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Should visa be abolished around the world?...

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allowing deep water offshore oil drilling


We the pro agree with the resolution Resolved: Allowing deep water offshore oil drilling is in the best interest of the United States. We offer the following definitions Allowing-to permit From Merriam Webster dictionary Best Interest- Authority delegated for taking any action or step the delegate thinks to be the most advantageous to the organization, under the circumstances. From business dictionary Deep water offshore oil drilling- Drilling in an oil rig of below 1000 meters. From Offsh...

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Nationality Status for Srilankan Innocent Tamil People!


Many of the Srilanka Tamil People Who Temporarily got Settled in Various Country During their Own Country Problem are still in trouble. The Reason for stating that, it is their own country problem, is the Tamils fought for their regal rights are living that land for generations together. After hundreds of year, the Tamils in Srilanka in their own land, where discriminated by the Rulers. In the beginning the Tamil raised their voice in Gandhian Way only. But due to so many reasons and others infl...

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Privacy is a Fundamental Right


Background:This debate originated from this thread on Edward Snowden:http://www.debate.org/forums/politics/topic/32280/My esteemed opponent saw little to no reason to be agitated by the NSA surveillance program PRISM. In order to attempt to understand his perspective, I made several allusions to physical reality, whether it be the government surreptitiou...

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Death Penalty should be abolished


Abolished: Taken away, removed, something that has been disposed of.Death Penalty: The decision of another human being(s) for another human being to die.I thank my opponent in advance for accepting this debate and I hope that he will enjoy this debate. This is debate is on whether death penalty should be abolished or not.My position states that I am "for Death Penalty being abolished." My opponent is "ag...

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if a healthy infant can be saved instead of aborted later in pregnancy... it should be requried


in cases where mother's life is at risk, but the healthy baby can be safely removed instead of aborted... this should be required. after six months or so, abortion in the US is restricted to only cases involving health of the mother. (to be sure, this includes much abuse for 'mental health' etc) if even a healthy baby MUST be aborted to save the mother, msot would agree it's the right thing to do. to be sure, however.... healthy babies are too often aborted in the name of saving the mother,...

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High-speed rail should receive federal government subsidy in-place of current subsidies on highways


My belief is that federal government subsidies on high-speed rail would benefit the United States greater than the continual subsidy of the current highway system. The first round is acceptance, the second is stating your argument, third round attempt to dispute claims made by the opponent in second round. I lowered the max number of characters to keep arguments concise. I look forward to a good debate, good luck....

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I am strongly against Obamacare. There may not be a whole lot that I know about it, but I know enough that it is completely pointless. It is making insurance raise a dramastic amount and there are several people even losing their insurance. Let's see what you have to say about it PRO....

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Homosexuality is Morally Wrong, Therefore Unjust, Gay Marriage must therefore be illegal.


Homosexuality is morally wrong, and therefore unjust. I am compelled against my beliefs, to accept that homosexuality is a very personal matter, one which may bring with it the love, adornment, and care of one man to another or one woman to another. In these respects, homosexuality is a good thing, it encourages love, adornment, caring, and even acceptance. It is also true that we should learn to accept all people, no matter their sexuality, race, age, gender, or otherwise. All people should...

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Employers Using Criminal Records as Background Checks


It is hard enough in today's world to live without having one indiscretion you had at the ripe old age of let's say twenty years follow you and hunt you down. After you've committed your CHUMP crime, a Driving While Impaired, Possession of a Controlled Substance (namely marijuana), Drinking Under Age, and an array of other NON-VIOLENT crimes, you grow up. As a part of the "grown up" experience you consider that you need a job...you begin filling out online applications, you walk into the variety...

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