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The Clones Used By The Republic Are Far Superior To The Empire's Stormtroopers


First off I would like to say that yes, I have done this debate before, however I did not make it from the start that we are only talking canon universe, if this was EU I would be all for the stormtroopers. We will be comparing training, equipment and basic vehicles, however we will not be accounting for the entirety of the Republican and Imperial forces such as the Death Star, The Jedi, The Emperor's Royal Guard, etc. Simply the Clones and the Stormtroopers. If you accept this debate I'd app...

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the wrath of khan is the stupidest star trek movie and khan is the stupidest star trek villain


khan is the most idiotic star trek villain ever conceived by gene roddenberry. in the 20th century, people made predictions about the future. usually around the year two thousand. these things were way off and ridiculous. you can watch some of them on youtube, for some good laughs. i argue that the further forward in time you set your sci fi story, the better it will be, because by that time the world will have changed so much that they won't even know your sci fi story exists and won't...

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Create the most pathetic super hero you can.


The idea of this debate is to create the most pathetic super hero you can. You must be creative and try not to be boring. Round 1:acceptance Round 2: Create a super hero. Give a list of their powers and argue as to why your super hero is the most pathetic. Go into as much detail about your character, make them interesting if you can. Round 3: Make a counter argument to opponents hero. You will point out faults in opponents super hero, for example, if I were to say "my super hero is...

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Let's have a rap battle


I'm coming back from a challenging debate so let's have a rap battle. Rules We can use information from each others profiles If you have no information on your profile(big issues, sports teams, books, interests etc.) do not accept this battle. You can go as harsh and raw as possible, but try not to get this debate removed.7 If you want to debate give us a taste of what you can do. A few line rap, insult, whatever. Alright squonk round two, let's go. You can start....

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If you eat your shoes, does that make you a cannibal?


Eating your shoes does in fact make you a cannibal. Back in nam I ate someone's shoes for a strength and dexterity buff in sacrifice for intelligence and the people there called me a cannibal. Now, the word cannibal comes from the latin word, carnival. At carnivals, there are people. People have shoes. Therefore, if you eat shoes you are a cannibal....

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boys don't understand girls?


boys will never understand girls when a girl say "I'm fine" that doesn't really mean she is fine and boys don't understand how a girl feels after they get hurt in a relationship. girls feelings and minds are something very hard to understand...

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Violence in video games does not significantly contribute to real world violence.


Wylted and I will be debating this topic.DefinitionsSignificantly- in a way that is relevant or has an important effect on somethingObservationsThis debate is about the impact of violence in video games, not about the impact of video games themselves. I am looking forward to a great debate!!...

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Death Note


Is Death note a good anime? I am for in this position. Would you recommend it to people? Your opinions please...

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DebateIsland.com VS Debate.org, who has the better design?


I believe that DebateIsland.com has a better UI or design. They have a more modern, simplistic website. It is retina and beautiful. The functionality is also as great as the design. In my opinion debateisland.com has a much better design than debate.org and the other major debate websites. Also, Debateisland.com is the newest out of createdebate.com and debate.org. DebateIsland.com has a beautiful navigation as well.Http://www.debateisland.com...

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Should the Orca whale shows continue in Seaworld?


Let"s say you're an orca whale. You have lived your entire life performing in front of a bunch of annoying children who scream every time there"s a splash. You can"t take any longer and you don"t do what your told, and then". BOOM! You snap, you go to your extreme. You can"t continue your life in captivity performing for these annoying kids. I think that the shows shouldn"t go on. I mean if you were a whale trained from birth without any breaks until death. You're a whale spending all your lif...

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