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Morality does not require the existence of a god


Morality is an evolved concept created solely in the mind of humankind. It does not exist outside of human thought and interaction. The claim that morality was given to men by some god outside of them is disprovable. 1. The concepts of good and evil do not exist outside of human interaction. Where there are no humans, no actions could be described as evil. A lion killing a lamb is not an evil act. A human allowing a lion to kill a lamb could, under the right circumstances be defined as evil...

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The bible is not a credible source.


Rules for this debate. 1. First round is acceptance and stating what side you are on. 2. This is a debate about whether or not the bible can be used as a credible source 3. The bible that will be referred to is the bible that Catholics and Christians use/believe in 4. No new rebuttals in the final round as I will not be able to respond or counter them. I am stating that the bible can not be used as a credible source and that it is not a credible source....

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Near Death Experiences are actual experiences of an afterlife.


IF you are interested in this debate, THEN please comment below so that I can know. I have made this debate impossible to accept, and if you find a way to accept it then you have lost this debate. The BoP is to show that Near Death Experiences are actual experiences of an afterlife. The BoP is clearly on Pro. 72 hours to argue. 10,000 characters. No forfeit. No Trolling. No Insults. No semantics. First round is for PRO's ARGUMENT. Second round is for REBUTTALS or NEW ARGUMENT. Th...

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Should the Pledge of Allegiance be recited in school?


I think that the Pledge of Allegiance be recited in school because...... Well, I need some help coming up with some stuff why it should, but I can think of one reason: It respects the government. TTYL, BlakeEnderwingScales...

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Creationism can be proven scientifically.


I believe that creationism can be proven scientifically. Before all you atheists vote this down, finish reading my argument. First, I will use Antoine Lavoisier's theory of the law of conservation of mass. This law states that a particular measurable property of an isolated physical system does not change as the system evolves. The universe obviously exists, and this matter all came from somewhere. The laws of conservation assert that it is not possible that everything came from nothing,...

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Resolved: God is a logically necessary being.


I have recently heard a lot about presuppositional apologetics. This is a variety of apologetics which seeks to demonstrates the acceptance of God's existence as a necessary consequence of logical thought. This seemed fishy, so I decided to make a debate on the topic. There are two slightly different definitions of necessary being that are meant by the resolution. Firstly, a necessary being is one that, by its very definition, must exist. Secondly, a necessary being is one without which logic...

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The bible is a terrible place to get your morals from


Round 1 - acceptance Rounds 2,3,4 - fight Round 5 - final rebuttals and conclusion (no new arguments)...

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Atheism stems directly from doubt of one's own intellect, leading to argument that spurns one's own nature, causing destruction of one's own natural theology....

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It is unreasonable to not believe in God


I will be debating it is unreasonable to not believe in God. Here are some definitions: Reasonable - Logical or rational Atheist - A person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God. Round 1 is only acceptance. Thank you....

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Islam Is Not Only a Peaceful Religion, but a Reasonable Religion


This debate is going to contest the popular Western perspective that Islam is a violent religion, and moreover an unreasonable religion. In support of that view will be Con, and in denouncement of that view will be Pro. This debate will presuppose the following items of interest:1. Anticipating already the tons of demographics concerning the recent violence of the Middle East and of countries yet more east, I would like all to please be aware that it is not enough to...

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