legal res...

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gay marriage is wrong


you believe that gay marriage is wrong and that's okay because that's your right to have but I would like to challenge that theory of yours first one of your reasons that justify that gay marriage is wrong is that it is an insult to god blah blah blah well I don't agree with the decision of bringing in religion,which of course is basically always the root of most problems,Because religion is based on faith,and belief....its not a proved fact that god or Jesus or the ten commandments or any of th...

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