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To be any part of LGBT is to have a mental disorder.


I will be arguing that the statement the title says is true.For round one please present any definitions you wish to establish I will start the debate in round two.Mental Disorder: any of a broad range of medical conditions that are marked primarily by sufficient disorganization of personality, mind, or emotions to impair normal psychological functioning and cause marked distress or disability and that are typically associated with a disruption in normal thinking, feeling, mood, behavior...

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Homeless people are a nuisance? Yay or Nay.


I have no argument for or against. Just wanting a simple understanding of how people feel about homelessness....

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If you kill someone who was going to kill millions of people ok


Please don't start immediatly with come back. I want to see if there is certain areas that you can kill someone and still be able to go to heaven (stay by god's rule) if in a scenario a person was going to kill millions but you kill them (you cannot neogotiate with this person) I say yes in this certain situation you canFirst round: IntroductionSecond Round: StandingThird...

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Do we need feminism?


A few rules to start with Pro= we do need feminists Con= we don't need feminists I will be debating from the viewpoint of Con. This debate is to be professional. No personal attacks. Also, don't join unless you're willing to play our the four rounds. Each round (except this one) will be a different common feminist issue. This round is just for accepting and stating whether you agree or disagree with these issues I'm going to bring up. If you like, you can suggest different issues if you 1...

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THW: Avoid contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life


Round 1: Acceptance, definitions and rules only. Round 2: Main body of argument. Round 3: Rebuttal and reiteration of previous arguments. No new arguments may be presented- any new arguments presented in R3 should be ignored by voters. Full wording of the motion: "This house would avoid contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life". "THW": the following action should be done. "Contact": Any form of interaction. "Intelligent": Has a reasoning ability approximately the same as, or...

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Gay Marraige Should Be Allowed.


Gays should be allowed to marry partners of their choice just as heterosexual couples do. It is ignorant in today's world to deny such a basic right to an individual because of something that is innate. Yes, sexuality is not a choice, it is innate. For my first point, let me state that a civil union is not a reasonable compromise for a legal marriage. Most civil unions don't have the same rights as a legal marriage has. Even if we made all civil unions exactly equal to legal marriage but cal...

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Japanese internment by the U.S. during WW2 was justified


Danielle please read round one again before accepting. Let me know if anything is unfair to either of us so it can be amended. I hate FDR and I like using this as an example of how horrible of a human being he was, but I have a confession. As bad as his policies were, the policy in question was justified. It was not a result of racism or hysteria, but the most logical course of action given the available information. Democrats, please do a better job defending your s...

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Feminism is Wrong


Open to anyone. Start the debate right away. He we gooo! Feminism in it's current form is a terrible sexist movement that needs to die a quick and painful death. First wave feminism was about gaining equal rights. Second wave feminism was about gaining respect. Third wave intersectional feminism is not about those ideals. It is about making women superior to men....

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Gay Marriage should Not be Permitted


PrefaceI thank Zarroette for this debate. I hope she agrees to accept, and I look forward to a cordial, engaging exchange of views. If she would like to alter any rules or formatting, she should PM me prior to acceptance. This is, of course, an issue that is important to me personally, and so I hope to defend my position well. Due to the tendency for some users to cast ideological ballots on sensitive current-issue topics like this one, there is a mi...

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Is it right to dance decently ?


Can't we just dance decently ,? If you think yes , yes vote for me ! no ? Than challenge me ...

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