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General Relativity Implies that God does not Exist


For some time, Sargon has contended that general relativity supplies an argument for atheism; that is to say, implies that God does not exist. Him and I have debated this issue else where, and I am more convinced than ever that general relativity implies no such thing. But for the convenience of DDO users, a debate here would be helpful. First round is for Sargon to present his argument as Pro. For an equal number of rounds, Sargon will not be posting a reply on round four. Plagiarism...

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Legalize Gay Marriage


I have seen that you take opposition to gay marriage, and I would like to challenge you on that. The first round is for accepting. Thanks, and I can't wait to debate you....

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If the Taliban are terrorists, then the United States are as well


Official Resolution: If the Taliban are terrorists, then the United States are as wellThis is an intresting concept I've been meaning to get to, on a philosophical argument I've been studying for awhile. The BOP will reside on me proving, that if the Taliban were to be considered terrorists, then the United States would also have to be considered terrorists. The opposition must be of the belief that the Taliban are terrorists. Usually...

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God exists


Looking for a short devil's advocate debate... Normally I would be Pro on this topic, but I'd like to be Con for this one.The BoP is on Pro to show that God exists. God shall be defined as the transcendent mind which is all knowing and all powerful, and preserves the universe in existence.Since this debate structure is kindof funny, because my opponent has the burden, he can go first right away with his arguments.R1: Rules/Acceptance and openi...

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Utilitarianism is in principle a better system of morality.


Note: I have made this debate impossible to accept. To be considered for accepting this debate, please state the moral system you will be arguing for in the comments section. Topic:I take the position that "Utilitarianism is in principle a better system of morality." My opponent must choose a sufficiently different system of normative morality and argue in favor of it. The winner is the one who shows his morality system to be better.

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Objectivism is a valid ethical system.


DEFINITIONS:Objectivism: The philosophy of author Ayn Rand, and mainly, for this debate, the idea that all individuals should act in their own rational self-interests. Valid: True, or, in other words, pertaining to the facts of reality. Ethics: The study of how any given individual (or group) should act in life. This debate will focus on the ethical claims made by Objectivism, as...

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the 'unlimited paradox' - the unlimited as an idea is proven to be a false


the 'unlimited paradox' - the unlimited is proven to be a false idea weakest point. the unlimited paradox states that an immovable object cannot exist at the same time as an unstoppable force. the fact that it cannot exist at the same time, shows that the unlimited truly doesn't exist. better point. an immovable rock cannot be created that can be lifted by an unstoppable force....

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Homosexuality Is Immoral!


Greetings!Sir, I challenge you to the normative resolution: 'Homosexuality Is Immoral'. If you should choose to accept you bind yourself to the regulations set below. 1. There will be a shared burden of proof.2. The debate will take place in four rounds, where the first round is to set the rules and to accept the debate only. The first argument rounds will consist of positive material o...

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There Are Good Secular Reasons to Disallow Same-Sex Marriage


HonestDiscussioner and I have agreed on terms. I will launch immediately into my opening statement.~The state regulates marriage for a reason. It dispenses benefits for a reason. Understanding what this reason is will tell us what criteria are and are not relevant to marriage, and thus whether any rights are being denied. If the state excludes same-sex couples from entering into legal marriages on the basis of criteria relevant to the public purpose of marri...

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The Death Penalty--With a Twist!


PrefaceI thank Kbub for agreeing to debate me on this! I think it is an interesting take on the Death Penalty debate, in that it seeks to evaluate the philosophy behind it, rather than becoming muddled in the practical concerns of its implementation. I would ask, however, that all arguments be topical to the resolution, and that we stick to the issue at hand (i.e. no Kritiks, theory, etc.). I ask this only because I am genuinely interested in debatin...

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