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Resolved: The US should end Plan Colombia


Plan Colombia:Drug War Is A Fail Plan Colombia: Washington"s Latest Drug War Failure Ted Galen Carpenter is vice president for defense and foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute July 27, 2001 november 15 2016 The centerpiece of the Bush administration"s "supply side" campaign against illegal drugs is staunch support for the Colombian government"s "Plan Colombia." But the facts show that the p...

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Is God real?


While I know this is a VERY generic debate topic, I have been trying to amass as much evidence for god as I can. As an atheist, my preacher wishes to have a 'talk' with me about my belief. I plan on proving to him irrefutable evidence against God. To do so, I need to know every argument that could be made for him and that is why I am holding this common debate. As a note, I would like these arguments to revolve around the Christian god, or god in general. Also Round 1 and the beginning or Round...

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Should all dogs be hung?


Becuase dogs are stupid bastards....

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Evolution: Philosophically disproved.

PresadentWalker The first round of mine won't be that long, just an introduction. I want to place emphasis on how do species evolution into new species. I have just thought up, what I think is a valid piece of philosophy. Ok so it is this. A certain species has particular features which are exclusive only to it's self, it's own species, you don't see an elephant barking or with parrot wings. The part which is the dilemma for evolutionists is that we don't a...

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Dogs are better than cats


Dogs are better pets....

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Gambling for Muslims in Vea


I was reading this article about Gambling for Muslims: I have been in Vegas during Christmas and saw many Arabs (and I assume some were Muslims) gambling. A friend of mine from Morocco actually said US should not allow Muslims in our casinos. Now I wonder...should we really do that? And how? Stop every one with a passport from a Muslim country? I don't think so......

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Are Christians the real anti-christ?


Why do I ask this? Jesus never judged people, he never talked down to people, never left someone out because of who they were or what social circle they belonged too. He loved everyone as equals. Did all he could to help people who needed help. Gave a hand to those who needed it, and tried to help those in need. Unlike modern day Christians. Who do nothing but pass judgment. Ignore those in need of a simple hand. Or thought down on those that don't read from the same novel they read from....

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X-Box 360 Vs. Ps3


Hello this will be my first debate on and I hope it to be a good one. Let the geek war commence Alright It's quite an age old question whether Microsoft's X-Box 360 is a better gaming system then Sony's Play-station 3. For me, I believe the X-box is the greater system. The X-box has games like Gears of war 1-2 and soon to be 3. It is the system that started the Halo franchise. Yes the X-box may have a few problems but what console doesn't?...

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Atheism is more of a religion than Christianity


In my humble opinion, I observe atheism to be more of a 'religion' than Christianity. Before I go any further, I will define what religion is. Religion is "a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects." I, as a Christian, do not like the word 'religion'. Religion is man-made; and Christianity is not a religion, rather a relationship with Jesus Christ. The reason I say atheism is more of a religion than Christianity is that it tak...

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How do atheists rationally know truth from fiction?


IF YOU ARE UNABLE OR UNWILLING TO READ THIS WHOLE POST AND THEN RESPOND TO THE SINGLE QUESTION IT ASKS, GO AWAY. I FIND IT HILARIOUS THAT THESE ATHEISTS KEEP VOMITING WORDS AND YET NOT ONE HAS ANSWERED MY Q. Atheists love to live under the delusion that they are the guardians of rationality. But how can they hold this title when they cannot even articulate a rational way to know truth from fiction. If they cannot do this, they are literally ignorant and the ignorant cannot guard anything. SO,...

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