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Germans should not be offended when they get called "Nazi" (I think it's a compliment)


First round is for acceptance but here's a little intro by me: if I was a German I would take the Nazi remark as a compliment. For one, at least that country didn't go around conquering the world the way the Brits and Scandinavian countries did. (And don't even get me started on the way Denmark mistreats Greenland.)As I always say Hitler was much better than these two guys I put who are equal to each other in terms of being a total douche

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Atheistic Military Men are Proud Brave Fools if not obedient cowardlly fools, and they can be mean.


Opening round for acceptance with or without an argument from my opponent.Rules.......No vulgarity or sexually explicit comments. Using the word "Hell" as anything other than a noun which describes a literal place of fiery torment in this debate will be considered vulgarity. Cursing in this debate will be considered vulgarity. Violations of these rules are bad conduct and votes must agree. This is expected to be a heated debate between manly men (unless my opponent i...

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The existence of God


I affirm that God exists. "The complexity of our planet points to a deliberate Designer who not only created our universe, but sustains it today."(1) The Earth...its size is perfect. The size of the Earth and its corresponding gravity holds an atmosphere of mostly nitrogen and oxygen gases, only extending to about 50 miles of Earth's surface. "It is at a perfect distance from the Sun; not too hot, not too cold."(2) It has the perfect gravity without the difficulty of heavy gravity and lo...

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Feminism is based upon female entitlement to male achievements.


I welcome the challenge of engaging a proponent of Feminism who is based in the United States of America, familiar with its laws and culture, and willing to pursue this topic dispassionately. Rules of Engagement: 1. Argumentation ethics apply. 2. Semantics shall not apply. 3. Anecdotal evidence shall be considered irrelevant. 4. Sources must be cited following assertions with notation and the URL provided to bottom of round. 5. Quotations shall be considered irrelevant. 6. Round 1 is...

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Whitebeard vs. Madara


Full Resolution – Whitebeard (Edward Newgate) would probably beat Madara Uchiha in a fight. As Pro, I affirm the resolution and will argue that it is more probable that Whitebeard would win in a fight against Madara Uchiha. Rules: 1. Both characters will be at full health and will have no injuries at the start of the fight. 2. Madara will not be in...

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It is better to have never been


It is better to have never been Introduction: This is the debate I have always wanted...

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Woman's Choice to "House" her Unborn.


A woman's body is her own. Yes, there are times that her body has and can be used as a means to an end, but it should be her ultimate choice to decide whether or not that "means to an end" be the use of her body to produce a child. In China, for example, with the population rates soaring, the One Child Policy enforced laws that prevented women from having more than one child per family. Women that were expectant with their second child were forced into abortions or in some instances made to pay...

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That the voting age should be lowered to 15


My opponent seemed to believe that this resolution was undebatable. I'm here first of all to prove him wrong, and second of all to show why I've long thought that the voting age restriction should definitely be lowered. Some ground rules. There are four rounds, 72 hours per round, 8000 characters in each round. Debaters should post all their arguments and sources in their rounds, and voters should consider nothing except the arguments and sources presented in the debate (comments not being co...

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Homos should not be allowed to vote


homos should not be allowed to vote...

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Jesus Christ is a "zombie savior".


In his forum, "Christian Intellectual Dishonesty", Izbo10 commented, six days ago,"Sorry [,] grammar police, but if you don't like those words [,] don't believe in [C]hristianity. They are just saying the sy thing in a different way to show how stupid the belief really is. Sorry [if] it offends you, but I am not the one defending a zombie savior" [1]. Please note that the grammatical corrections, insertio...

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