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No abortion outside of extenuating circumstances should be permitted


Myself and Envisage have agreed to have this debate on whether or not abortion should be permitted.First, let me clarify the resolution:Abortion: The deliberate termination of a human foetusExtenuating circumstances: Pregnancies that are life-threatening to the motherPermitted: Allowed to take place by the governing body of the society in which the person resides. In cases of abortion, this wi...

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I believe abortion is wrong and should not be legal. The pro-abortion side says that a woman should have a choice to decide if her baby should live . In response to this arguement I have two points 1.women had never had this choice till now and 2.even if they call the baby a fetus it does not change the fact that if the "fetus" was not aborted there would be one more person alive...

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Abortion is generally immoral


Resolved: Abortion is generally immoral.Four rounds. Shared BoP. No new arguments in R4. R1 for acceptance.I shall argue that abortion is immoral in most cases. This means excluding extraordinary cases such as rape, incest, to save the life of the mother, etc. So I shall be arguing that in cases where the individual gave consent and partook in sex, resulting in a pregnancy, abortion is immoral. My opponent shall a...

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Do you believe in Abortion?


I dont believe in abortion....

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Abortion Is Prima Facie Morally Wrong


Allow me to begin by saying how pleased I am to be debating Josh Brahm. I'm sure that many of you will never get to read a more powerful case for the pro-life position than the case you will read in the course of this debate. And I only hope that I can do as well while I proceed to defend the pro-choice position. In this debate I'm going to argue that abortion is not morally reprehensible and should not be illegal, given the actual qualities that a human fetus possesses. Unlike a person, a f...

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Abortion is legalized murder


Abortion is nothing more, than the disgusting legalization of murder. You are taking the life of an innocent baby for nothing more than your own selfishness, because you don't want to deal with the responsibility of a child, yet still continue to have sex without the use of contraceptives. I am 100% okay with the use of birth control, in any form, but abortion is an entirely different thing because you are committing murder against someone who can't help or defend itself. Its no different than k...

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Abortion is wrong


Life starts at conception. This is the definition given in any respectable medical textbook. "To declare a beginning of life at any point after the fusing of a wife"s egg and a husband"s contribution is irrational and an exercise in sophistic chicanery. Only machines such as clocks and cars come into existence part by part. Living beings come into existence all at once and gradually unfold their world of innate potential. A living human person begins to exist at the moment of conception, even th...

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Abortion is Just.


This debate will be between Kasmic and I. This will be a short and quick debate. 4 Rounds, 24 Hours to post your argument and 2,000 character limit. The debate here will be "Abortion is Just" The debate shall follow this structure. R1. Definitions from Pro/ Acceptance from Con. R2. Rebuttal/Argument from both sides. R3. Rebuttal/Argument from both sides. R4. Conclusion Definitions: Abortion [1] Also called voluntary abortion. the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in...

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In some cases, abortion can be ruled as a justifiable homicide.


First, let me specify that I oppose elective abortion, but I support it for the following reasons: The health of the mother is adversly effected by pregnancy, the child will suffer anyway,, the mother is a mental patient who is traumatized by (pregnancy would make me suicidal),, and so on. If the mother is raped, abortion can be justified if the pregnancy causes her to relive that trauma. I am a modeerate when it comes to abortion....

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Resolved: The Father Should Not Have Say In an Abortion


ResolutionThe Father Should Not Have Say In an Abortion.As PRO, I will be affirming this resolution by arguing that the decision should rest entirely on the mother.As CON, you will attempt to negate the resolution by arguing that the father should have equal and/or greater say in the decision.Burden Of Proof

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