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Is Canada a real place?


Growing up, I was always lead to believe that Canada was a land filled with nice people and maple syrup that you go to when you die, if you lived a good and honest life. Now that I'm older, I realize that the myth of Canada exists solely to encourage children to behave when they're young, and has no factual hold in reality. There's no such thing as a moose, and flocks of meese don't roam through the beautiful countryside, drinking maple syrup and saying nice things about people's hats. Adding...

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Informing People of the End


Situation: an asteroid is heading for the Earth. There is nothing that mankind can do about it and the fate of the Earth is sealed. The world has three months left until complete destruction. The debate: Pro: argues that the government should tell the people of their findings as soon as they found out the news. Con: argues that the government should never tell the people of their fate. First Round acceptance only. This should be an interesting debate....

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Abortion Should Remain Legal Until Viability


This debate is about whether abortion should remain legal until the fetus is viable.DefinitionsAbortion - Any of various procedures intentionally resulting in the cessation of the unborn.Legal - Authorized by or based on law [1]

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The existence of a god cannot be proven or disproven (quotation battle)


After acceptance in round one individuals will only be able to make arguments through direct quotation of individuals. Their is to be no use of an individuals own words in the following rounds unless it is to provide a source for the individuals quotation. Their is to be a maximum of 3 quotations within a round. Deviation from these rules or failure to post a proper source from a quotation is to forfeit the debate....

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Brain power important to be something in one's life.


I think brain power is important to be something in life because it's the only thing which will be with us for life long. And also when we have brain power we can achieve anything in this world....

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Extropianism: A Debate on its Validity.


*This debate is on the validity of Extropianism as a philosophy and if it should be a philosophy practiced. *I take the position of Pro as I am for Extropianism and its validity.The defininition of Extropianism is this: "referred to as the philosophy of Extropy, is an evolving framework of values and standards for continuously improving the human condition. Extropianists believe that advances in science and technology will some day let people liv...

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The Universe has a Purpose


To the opposition, thank you for accepting my challenge, and good luck. I intend to argue that the universe has a purpose. I do not necessarily argue the existence of any specific deity to act as such a purpose, simply that there must be an initial being of some form. My argument will be in part, one of elimination, and rule out the two core secular explanations for the universe not having a purpose. Firstly that something, cannot spring from nothing. Secondly, that the universe cannot be ete...

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Anarchy is unsustainable


Resolution: People living in anarchy will at some point create some sort of government if their land is not occupied and people are not wiped out.Anarchy: Land with no government.BoP is shared.Rules: Images and videos can not be posted.Links can only be posted as evidence/source for challenged premises.No forfeits allowed.Round 1 is acceptance only. Con must not make new original arguments in Round 4.Round 5 is conclusio...

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The Problem of Evil and Hell


Resolved: The Problem of Evil and the Problem of Hell are sucessful arguments against the existence of the Judeo-Christian type God.Clarification: This debate is not necessarily about a particular religion, rather, it an argument aganist a Judeo-Christian type God who has the three omni-attributes (omnipotence; omnibenevolence; and omniscient). RulesA. Structure1. Acceptance/abstract2. O...

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Free Will Exists


"The ability to choose, think, and act voluntarily. For many philosophers, to believe in free will is to believe that human beings can be the authors of their own actions and to reject the idea that human actions are determined by conditions or fate."I will argue that human actions are determined by conditions, and my opponent shall have to argue that human decisions are not bound by conditions. Debate Structure:R1 Rules and Acceptance by my opponentR2...

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