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Is it Okay for States to support the Rebel Flag?


Rules: Do not use words that can be viewed as offensive Do not use profanity Do not attack your opponent Rounds: 1- Acceptance 2- State your opinion 3- State your argument 4-State facts to back up your argument --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I accept this challenge and look forward to debating with you....

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Gay Marriage


First round is for acceptance only.I am very for gay marriage, and Reactionary is quite the opposite in opinion. This is a very commonly done debate, but let's see how it goes anyway.I hope my opponent accepts this debate and takes it seriously....

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The Sex Offender Registry is ineffective in combating child sexual abuse.


The first round is for acceptance only. I am taking the position that the registry is not effective in fighting child sexual abuse....

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Girls are raped because of their dressing sense?


I'm a girl. I'm a citizen of India. India is usually seen as a place where there are poor, poverty stricken people. Recently I got to know that India is given a new significance as a place where 'girls are raped'! unfortunately not only India girls are being raped all over the world, most saddening part is most of the cases are ignored or are not being solved. Girls are being raped for their dressing sense, wow I mean fabulous what an excuse! There are people who say jeans arouse the guys feel...

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Abortion is Just.


This debate will be between Kasmic and I. This will be a short and quick debate. 4 Rounds, 24 Hours to post your argument and 2,000 character limit. The debate here will be "Abortion is Just" The debate shall follow this structure. R1. Definitions from Pro/ Acceptance from Con. R2. Rebuttal/Argument from both sides. R3. Rebuttal/Argument from both sides. R4. Conclusion Definitions: Abortion [1] Also called voluntary abortion. the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in...

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Is Society Too Concerned About Animals?


I've seen everyone else say that the first round is just acceptance. Therefore, I am saying that the first round is just acceptance. I'm not sure if I put the right position though. If you're confused I'm saying that society is too concerned about animals and it's not a good thing. Yeah....

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The United States Federal Government should legalize prostitution.


Well well, it's been a long time since kasmic's been active, and it's my pleasure to be one of the first to debate him following his return. I look forward to a great debate on this hot button issue. Just a note to voters: the ELO minimum has been set to 2500. I think this resolution is relatively straightforward, but I'll be as clear as possible. This is a policy-based resolution, and as such, it is my burden to present a case. The burden of proof is on me, as I am seeking to change polic...

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Nobody Can be Born Gay it is a Choice


Humans cannot be born gay it is a choice. Your brain is naturally influenced to lust after your opposite gender. If being born gay was true it would have to consider being a mental disorder....

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Gay Marraige Should Be Allowed.


Gays should be allowed to marry partners of their choice just as heterosexual couples do. It is ignorant in today's world to deny such a basic right to an individual because of something that is innate. Yes, sexuality is not a choice, it is innate. For my first point, let me state that a civil union is not a reasonable compromise for a legal marriage. Most civil unions don't have the same rights as a legal marriage has. Even if we made all civil unions exactly equal to legal marriage but cal...

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THE OFFICIAL IZBO TRIAL; Resolved: Izbo10 should be permanently banned


Full resolution: By way of undue harm to the site and the community as a whole, Izbo10 should be permanently banned from DDO. Rules: There will be 5 Rounds. R1: Opening statement R2: Additional charges/rebuttals R3: Rebuttals R4: Cross Examination/Additional Rebuttals R5: Closing Arguments Izbo10 also stipulates by accepting that if he uses this debate as a forum for additional abuses and TOS violations that he will be instantly banned. Welcome ladies and gentlemen of the jury...

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