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Rap Battle


Many thanks in advance to Mikal for this challenge. This will be a rap battle of 3 rounds each. I will start in Round 2, and allow Mikal to use R1 for introductions and to set the terms. I am prepared to do a traditional diss rap battle, or rap on particular subjects/topics for Con to specify in R1 - I'll leave it up to him. The winner should be determined by considering the battle in its entirety. Lyrical eloquence, witticisms, articulation, disses and overall presentation...

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Celebrities need more privacy


Celebrities deserve more privacy than they have now because they are humans just like us. They just have an abnormal job. They do not deserve more, Neither do they deserve less. They deserve the SAME...

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UFC: Jon Jones will defeat Anthony Johnson


Pro: Jon Jones winsCon: Anthony Johnson wins In my opinion Jon 'Bones' Jones will win in a fight against Anthony "Rumble" Johnson because Jon has defeated former world champions and overall fought better competition. (Rashad Evans, Lyoto Machida, Rampage Jackson.) He also has a better submission game. (6-3). And is a 9

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The problem of Slytherin


Resolved: The portrayal of Slytherin House in the Harry Potter books, on balance, detracts from the series as a whole. For the purposes of the debate, only information contained in the original series (not Pottermore or the movies) is canon. I am affirming. The first round is for acceptance, second for constructives, and third and fourth for rebuttals. No new arguments in the last round. I look forward to the debate!...

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Betting should not be allowed because it hurts people's lives. Unless someone is very good at betting, one can lose thousands, maybe even a lifetime worth of money! On the other hand, those who are good at betting, are opportunists who take advantage of others misfortune! Those who lose all their money hurt their families and may end up without a home, or at least very poor. We should end betting in order to preserve people's lives. This would also decrease taxes because welfare spending would b...

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Men accused of rape should be castrated


Men who have been accused by two or more women of rape should be castrated.Leave a message in the comments if you'd like to accept.First round is acceptance. ...

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Is DC better than Marvel in terms of tv and movies?


I still think that the DC world of tv and movies are indeed better than Marvel. It's plots are more compelling, characters are more like able and in the lines of story telling, it's easier to understand as well. Marvel on the other hand, is a rash,misguided and often confusing world. Especially in the way their comics and shows are setup. My argument stands that DC's immaculate world of rich storytelling in its movies and television shows are submissive and understated, thus most of its best sel...

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No One Has Ever Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to Do Look More Like


For the longest, people have decided to for believe that someone has been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. But I has find this statement are irrelevant.Let's take for a closer at then this and am decide for yourself: 1. I Can't Even ScienceYou've gotta be kidding me. I try to went as far even once, as had my friends all go. Logically, can't I go even decide to go want do look mo...

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Can you figure out what my first name, favorite color and gender ?


Con will try to figure out my first name, favorite color and gender. Rules: Con can only guess once per round. For example first name Tom favorite color gold gender male. Con can't ask questions. Con must get the 3 questions correctly to ein Pro must give 3 hints regarding favorite color and first name per round. Pro must tell con if his guesses are true or false. Hints: First name: In the Bible. Favorite color: You can see it in Christmas most of the time. First name: Has the 9...

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Presidential Debate: Optimus Prime vs Dumbledore


Thank you for tuning in to the first of possibly a couple presidential debates among some of the most well known fictional people in movie history who are running for President of the United States of America. Tonight we have Optimus Prime and Dumbledore, who represent the two major parties and are campaigning for the presidency. <...

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