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i will get the fewest points in this debate


i will get the fewest points in this debate. when the poll shows that i got the fewest points.... my affirmation will be affirmed. that means that i really won this debate even if i got the fewest points. when most people are voting against me, that could only mean that the voter participating in voting against me, is contradicting himself. that is, i will have won the debate so how can you be voting agaisnt me? the only way to ensure that you are in the right as a voter, is to vote "pr...

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Why don"t we watch our leader 24/7


I am just a human who thought of the idea to watch the leader of the country. Civilocity is a new neologism that describes a form of government where the people get to watch the leader of their country for the entire time anybody ever leads their country. Why don"t we watch the leader of our country? The obvious fact is; we do watch the leader of our country. We just don"t watch them 24/7. So, why don"t we watch our leader 24/7? One reason we don"t is; we like the leader of our count...

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Are Atheists Able to Know Reality from Delusion?


Can any atheist come up with a rational way for them to know reality from delusion? With your first post, answer this question: I, as an atheist, rationally know reality from delusion by_________________________________? If you believe reality is the product of your perceptions, that is has no objective existence, please do not answer. The atheist will bear the BOP....

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If there is no God then how did the universe come into 'existence'


Hi I am looking for an opponent who can successfully answer this question, I would like to hope to have a very interesting discussion also I will answering the argument from a Christian point of view so I would expect an atheist to accept the debate. Regards...

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Sex with Animals should be legal


I am tired of facing persecution for just being myself. My dog and I have a magical relationship. Who are you to judge what I do in the privacy of my own home....

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Money enslaves the populus


The practice of money, and its inevitable hoarding causes a concentration of power in a new monarchy of billionaires, who are running the world through capital. The world is now less nations and more corporations, ran by unelected CEOs who answer to none other than their shareholders and they by use of bribery control their interests in government. Democracy and freedom are dead, the destruction of the means of control is necessary, for this means also controls your daily life, each and every da...

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If you accept the challenge then I win, if you don't then I lose.


The rules is in the topic title. If you accept the challenge to this debate, then I automatically win no matter what, if no one accepts the challenge to this debate then I automatically lose. It is your choice! Oh! Did I mention that if you accept the challenge to this debate then you get a free cookie! :D...

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Abortion is both inherrently unethical and should be illegal


Round 1 is ACCEPTANCE ONLY! All arguments come afterwardHere is my complete position:Abortion should only be allowed if there is a serious health hazard to the parent or child, if it can be proven that the baby will be stillborn(is dead while still inside mother), or if the mother was raped.I look forward to the debate! ...

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God-realization is Intellectually Superior to the Belief in atheist Dogma


Regarding the atheistic inability to apprehend certain facts about God's position as the source for existence, it is impossible for any entity to be the source for any quality unless it possesses that quality itself. No food that contains no iron, for example, can possibly be a source of iron. Similarly, no entity that contains no personal characteristics, no intellectual phenomena such as logic or reason, no love, and no life of its own, three qualities that the believer in atheist Dogma believ...

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able is who? who is abel?


who is alex?...

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