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The Bible morally contradicts itself


There are many practical flaws in our present day Christian bible. I believe that denying that there is no higher power is a hard idea to explain, and this is not my personal beliefs. However I find the belief of the actual historical accuracy of the bible as well as its many moral contradictions an even more far-fetched idea to find truth in. This debate will focus on the contradiction of free will. I'm not going to sit here and just post scripture the entire debate. if the need arises then I w...

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Communism is Slavery.


Hello Material Girl, my name Is Evan, and I'll be honest, you seem like quite the interesting person. For a 13 year old, you have very developed opinions about an assortment of things, and I would like to debate with you against of your strongest; Communism. Hopefully you accept, and put up a good fight, as I'm in a debating mood. Thanks! Before I get into my core opening statements, I would like to lay out the terms. By accepting this debate, you: -Accept this definition of slavery: A p...

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Oppressive government is more desirable than no government.


This is a "Lincoln-Douglas" debate; each opponent must have a value and criterion, followed by contentions. Round One is for acceptance and declaring which side you would like to debate: 'oppressive government' or 'no government.' Please excuse the side has declared I am; it would not let me proceed with the debate without picking a side. Round Two is for opening arguments only. Round Three is for rebuttals and strengthening your case. Next, Round 4 consists of more rebuttals. And fin...

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Obama should be impeached


Obama simply has to be the worst president the United states has ever seen, Clinton and Nixon were both impeached for lying, but don't we as humans all make mistakes? Looking at Obama, we see he has driven the economy in the dirt even after we thought it couldn't get any worse after George W. Bush's reign. Wouldn't it seem logical to impeach a president that has thrown this country into a massive recession, and given the USA a bad name? I strongly believe there should be a ballot immediately for...

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Young Americans should not be required to spend at least one year in public service.


It is completely unreasonable to have young Americans complete such a task because if America is built of a single word: FREEDOM, then why are we not allowing the future of America choose whether or not to go into the field of public service for a year. It would not be freedom if we, the government, MAKE the young do this responsibility. According to Google, freedom means the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Although, young Americans are not leg...

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HINDI should not be used in India for its development.


Hindi might be the official language or national language of India but my question is why Hindi when we use 90 % only English in almost all the various industries , companies, etc . W use the UK English text in most of the daily life and moreover English is regarded as the global language but still Hindi is our national language. Why? if you say that's because most states of India speak Hindi then I believe there are 10 times more people in India who speak English. now the world calls for...

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Resolved: Development of third world regions is a priority over military stabilization.


Simple, light-hearted debate. First round acceptance, second round argument, third round rebuttals, fourth round closing. Open acceptance. Thanks in advance! !!!WARNING!!! I am at a novice level of debate, so please consider this when considering acceptance....

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DC vs Marvel


PRO= DC CON=MARVEL all characters and versions of characters. nothing held back. look forward to this debate!...

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Is tit for tat a good way to lay down the law?


Just in case my soon to be contender has forgotten the rules,Round 1- AcceptanceRound 2- Main ArgumentsRound 3- RebuttalsRound 4- Closing Remarks(Closing remarks can not be more than 5 sentences)Breaking Any Of These Rules Subjects the Offender to a Full Seven Point Forfeit.BOP is split both ways, as pro must prove that tit fo...

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Does good and evil exist?/Examining scenarios to prove statement


This is my first debate, and I decided to start with the topic of whether good and evil exist, using a certain scenario as a jumping point. I am arguing that good and evil do exist. The scenario that I would like to present is the following: If I was talking to someone about something trivial and then suddenly took a gun and shot the person in the head because I felt like it (and for no other reason; the conversation had nothing to do with it), this would be considered evil because I woul...

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