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Murder is Morally Wrong


(By the way, for the few who care, I've been gone for a while now. A broken computer and various other problems have been responsible for my lengthy departure. I forfeited a few debates and for that, I am sorry.)The first round is not acceptance only, but it is understood that Pro will forfeit the last round (with no penalty, of course) in order to keep the...

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Is genetic modification playing god and therefor a unethical and a sin.


I'm not debating whether or not torturing animals and doing inhumane experiments for the sake of science is in anyway correct. I'm debating whether the basic act of changing the natural computer code that generates all forms of life is morally or religiously incorrect. Now, many people tend towards the idea that that genetic modification is blasphemy, a disaster waiting to happen because humanity is striving emulate god's grate power something that can only end in disaster, eg a zombie apocal...

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The Problem of Evil and Hell


Resolved: The Problem of Evil and the Problem of Hell are sucessful arguments against the existence of the Judeo-Christian type God.Clarification: This debate is not necessarily about a particular religion, rather, it an argument aganist a Judeo-Christian type God who has the three omni-attributes (omnipotence; omnibenevolence; and omniscient). RulesA. Structure1. Acceptance/abstract2. O...

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The Confederate flag should be banned.


I am new to and this is my first debate. I will make my main argument in the next round. I will argue that the Confederate flag should not be banned and that it may be flown just like the U.S. flag. ...

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A secular debate about gay marriage


I see a lot of debates of gay marriage yet none of them secular. Every one of them has religious terms and for once, a secular debate about it must be made Just to clear things up i am for it and con will be against it. No references to religious terms will be made. Good luck challenger....

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The Problem of Hell Redux (2)


I thank KeytarHero for agreeing to debate this with me. IntroductionI have already done two debates on this subject but I hope to tackle this issue yet again. [1][2]To reiterate, my position is that the existence of hell - conceived of as eternal, conscious torment (e.g. the "traditional" doctrine of hell) - is, in all likelihood, incompatible with the existence of a God who is conceived of...

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A man should be able to relinquish all responsibility for an unborn child.


My full resolution is as such: a man should be able to relinquish all responsibility for an unborn child as long as a woman can essentially do the same by aborting it. If a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she has the only say in whether she gets an abortion or not (as long as it's legal). If the man doesn't want to have the child, but the woman does, he's out of luck; he can either stay with the mother and child, or leave and pay child support. Either way, he has some sort of legal res...

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Resolved: A just society requires the recognition of animal rights.


First round will be for acceptance, following rounds for debate. Obviously, this is the current LD resolution. Let's try to debate it that way. Sources are important, but not overwhelmingly important. Logic, reason, etc. should be the grounds for compelling arguments. Kritiks are fine, so long as you do not willfully misinterpret the resolution or wage an assault on the dictionary. In our efforts we ought to mutually endeavor to test the strengths of our ideas, rather than quibble over phraseolo...

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Suicide because of bullying is more unacceptable than bullying itself.


I have made this debate impossible to accept (or at least I think I did). Please leave a comment if you wish to compete. Or if it didn't work for me, feel free to just accept it! :)I will be saying "yes, Suicide because of bullying is more unacceptable than bullying itself" It is immoral and a stupid thing to do and society should focus more on 'stop suicide' instead of 'stop bullying'In this case the definition of 1.

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God exists


Resolution: God exists In this debate, we will use the Christian God. Rounds: Con (1) Rules (2) Contentions (3) Contentions/rebuttals (4) Rebuttals/Closing Statements Pro (1) Contentions (2) Contentions/Rebuttals (3) Closing statements (4) Shall type only "no round as agreed upon" and nothing else Rules (1) If my opponent fails to type "No round as agreed upon" in the last round will lead to a full 7 point FF. If my opponent types any other words besides "No...

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