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Believing in a God you cannot prove to be real


My problem lies in the rationale of keeping with a belief of a God that occupies a space and/or time that cannot be perceived by humans, and thus I believe cannot be proven or disproven. The way I see it, "God" is simply an arbitrary grouping of several extra-terrestrial qualities that have never been directly experienced (eternal, omnipotent, omniscient), put together in a single definition of an entity which also has not been directly experienced. I believe keeping such a belief to be at t...

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Life has more meaning without god


I will argue that without the belief in god, life has more meaning. It's up to my opponent if we will talk about the christian god or about god in general. I would like a serious debate, so if you want to accept, please leave a comment with your opinion on the topic. meaning = the end, purpose, or significance of something[1] Structure: Round 1: acceptance Round 2: arguments (no rebuttals) Round 3: rebuttals(no arguments) Round 4: additional arguments/rebuttals Round 5: conclusion...

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Jesus died for the sins of humanity


I will like to debate this topic with a very intellectual opponent The opponent must analyse the positive effect on mankind The opponent must explain why God had to wait for 6000years before sending jesus to die for our sins. The opponenent should be able to tell us why a man has to die for another man's sins. And again,the opponent must explain how merciful God is by not forgiving our sins unless someone dies for our sins....

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Holy Objective Morals Are Subjective.


I would like to open my statement saying that, this is a form of Theist vs Atheist debate. I do take kind enjoyment in them simply due you can learn a good amount of knowledge from both. Of course so long as you refrain from forcing your ideals in the shape of dogmatic phrases and statements. So I am defending the common Atheist argument to a common Theist argument to the Atheist regarding Moral that include the objective and subjective topics.I also would like you all, anyone r...

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The Catholic Church is the Authentic Church of Christ


God our Father wills that "all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth" (1 Timothy 2:4), and to me, this of course means that God our Fathers will that all His children embrace the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church. This Church alone teaches the fullness of the Truth, this Church alone is the Church in which Christ didst institute and give the promise that "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Matthew 16:18), this Church alone is fully biblical, this Church...

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Islam is a religion of terror


Islam is a religion of terror Hello, Donald. We both know exactly why I’ve proposed this debate. If you accept, I will retract my comments about you being a coward. Of course, if you don’t, my comments will stand. It’s your choice, choose carefull...

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Should children be the victims of their parents religion?


Richard Dawkins brought up a good point in his documentaries on reason. Should children really be made to practice their parents religion? Should parents be able to punish their children for not participating in religion? Is labeling children with a religion they have no choice in joining a good thing? What do you guys think?...

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Was Jesus actually human?


Ok so I haven't read the bible yet and this is my first debate so please go easy on me if there's a technical mistake So my argument or thought just popped up. Was Jesus actually human because Mary the Virgin had Jesus the baby so from this there can only be 2 situations. either God imprinted his DNA on the baby or the baby was composed out of Mary's DNA entirely. Both these situations either lead to a conclusion that 1. Jesus was part God part Human or 2. Jesus was a clone out of Mary....

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America is a Christian Nation


First Round is Acceptance. I challenge that America is, in fact, not a country based on Christian religion....

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The Bible is not God's word


Hello, In this debate I will be arguing that the Bible is not the word of God, but rather the words of Man, historians, etc.The Bible has many contradicitions and errors, therefore cannot be fully God's word.I wish for this debate to be friendly and nice, good luck to all!...

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