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Is there a God?


This first round will be an acceptance round and arguments for this round will not be accepted. I would ask that any opponent who accepts argues the reasons why there is no God through reason and known science (sources must be cited). I want a respectful debate void of mudslinging and name calling, a debate that focuses on the known facts and pure reason....

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Resolved, Evolution Is False


I am a strong Believer in the Bible, and I want to argue with someone on the Evolution side. I don't want to argue about Micro Evolution, but about Monkeys to Man thing. I never understood this, and I wanted to see another person's point of view. Beware that this is my first online debate, so I am not used to this kind of debating. I know that Micro Evolution exists by the will of the Lord Jesus, but I believe that the Monkey to Man is a bunch of *excuse me...* crap....

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Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, is mentioned in the Bible


Have you ever compared your Bible with my Quran? Have you seen their semilarities? I believe the Bible is corrupted because I have found many flaws and contradictions within it. The Bible is corrupted because it slanders the pure prophets. The Bible is corrupted because some teachings of the Bible (Trinity, Ransom Sacrifice and Original Sin) are such logical that you couldn't prove them. But I cannot admit that it is the heavenly book. Some parts of the Bible and its stories are true. One of tho...

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The Bible teaches that only certain people will go to Heaven


In a comment you wrote, mathgeekjoe, you said that the Bible teaches that everyone can get to Heaven, depending on their soul. I disagree. I feel that the Bible teaches that everyone can get to Heaven, but only if they are true, born-again Christians, or true Jews if Jesus had not died yet. For this debate, both of us may only use the Bible as our source, and interpretations of the Bible (i.e. sermons, footnotes). Please be consistent with the Bible you use (use a single version), and cite it...

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We can create a religion


We can not create a religion because to have a religion you need a god and you can not create a god. Also it is too hard to get lots of followers and to make your religion known. You can't just create something that has been known to man for thousands of years....

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The Bible mandates beating slaves nearly to death


I need not say much in opening, but I'll make what I think is a watertight case:Exodus 21 : 20 - 21When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, however, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his own property.Note: I sincerely hope that nobody will accept this debate, ever. I fear that somebody will. M...

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Christian Theological Debate: Human beings accept the Holy Spirit


Round one is acceptance only. As pro, my opponent must prove using scripture that Faith comes from humans accepting the Holy Spirit. As Con, I must use scripture to disprove that resolution. Rounds 2-3 are rebuttals. Round 4 is conclusion. Please, no trolling....

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God Exists


This is the challenge you requested. I thank lord_megatron for challenging me to this debate. I will be arguing Devil's Advocate as the proposition. Full ResolutionGod most likely exists. BoP is shared. DefinitionsGod - the sentient, intelligent, powerful and maximally great creator of the universe.Exist - have objecti...

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Bailey's Irish Cream is better than Colt 45.


Bailey's Irish Cream is good because the wait is over. Satisfy your candy apple craving with this salty sweet caramel treat, perfect for a girl's night out. Bailey's Irish Cream will get you that perfect aftertaste of chocolate.. Mm......

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Are Humans another animal?


I would like to debate anyone who states that we are just another animal. You see animals are very interesting most animals tend to go after the young why because there not wise, they also go after the old because they are slow, and they go after disabled because they can't move very far or at a fast pace but we as humans if we hurt someone on average we feel guilty for it as a animal does not feel no guilt at all. So how could it be that we are just another animal....

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