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1st DDO Census Debate: Drug Legalization


The Resolution:The USFG Should Legalize all Drugs for Recreational Use.Summary:With the pending legalization of Marijuana in most US states, the topic of universal drug legalization has become more common. With elements such as drug health risks and drug war costs being thrown back and forth, the debate has gained momentum...

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Should fighting violently against mental harassment be considered reasonable in the eyes of law?


You know..mental harassment could be just as painful as physical harassment if somebody harasses you mentally(bullies for eg) and there's next to nothing you can do to stop them other than fighting back physically I.e physically harassing them..shouldn't that be considered reasonable in the eyes of law? I mean the judge can decide was it reasonable on person's behalf to be violent against the other person..but shouldn't the law at least give you a chance to explain why you reacted violently...

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Are people be defined by their mistakes. If so should they be?


Everyone makes mistakes. Should we be defining people about their mistakes. No, people can grow and they can feel great guilt and being judged will make things worse for them....

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Is revolution important than Human Right?


We are happy to here to debate such a important topic. I believe the "Revolution" is more important than Human right. I want you think about if you are in period of French Revolution. You got starvation, and poverty because of monarch (Louis 16). You don't have any human right. And you want to change government in a flash. And please think "How can I change the government from monarch to democracy?" There is not way to change except the Revolution! There can't be Human right without Revolution....

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Abortion involves a mother taking the life of an unborn, defenseless child. Many argue that rape pregnancies pose a situation in which abortion can and/ or should be considered. What I don't understand is why the person least involved in the matter at all (the baby) is being punished most severely. That makes no sense. Another common argument is that the unborn fetus is not yet living at the time of abortion. Abortions can be done up to 24 weeks into the pregnancy. A baby's heart starts beating...

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In the United States, private ownership of handguns ought to be banned.


This is a LD Debate challenge! We will debate LD Style and it is value based. Rules:LD RULES;not same format Order Challenge Acceptance Aff post case Neg post case Rebuttals on Neg' case and new points Rebuttals on Aff's case and new points Aff defense Neg defense Final Focus for Aff(NO NEW POINTS) Final Focus for Neg(NO NEW POINTS) BOP is shared Bias should not imply for voters. Vote on the content only. No forfeits...

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Civilians Should Not Be Able to Own Guns of Any Kind


I thank you in advance for choosing to go against me in this debate. The format of the debate is thus: 1. Acceptance 2. First Argument 3. Refutation of opponent and second argument 4. Refutation of opponent, third argument and conclusion. Please back up all statistical claims with reliable and unbiased sources(not any random website)....

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Gay Marriage should Not be Permitted


PrefaceI thank Zarroette for this debate. I hope she agrees to accept, and I look forward to a cordial, engaging exchange of views. If she would like to alter any rules or formatting, she should PM me prior to acceptance. This is, of course, an issue that is important to me personally, and so I hope to defend my position well. Due to the tendency for some users to cast ideological ballots on sensitive current-issue topics like this one, there is a mi...

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Should teens have the ability to leave home at there own will? (14-17)


I come here to ask one simple question, and that Is, should teens ages 14-17 have the opertunity to leave home? Now when I say "opertunity", I mean they would have the chance to go in front of a authority figure and be given the chance to show he/she is capible of being independent and should be allowed to have the dissition to move out. Now the reason I bring this argument is because a close friend of mine is disowned by his parents and breaks down in tears regularly. What I think should be all...

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Should The Age of Adulthood In America Be Changed


Young American adults are in duress due to today's climate. From the highest expectations in education that Americans have ever seen, to a disturbingly high unemployment and poverty rate, Millennials are suffering. It is my stance that the youth of our nation are asked far more than previous generations with only the same amount of time to ready themselves for life, and, therefore, the age of adulthood should be set back to until a person reaches the age of 22....

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