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In terms of quality of life, a flat tax places an unfair, substantially heavier burden on the poor.


This is mostly a hypothetical debate. However, I will present numbers which Con is more than welcome to question.In this debate we will be looking at relatively modern Western Societies and specifically the United States (although I think this would easily apply to modern European countries such as the UK, France, Germany, etc.). This stipulation is particularly important when defining the minimum cost of living (since one could say that in 3rd world countries the cost of living...

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Individualism is societally destructive


I've made this impossible for anyone to accept, if anyone wants to debate this comment or PM me.Individualism is defined by Merriam Webster as: "a doctrine that the interests of the individual are or ought to be ethically paramount"Destruction is synonymous with ruinous. My advocacy will essentially be that the individualism that has sweeped the world, particularly the West, since the enlightenment is responsible for many of society's current...

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The United States should have the Queen as Head of State


Rules:Please be respectful and nice. Please do not be rude. No personal attacks against other members or a member's opinions.You must agree that this will be a fair debate, using unfair advantages is not allowed.No use of profanities or swear words. No use of racial, sexual or religious slurs.No threats or implications thereof.No cheating.***First round: Acceptance.***

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The US Constitution Legislates Morality


I am curious to see how anyone can argue that any law does not legislate morality. To this end, I made the statement that the Constitution legislates morality, a point to which CON contested.Resolution:The US Constitution Legislates Morality(i.e., the purpose of the Constitution is to legislate morality - obviously the...

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U.S. Ctizens Have And Ought To Have The Right To Bear And Keep Arms


In this debate, my opponent and I will argue the accuracy of the resolution (The people of the United States have and ought to have the right to bear and keep arms) as it relates to U.S. law. Rules:1.) The first round for Con is: acceptance and a positive argument.2.) As I am the holder of the burden of proof, it stands to reason that Con will not make any positive arguments (on...

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President Obama is bad 4 the US


I am in strong affirmation that, President Obama is bad 4 the United States of America. President obama is a hypocrite he cast blame on big spenders saying there to blame 4 the economic situation. Then he has a 6 million dollar party when he takes office. He will not salute the flag of the united states cause he says there is no opportunity in America but after 2 generations the obamas have come from nothing to the most influential black family in the world. Obama has little experience and his s...

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Should the United States of America join the Commonwealth Realms?


It's time for the United States to join the Commonwealth. Membership in the Commonwealth would facilitate the kind of globalization that is in the American national interest, and it would serve as a hedge against the emergence of a less benign international order based on civilizational power politics. In return, United States membership would offer the Commonwealth a much-needed shot in the arm in terms of resources and ideas th...

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Extreme danger in legalizing same-sex marriage in society


You asked in, http://www.debate.org/debates/Same-Sex-Marriage/1/ comments... "do people not see the extreme danger in legalizing same-sex marriage in society?" -- I contend that there is nothing to see. I contend that there is no danger to legalizing same-sex marriage. Further, there is much benefit to giving people equal rights under the law. The danger is in not giving people equal rights: it causes unrest....

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Children need to be protected from the gays and their homosexual agenda.


The Actual Resolution: Gay couples should not be allowed to adopt children. Gay couples should be allowed to adopt children since this is a policy that would be in the best interests of children, families, and society as a whole. Further, arbitrarily denying certain couples the ability to adopt children because of their sexual orientation is simply unacceptably detrimental to the aims of a civil society, and it is a position that is perpetuated by nothing other than flagrant discrimination...

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DDO Members Union (Pro) vs. DDO Revolution Party (Con)


The Debate.org Members Union (AKA DDO Members Union) is an organization that was founded on March 1, 2014. It was formerly known as the Troll Hunting Society, but after an hour or two of its existence its name was changed to the current name. The Union was inspired by Jifpop's "DDO Revolution Party," but it is an entirely separate organization. Anybody, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and political stances, may join the Union simply by saying they wish to join. The DDO Mem...

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