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Israel has no choice


The full text of the resolution is "Although Israel's position in the West Bank is mutually undesirable for Israel and Palestinians, Israel has no choice in the matter, because there are no reasonable alternatives." Cons job will be to suggest an alternative solution that does not increase the risk of harm to Israel, Israeli citizens, or the Jewish People. This debates definition of unreasonable includes, but is not limited to, anything that results in that. My opening points assume three opt...

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Gay Marriage


This is my first debate on this site, but I feel very strongly about this topic. Anything goes, as long as it doesn't violate website rules. Why is it that people are so against gay marriage? I find no reason to disapprove of it, seeing as it makes people happy. It causes no harm, and freedom is clearly stated in the constitution. Also, this debate is under politics not religion. Please keep that in mind....

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That the CIA should rig elections in post Arab-Spring countries to ensure the moderates win


Challenger is Affirming. "Rig" can mean a number of things and I am happy to let the challenger define it within the clear intent of the topic. This is my first debate here, and I'm more used to Australs and WUDC style debating than LD, but hopefully my arguments will be clear anyway....

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I welcome Britain's position on the sideline of Europe


I would like to propose that I welcome Britain's position on the sideline's of Europe. it is not a question of if it is on the sideline's or not but whether one welcomes it or not! I look forward to a lively & exciting debate!...

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Death Penalty should be abolished


Abolished: Taken away, removed, something that has been disposed of.Death Penalty: The decision of another human being(s) for another human being to die.I thank my opponent in advance for accepting this debate and I hope that he will enjoy this debate. This is debate is on whether death penalty should be abolished or not.My position states that I am "for Death Penalty being abolished." My opponent is "ag...

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if a healthy infant can be saved instead of aborted later in pregnancy... it should be requried


in cases where mother's life is at risk, but the healthy baby can be safely removed instead of aborted... this should be required. after six months or so, abortion in the US is restricted to only cases involving health of the mother. (to be sure, this includes much abuse for 'mental health' etc) if even a healthy baby MUST be aborted to save the mother, msot would agree it's the right thing to do. to be sure, however.... healthy babies are too often aborted in the name of saving the mother,...

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Privacy is a Fundamental Right


Background:This debate originated from this thread on Edward Snowden:http://www.debate.org/forums/politics/topic/32280/My esteemed opponent saw little to no reason to be agitated by the NSA surveillance program PRISM. In order to attempt to understand his perspective, I made several allusions to physical reality, whether it be the government surreptitiou...

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Pick your own issue.


Basically the idea is look at my profiles issues list and pick a issue you want to debate me on. State the issue your position and either make your arguments or let me make mine first. However Due to the fact that I am currently in two debates about the border fence/immigration I will not accept debating anyone else about the border fence/immigration. Have fun....

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I am strongly against Obamacare. There may not be a whole lot that I know about it, but I know enough that it is completely pointless. It is making insurance raise a dramastic amount and there are several people even losing their insurance. Let's see what you have to say about it PRO....

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allowing deep water offshore oil drilling


We the pro agree with the resolution Resolved: Allowing deep water offshore oil drilling is in the best interest of the United States. We offer the following definitions Allowing-to permit From Merriam Webster dictionary Best Interest- Authority delegated for taking any action or step the delegate thinks to be the most advantageous to the organization, under the circumstances. From business dictionary Deep water offshore oil drilling- Drilling in an oil rig of below 1000 meters. From Offsh...

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