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Dinosaurs existed on the planet Earth.


R1 Acceptance and definitions R2 Arguments R3 rebuttals R4 defense I will argue that dinosaurs existed in the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous eras. My opponent will argue otherwise. Burden of proof will be equally shared....

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THBT space exploration should be pursued by private companies rather than governments.


This debate is part of the first round of The DDO Olympics Team Debate Tournament, sponsored by Bsh1. I will be working with my partner, TN05, against missmozart and her partner, Biodome. Therefore, neither Biodome nor TN05 are eligible to vote. The full text of the resolution is as follows: "This house believes that space exploration should be pursued by private companies rather than governments."Structure: Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Constructive (No r...

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Should we be able to genetically engineer humans?


We should not be able to genetically engineer humans because in doing so, we take away the right of diversity and individuality that each of us possess. It is also not fair to those who are genetically engineered. ...

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The earth is spherical


The perpetuation of ball earth theory, just like Evolutionary Theory and the Big Bang Theory, has become more of a religion, an orthodoxy, than a science. People are expected not to question it, no matter what, at the risk of losing their job, breaking their careers, losing friends, being shunned by family, and being ridiculed by anyone who refuses to think for themselves. If anyone attempts to present scientific evidence contrary to the popularly held view, it is immediately dismissed as "consp...

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Global Warming is Man-Made


==Clarification== I will be arguing that mankind IS the cause of global warming, my opponent will be arguing that mankind is NOT the main driver of modern climate change. My opponent, therefore, is arguing that the theory of anthropogenic climate change is incorrect. This is pretty straightforward. Abbreviations which might be used: AGW -- Anthropogenic global warming CR -- cosmic ray[s] TSI -- Total solar irradiation MWP -- Medieval Warm Period SSN -- Sun spot number PDO --...

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Humans are responsible for global warming


It's been said that humans are responsible for "Global Warming" due to our carbon emissions and high atmospheric pollution rate. While I agree that we are polluting the atmosphere at an extremely high rate, I disagree that, our carbon emissions are to blame. According to Science Magazine, measurements of ice core samples show that over the last four climactic cycles (past 240,000 years), periods of natural global warming preceded global increases in CO2. Also, A 2005 study published in Nature fo...

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Environmental Protection


In this debate, I will be challenging the much esteemed Cat47 to a rigorous debate on the subject of Environmental Protection. Here are a few ground rules: 1. The first round is for acceptance only. Arguments must be made in Round 2 alone. 2. Round 2 is for arguments. Arguments will be made on the intent of selling a prospective audience on your position. 3. Round 3 is for rebuttals to the opponent's argument. No new arguments may be posted in this round. Instead, each opposing debater m...

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Human dominance on Planet Earth, will soon be superseded by sentient, electromechanical devices.


Human dominance is waning. Younger generations are already slaves to electronic devices. How long before we no longer call the shots. Fear not though. This is not stuff of horror movies or nightmares. This is simply evolution in progress. Rules: 5 open rounds. Use your own brain power. No referencing other peoples work/theories. 100 words max, per round. (Not 8000 characters) Enjoy!...

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Is Ice A Mineral?


I started this debate to prove everyone my point. My position is that ice is NOT a mineral. Yes, it has all the requirements, but it should still be a mineral in ALL temperatures and forms. A form of ice is water, which is NOT a mineral....

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Should animals be tested for scientific and/or commercial use?


Hello, Challenger. You will be taking the position as the Pro (for) person. The first round will be basic. You will give information on your side of things, and cite some evidence. The second round will be basic also. On the third round we will give questions to our opponent, and in the fourth round, we will answer those questions.Rules:1) Uncited evidence is not allowed. PLEASE cite your evidence2) You get two days to per round.3) If you don't publish your arg...

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