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A Personal First Cause/Necessary Being Exists


*Leave message to accept*Yay, another God debate (kinda). This one is a little different as I will make some concessions for my opponent. I will concede:1. The universe has a cause for it's existence2. There is an explanation for the existence of the universeObviously these grant premises in the Leibniz and Kalam Cosmological arguments. My opponent can choose to either use those or any other argument of his preference to affirm the resolution.Pro does...

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There is no unchanging, separate self.


First round for acceptance only. The feeling of being an individual separate from ones environment is inevitably found to be illusory. There is no core to being, no "observer" or "soul" that continues from life to life, or even, from moment to moment. All things are subject to change, and there is no unchanging substrate to this change. Indeed, "essence" is an illusory notion....

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We Cannot Create Artificial Intelligence via Computation Alone


I am challenging Philosophybro to this debate. I hope it will go well. Definitions: Artificial Intelligence (as defined by Searle): The claim that an "appropriately programmed computer with the right inputs and outputs would thereby have a mind in exactly the same sense human beings have minds." Computation: "process following a well-defined model understood and expressed as, for example, an algorithm, or a protocol." or to use Turing's definition of what a Turing machine does " Print "0...

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is ketchup a fruit smoothie


There is a saying that goes Knowledge - is knowing that a tomato is a fruit Wisdom - is knowing that you should not put it in a fruit salad Philosophy - is wondering IS KETCHUP A FRUIT SMOOTHIE I was wanting to know if anyone will take me up on a argument on if ketchup is a fruit smoothie if it is not then accept my challenge of a debate...

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God most likely exists


Good evening/afternoon/morning/midday, ladies and gentlemen. Sswdwm and I don't always see eye-to-eye on issues, and after having many enjoyable forum debates, we've decided to take it to the real thing. The resolution for this debate shall be...God most likely exists.

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My 100th Debate: A Duty to Rescue


PrefaceThis is my 100th debate, and I am looking forward to it! I was discussing this topic in the forums, and JonBonBon expressed her interest in doing her first serious debate on DDO with this topic, so naturally I had to accept. I look forward to having a superb discussion on the issue. You must have at least 2,000 ELO to vote on this.Full TopicThere ought to be a duty to rescue.Terms...

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Does God Exist?


Round 1 is to accept the debate. The debate officially starts in the second round. I wish I could put this under philosophy and religion, but that is not possible. Anything goes, pretty much. For the record, I will be using a presuppositional apologetic approach to this topic. Round 1: acceptance Round 2: opening arguments Round 3: rebuttals Round 4: rebuttals and defense Round 5: closing statements...

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Does a soul necessarily exist?


Round 1: Acceptance, opening argument Round 2: Rebuttals/advance argument/new argument Round 3:Rebuttals and refutations Round 4: Closing statements Define terms and cite sources, serious takers only please. Aristotle defines the soul as the cause of life and action. His reasoning behind this thought is that a body can have life or it can not, but in either case it is still a body is the common factor. Therefore, he concluded, that there must be another factor. While his reasoning that a fa...

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A just society ought to presume consent for organ procurement from the deceased.


Resolved: A just society ought to presume consent for organ procurement from the deceased.This is a (now) former LD topic. The debate will be done in such a manner. If you do not know what LD is or are not familiar with the ins and outs of LD debate, I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THIS DEBATE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.Round structure will be as follows:Round One: Affirmative Presents their case, yes THIS ROUND IS...

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Some cases of torture are minimally, morally acceptable.


1. Torture is defined as intentionally causing pain or suffering on an unwilling, defenseless individual either to break their will, get that person to say or do something, or for pleasure. 2. By saying something is minimally, morally acceptable, it is meant that there are some exceptions in which torture is permissible, where other cases it is impermissible. 3. Torture is justified when it saves the lives of others, a life is threatened or in danger, when self defense is necessary, and when...

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