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Gay Marraige Should Be Allowed.


Gays should be allowed to marry partners of their choice just as heterosexual couples do. It is ignorant in today's world to deny such a basic right to an individual because of something that is innate. Yes, sexuality is not a choice, it is innate. For my first point, let me state that a civil union is not a reasonable compromise for a legal marriage. Most civil unions don't have the same rights as a legal marriage has. Even if we made all civil unions exactly equal to legal marriage but cal...

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Abortion after rape or incest should not be excused


I believe as a whole abortion is wrong but this is another aspect to it that I would like to debate. I believe abortion after rape or incest is still wrong....

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Should schools be separated by gender?


This debate is inspired by another debate I participated in but was disqualified. I'll be arguing for the con side and I hope whoever accepts the challenge debates civilly with me....

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Is being considered gay wrong?


My response to this question is simple. Absolutely not. For, though it is difficult to say for certain that my claims are correct 100% because research into the origins of human sexuality is still being conducted and revised. But speaking of this research, what about the topic needs to be researched? It's obviously unnatural and unsanitary not to mention unholy, inscribed on God's collective list of sins, and before the New Testament had been written, the Bible legitimately instructed it's right...

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Should Children get to choose what parent they live with when they divorce?


I think children should be able to choose what parent they live with because they know what their parents are like and could choose the best for them instead of running away from it because they don't like their home. I feel it would be best because the judges don't always go off of the best Atmosphere for the children....

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Will vending machines become the dominant race?


Hello everybody, I'm Jaegun, and I'd like to prove that vending machines will not become the dominant race. This is a challenge directed towards Adithya Laasko, also known as Hugo_Head. The term 'dominant race' implies the aforementioned race is sentient and animate. It also implies the said race must be a group of organisms. Vending machines do not fit any of these factors, and therefore, cannot be the dominant race....

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Do Females have any responsibility


There is a natural relationship between males and females and it is the natural sexual attraction of each sex to the opposite sex. The female of the human sex is designed by nature to be attractive to the male just as the flower is designed to be attractive to Bees to attract the bees to pollinate flowers and produce other flowers. Maturity of the human male and female advances the sexual attraction of each sex towards the opposite sex and along with this sexual development stage that's reac...

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Same sex marriage should not be allowed by the government


The government has no compelling interest in legalizing, promote, or subsidize same sex marriage just because of two or more human beings are in love in which so subjective and personal. Only natural marriage shall be allowed since it produces the next generation and continues the existing of humanity and the government has the compelling interest in interfering with marriage of man and woman since they are raising the next generation and are entitled for support and subsidy since their characte...

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Abortion should be illegal.


Full Resolution: Abortion should be made illegal. Definitions: 1 : the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus. 2: Illegal: Forbidden by law. Standards: Any form or type of abortion will be illegal. Round 1: Acceptance only Round 2: Opening arguments (no rebuttals) Round 3: Rebuttals/Counter arguments Round 4: Rebuttals and conclusion (no new arguments)...

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Eating meat is unethical


This argument has been formulated by vegan youtuber Ask Yourself, in this video he tackles point by point the most common arguments used by non-vegans. It is a long video but to be fair non-vegans have a lot of retarded arguments. If the video is too long I'll try an summarize it here, but before debating this topic I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the counter arguments. Let's cast aside the 4 N's

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