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Gay marriage should be legal nationwide in the US!!!


Gay marriage should be legal nationwide here in the United States. Having illegal marriage is discrimination. Everyone is equal. People should be allowed to marry anyone they want to. If straight people can marry who ever they want, then gays should be able to marry who ever they want. The reason why so many people don't want gay marriage legalized is because it is against God. People get offended when they see same sex couples for that reason. Truth is, if you don't like it then don't be near t...

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War Game scenario:Russia versus chosen Nation


WAR GAME SCENARIO: Judges(Don't be Biased) will be voting on this debate. This is a war game debate.I have made it so you had to have completed a few debates to accept this because I don't want beginners doing this just because you did a few non-serious amount of debates. You should be fairly experienced ,but not like the best debater ever on this site. RULES: 1.Your country's firepower,manpower etc. will be based on http://www.globalfirepower.com/ 2.You may choose any country besides Russ...

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The death penalty must be abolished.


There is no justification for allowing the death penalty to continue if innocent lives are being lost. According to a recent study, if all death-sentenced defendants remained under sentence of death indefinitely at least 4.1% would be exonerated(1). As a result, we must pause to consider how many innocent lives have been mercilessly taken by the death penalty and those who instigate it. How can we justify such senseless killing and mask it as some twisted form of justice? With all the technology...

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WAR GAME SCENARIO: Russia Versus Chosen Nation


This is a war debate. If you want to accept, please send me a PM. If you somehow find a way to accept this debate, you will automatically forfeit the complete 7 points. Tell me what country you will represent, what your WMD will be (refer to the below list), and tell me why I should choose you to be my opponent; give me a very good reason as to why you want to do this debate and why you would be a worthy op...

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Should a debater without a profile picture be considered a new person to join this organization?


I think that if your profile picture is still a purple circle you are going to be very likely be a new person to this website group. New person slangs: newbie, greenhand, newb, greenhorn, The New Guy, ect....

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Drawing Debate


This is a Drawing Debate. My fiance and I have been trying to find a way to spend time together on the site. She loves to draw and is pretty freaking good at it, so I came up with the idea of a drawing debate. She shall participate in this herself.Each round a person shall submit a drawing. It has to be sketched with pencil or pen. At the bottom of the Drawing you are to sign your DDO username or at least something noticeable where people will know you ac...

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Should hate speech be protected by freedom of speech?


Absolutely not. Yes, in America there is the freedom to express your opinion, but hate speech is offensive. Yes, we can share our opinions, and it is okay if our opinion clashes with someone else's, but there is no need for this clashing to become what is known as hate speech. A line has to be drawn, so here's my thoughts. Allowed: Freedom to express opinions, to be heard NOT allowed: Using this freedom to provoke violence, or hurt someone else. The freedom of speech is there to prevent op...

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Wikipedia should be considered a viable source on DDO


I am re-launching this debate for all who are interested in accepting.This debate is currently impossible to accept. If you are interested, clarify so by either giving me a PM or saying so in the comments. This filter only exists to prohibit trolls from accepting. If someone somehow accepts...

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This is not a debate


First round is acceptance, second round is argument, third is conclusion. In the last round, no more arguments and rebuttals can be made, just wrap up your arguments....

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Rap Battle


Con takes the first round, meaning he starts following this in Round 1. He will pass on Round 4 to even out the rounds. Failure to type anything other than "pass" in the final round will result in a full ff. Voting will work as follows Con R1- Pro R2 Con R2 - Pro R3 Con R3 - Pro R4 Then Con will pass his R4 Above judges shall vote on the rounds and whom they thought won that round. There are 3 rounds total, meaning this can go one of two ways. Either a 3 - 0 or a 2 - 1. This is...

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