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Gay Marriage and Gay Rights


My argument for gay rights stands as: we are all people, created equal, so if one person should be able to get married, so should another. Homosexual people aren't any different then heterosexual people when you look at them physically or mentally....

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Gay Marriage: Yay or Nay?


Gay marriage is good. Some people would say that in the Bible, it rules against gay marriage, saying that 'any man who lies with another man is sinful', but it also says in the Bible as well that Jesus (you know, the guy who the Bible was practically based on) said to love unconditionally. And if you also view this topic from the religious perspective, if God created mankind, and created everything about them, and knows the past present and future, then He created homosexual people. And why wou...

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Gay Marriage Should Be Legal in the United States


This debate was issued to InquireTruth... twice. He let it expire both times. Now I open it up to the public to defend his position because he apparently will not do so. *************************************************** The proposition on offer is that Gay Marriage should be legal in the United States. For the purposes of debate, "Gay Marriage" will be held to mean marriage between two individuals of the same sex. This definition arises from two segments of relevant law common to most...

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There is not a valid religious argument against Gay Marriage


I am extremely socially liberal, and one of the things that drives me bonkers is when people use Christianity to condemn gay marriage. It is absolutely shocking how backwards this is, the same type of logic was used to condone slavery and the mistreatment of women. For a religion that is supposed to be about love and forgiveness, Christianity has spawned and awful lot of hate. Besides the fact that no person with any sort of moral compass would prevent a gay couple from being together unless the...

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Gay marriage


I'm pro marriage and pro gay marriage, because another person's choice isn't my business. Love is love. It's not a choice. You were either born that way, or it came naturally due to how you were raised. The Constitution states that all people should be treated equally and that we all have out rights and freedom. It doesn't state that gay marriage is a bad thing, and that it should never happen. People don't understand that this world is so full of hate, and a person doesn't just choose whether t...

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Should Gay Marriage Be Legal in a Christian Country?


Anyone can join this debate, (preferably a Christian). RULES: 1. No fighting. 2. If you use a website for "inspiration", make sure you state with your source. 3. Most importantly, have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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Gay Marriage


You say that being gay is not okay. And I would say, "I get it". But I don't. I don't get why you are so discriminating against people who want to be happy. I'm currently not married, or even dating, because I want to live alone and travel the world. That would make me happy. Also, chocolate makes me happy. My pet dog makes me happy. My family makes me happy. For some people, being married to or dating someone of the same sex makes them happy. If somebody takes away that right, it would be like...

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Should gay marriage be legalised?


pls go easy on me as i am a newbie Rules No swear words or religious arguments Rounds 1- Acceptance 2- Definition/Background Info 3- Arguments Any queries will be settled on comments....

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Gay Marriage should be legalized


Danielle and I are both from America so for the sake of simplicity this is in reference to American policy. Nobody below 2500 ELO can vote on this debate. The reason is to eliminate some bias which is always present in issues like this while being as inclusive as possible with the voting. Danielle feel free to start arguments in first round and pass in last or to just accept...

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Gay Marriage should be Legal


I will be going for the position that gay marriage should be legal, I am willing to have a fun and knowledgeable debate to anyone who is willing to debate me :) First round will be acceptance of the debate Looking forward to debate :)...

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