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Should same sex couples be allowed to marry?


This is my first debate, so please go easy on me. I know it's overdone, but this is a test of my debating skills. I wasn't sure about the amount of rounds, so I just put 5. First round is for acceptance....

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Are femenists just blowing air through their lips? Are feminists just women who hate men?


No. Just no. When people point out injustices or things they see as unfair, I believe it is completely unfair to just point out and say that they are trying to be victims. I know from personal experience that sexism still exists today in America, and I don't hate men. I proclaim myself as a young feminist, but I don't hate the male gender. And the behavior of some men towards women is appalling....

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Marijuana legalization


No acceptance, lets just go. Legalizing would make America's drug problem spiral out of control. Marijuana should not be legalized because there is already a weed drug problem in the US. Who is to say that said person would not pick up a bat and beat someone to death due to their impaired mental state? Marijuana impairs judgement on all levels. Marijuana is known to kill brain cells, smoking weed is a disturbing trend. Young people need to keep their minds sharp. There are far too ma...

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There is a need for old age homes in this generation


In this time and age, where money is the main aim for many people, parents who spend all their money and time to raise a child, are finally rejected by the very same child, and are dumped of at a pleasant looking 'Old Age Home' for the 'good' of their parents. Now for people looking at these homes from the outside, they look like heaven on earth, with anything you can ask for. But the parents who are sent there endure a feeling of pain that cannot be described- the pain of rejection. Why do we h...

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Our Progress Trap: Should we stop engaging in industry and encourage population control?


In the documentary entitled Surviving Progress, great minds come together to assess the developed world's situation in relation to our greatest resource, the earth. I am arguing that the way out of a progress trap is to stop developing technology and industry, which have grown to such a scale as to classify as modern addictions. In many great civilizations in the past, the progress trap has resulted in a tumultuous decline. Consider the issues of sustainability, the growth of modern society, pop...

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Should Same-Sex couples be allowed to adopt?


Same sex couples should be allowed to adopt children. It is fair that they should have the same rights as straight couples....

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Men are Discriminated Against in the United States


In this debate, I (pro) will argue that men face greater social and legal discrimination in the United States than women. The burden of proof will rest on the pro (myself). I ask that debate on this issue be civil. The first round will be for introductions only, the second round will be only for opening arguments (no rebuttals), and the third and fourth rounds will be a rebuttals and closings, respectively. No new argument may be posted in the third round unless it is to rebut a prior argumen...

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DDO Tier Tournament Take Two: A Liberal Social Democracy is Preferable to Anarchy


Resolved: A Liberal Social Democracy is Preferable to AnarchyDebate Details:Round One of the DDO Tournament Take Two, Middle Tier. (

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Does rape justify having an abortion?


Please keep the first round solely for acceptance. I have taken the stance that being a victim of rape does not justify having an abortion. I am writing an opinion paper on this topic for a entrance exam for school and I am interested in learning the other side to this argument. I am sure this debate will greatly benefit my paper and I appreciate your time....

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Same-sex marriages should be legal in the United States.


I've finally decided to open this issue up. As a former proponent of traditional marriage, I send out invitation to any and all of my ex-allies to come and settle this once and for all. Should anyone have any comments, concerns or questions regarding my position or this debate, they should be placed in the comments.Rules...

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