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The Catholic Church is the Authentic Church of Christ


God our Father wills that "all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth" (1 Timothy 2:4), and to me, this of course means that God our Fathers will that all His children embrace the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church. This Church alone teaches the fullness of the Truth, this Church alone is the Church in which Christ didst institute and give the promise that "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Matthew 16:18), this Church alone is fully biblical, this Church...

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Holy Objective Morals Are Subjective.


I would like to open my statement saying that, this is a form of Theist vs Atheist debate. I do take kind enjoyment in them simply due you can learn a good amount of knowledge from both. Of course so long as you refrain from forcing your ideals in the shape of dogmatic phrases and statements. So I am defending the common Atheist argument to a common Theist argument to the Atheist regarding Moral that include the objective and subjective topics.I also would like you all, anyone r...

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Atheism is better than religon


I saw on a poll Charlie made that he said the the thinks Athiesm is better than religion so I want to see his reasons to that....

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The Words in the Bible are Divine


I would like to argue that the words written in the bible have no divinity and are merely the product of human creation and manipulation. The definition of the term Divine that I am using to set the parameters of this discussion is: proceeding from God or a god. Rules: 1) Acceptance 2) Argument 3) Rebuttals 4) Conclusion...

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Should it be legal to have an abortion?


I am fully against abortion. It should not be legal under any circumstances in any country. Reasons: If abortion was legal; murder should be legal. Abortion is murder. It is killing a child. A killer / A murderer. Killing = Murder. If then abortion was fine then Oscar Pistorius would be innocent. Even if he killed Reeva purposefully. Why? He killed her because he didn't want her. It would make his life easier. So basically he "aborted" her when she was much older. Please take o...

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The Bible is not God's word


Hello, In this debate I will be arguing that the Bible is not the word of God, but rather the words of Man, historians, etc.The Bible has many contradicitions and errors, therefore cannot be fully God's word.I wish for this debate to be friendly and nice, good luck to all!...

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Life has more meaning without god


I will argue that without the belief in god, life has more meaning. It's up to my opponent if we will talk about the christian god or about god in general. I would like a serious debate, so if you want to accept, please leave a comment with your opinion on the topic. meaning = the end, purpose, or significance of something[1] Structure: Round 1: acceptance Round 2: arguments (no rebuttals) Round 3: rebuttals(no arguments) Round 4: additional arguments/rebuttals Round 5: conclusion...

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The only honest view of the god debate is Agnosticism.


The proposition is really quite simple: While the debate surrounding the existence of any god, and humanity's propensity for formulating religions around such a perceived existence is an highly emotional debate, it is of little (if any) significance in human endeavor. Only religion and its proponents claim to speak on behalf of any deity, perceived or otherwise, and demand that lives be structured in accordance with religious philosophy and tenets. Not one religion has ever put forth a sin...

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Should dog houses be made with pancakes or waffles?


Dog houses should be made with pancakes and not waffles. Pancakes have a much better molding texture than waffles so the process of builidng the individual dog houses would be much easier with the use of pancakes, as opposed to waffles. Pancakes are easier to mold into various shapes which offer many different design possibilites and styles, whereas waffles are not malluable enough to make anything other than a square dog house. Pancakes are much cheaper than waffles when it comes to using them...

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Islam is a religion of terror


Islam is a religion of terror Hello, Donald. We both know exactly why I’ve proposed this debate. If you accept, I will retract my comments about you being a coward. Of course, if you don’t, my comments will stand. It’s your choice, choose carefull...

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