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The "Big Bang Theory" is false


Anyone can accept this debate but I would prefer to debate someone who truly believes the "big bang" really happened. This debate is not referring to the tv show, but to the actual theory many scientists believe. May the best debater win....

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God is not real


Hello, Thanks for joining. I believe that the thought of god is flawed. Nothing can just "Poof" into existence. And I believe that science trumps the word of god. I will wait for my contender to post their argument....

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Our Reality Was Possibly Caused by a Being That Can Be Defined As God


My Introduction: My name is Paul and I hail from Clarksville, TN. I used to be a devout Christian. I joined the Navy and eventually found myself to be an atheist after studying religion, History, Science, and multiple other general things about our world. Later on, I started dabbling in Quantum Physics and was finding it hard to maintain my new Materialistic worldview. I was stuck between Atheism and religion and I couldn't go back to religion without being intellectually dishonest. My eventu...

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Did Humans Really Evolve?


Read the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I make 4 arguments: 1) God created man and animals separately. 2) Beast was created for man, not man for beast. 3) Man was created in the image of God, and did God evolve? Was God a monkey? No. 4) Since God is the SAME yesterday, today, and forever, so are we (see point 3), and so we did not evolve. Even if you don't believe in the Bible or Book of Mormon, you can obviously see that humans clearly did NOT evolve....

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The Earth is flat


This debate is impossible to accept please apply in comments. If you accept you forfeit all points to me. The topic is that the earth is flat. I think that Earth is not flat.Structure1. Con acceptance, Pro writes Contentions2. Con writes Contentions, Pro rebuts3. Con rebuts, Pro makes conclusion4. Con makes conclusion, Pro waivesDefinitionsEarth: the planet on which we live<...

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Scientific evidence does not support Evolution


I will be arguing that that evolution has not been proven scientifically and any evidence used to support it could be reasonably explained from a creation viewpoint. Since the theory of evolution is taught in schools as science, and creation is presented as religious, the burden of proof is on con to show that evolution can and did happen. Science - Knowledge gained from observation, experimentation, and demonstration (Can be proven). Evidence - The available body of facts or information ind...

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Resolved: On balance, Noetic science can be accurately used to prove the existance of God.


I would like to thank famousdebater for accepting this debate.This debate is not about whether or not God exists, but whether Noetics can be used to prove the existance of God.RulesFirst Round is terms and definitions by Pro and acceptance by Con.Second Round is for Opening arguments. No rebuttals are to be posted.Third Round is for Rebuttals.Forth Round is for Rebuttals and Conclusion.No semantics, the definitions...

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Are Viruses Living?


Before I claim my arguments I would first off like to establish some rules in order to ensure that this debate runs smoothly. # 1 Make sure your argument (pro/con) is clear and define important terms if needed. # 2 Paste a link to the source on the bottom of the page when doing assertions. # 3 This is a pro/con debate only, arguing that virus is in a grey-zone when it comes to being alive is not allowed. Finally, I would like to thank in advance whoever accept this debate. Lets begin....

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Being Vegetarian Helps the Environment More than not Being a Vegetarian.


Being Vegetarian Helps the Environment More Than not Being a Vegetarian. Vegetarian: "the exclusion of meat (In the context of this debate: non-human animal meat)...from the diet" Environment: "The natural world, as a whole" Helps: " To contribute to the...improvement of" Being (state of being/verb) More: "a greater... degree" (debatable) 1st round: Simply greetings and acceptance. 2nd round: Main arguments 3rd round: Rebuttals/counters/additional points 4th round: Rebuttals/cou...

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The claim that "97% of scientists agree 'man made global warming' exists" is a lie.


John Kerry has been quoted as saying, "And let there be no doubt in anybody"s mind that the science is absolutely certain. . . 97 percent of climate scientists have confirmed that climate change is happening and that human activity is responsible. . . . . they agree that, if we continue to go down the same path that we are going down today, the world as we know it will change"and it will change dramatically for the worse." This is very false. But leaving aside the catastrophic/"change dram...

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