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Was commuism good for Russia or not?


I think that it was good, for the fact that they had complete control over their country. I personally think that it should be that way in a country and that the stronger force should be in command....

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The United States should have a death penalty.


The death penalty, i.e. capital punishment, is "execution of an offender sentenced to death after conviction by a court of law of a criminal offense." [1.] Currently 32 states and the Federal government have a death penalty. [2.]. Background inf...

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Microagressions and safe spaces


I am looking for someone who would like to debate that microagressions are a real issue and one that requires "safe spaces" in places like collage campuses. This person should be prepared to argue what qualifies as a microagression, how and why they are a real issue, and what the consequences of a microagressive statement might be.The first round of the debate will be used to explain our side of the debate, the second round will be used for a rebuttal, and the third round should be used to reply...

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Necrophilia should be legal


I strongly believe that necrophilia ought to be legal. I will admit, I am a necrophiliac, so I am somewhat biased regarding this subject. I've heard the arguments against the legalization of necrophilia, and I've heard the proposed solutions to the problems. I'm going to expound upon what I believe to be the ideal system in which to practice necrophilia. To begin with, allow people the option to leave their body to necrophilia. Once someone has decided to leave their body to necrophilia, they...

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If a woman tricks a man into getting her pregnant, he should not be financially liable for the child


First round is acceptance only. I am specifically discussing cases in which the woman lied about using birth control and tricked her partner into getting her pregnant....

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Abortion is the biggest moral sin that we as a society have accepted since slavery. A woman's "right" to choose whether her child lives or dies is unacceptable and should be prohibited. Every person's life has meaning and to rob an unborn child of their right to life is a horrendous act that should never go unpunished. I am not saying I want to control what a woman does with her body but I am saying that everyone must follow the law and not commit murder....

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Borders and boundaries


Today our world is running into these imaginary borders created by power hungry humans. I've recently started playing an online game where my team consist of members from all over our homeland , earth. We argue only about the greatness of our teams but have always made amends over heated arguments. It's only a game. A game we all love. If the Internet has done so well without borders and boundaries why can't the physical world follow suit? After all Earth is a home we all love....

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Should people go to jail for kicking a cat?


People should go to jail for kicking a cat because it is a very cruel and inhumane behavior. Nowadays, pets like cats or dogs have played an important role in our life, some people even take them as one of their family members. Human being is a life ,while a cat is also a life, we ought to respect every life. However, some people like to kick pets or kill pets for fun, even eat them. Kicking a cat is to give it unnecessary pain, it means animals abuse. People's desire will never be satisfied, if...

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Resolved: Gun Ban in the US


IntroductionThis will be for missmozart, as we agreed to debate, and it happended to be this topic. It's been around 2 months since I debated a gun debate, and I like doing this topic, so I will be doing it right now. In this debate, the voting standards wil...

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What Grande PATISSERIE is better


Well, I think that the Cheese and Berries flavor is more consistent than the Apple flavor. With the apple flavor you only get one flavor and for the same price? So why wouldn't you want to 2 flavors for the same price? It's crazy that this is even an argument. The nutritional facts may vary by person, but for a good snack during 3rd hour, you can get 250 calories worth of deliciousness. The Apple flavor has 370mg of Sodium, so obviously the Cheese and Berries flavor is a healthier choice and a g...

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