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Should guns be banned?


Guns should not be banned. I do not own a gun, nor does anyone in my family. I am fully aware of the danger of guns and of the school shootings that have occurred. But banning guns is a bad idea. In 2010, in America, 32 percent of people own guns. ( That is a lot of people. If you ban guns, how are you going to collect all of those guns? Will you march up to each and every one of their doors? And how do you know it wouldn't end up like Prohibition? We all know how that...

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Society Makes Body Image Too Big A Deal


Society perfects every models body and face. They photo shop the flaws they have and make it so that they are perfect to them. Society also tells people that they should look like models. They post the bodies they think are perfect....

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Wylted 100th Debate: The United States should implement caning as a punishment for criminals.


This debate won't be started for at least another 2 weeks. Between then and now, I'll work on the resolution. Any advice on that part is welcome. The debate should be impossible to accept and I will be nominating judges and doing a choose winner option. Judges are yet to be determined and any suggestions by potential opponents will be considered. I'll be arguing that criminals should have the option of being caned it going to prison, should they receive a jail/prison sentence. Yes, e...

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Should potential customers have access to companies' financial data?


Sporadically a debate starts about whether companies should be allowed to customize their marketing strategies and even their product based on the highly personal data about their potential customers that they nevertheless get from the customers themselves. Now, such information might be given indirectly, via social media, but it is still given to the companies who tend to make use of it, altering products and marketing ways to suit their customers.However, it is rarely asked if...

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Should abortion be illegal?


I believe abortion should be illegal...

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People that self-harm, or cut themselves, are selfish and attention seeking


My argument is that self-harmers should NOT be regarded as selfish or simply attention seeking. A large majority of these people self-harm for specific reasons, such as to relieve mental or emotional stress. Also, the stereotypes that you usually see cut exclusively on their wrists, where most people can easily see. This is not the case for most self-harmers. In fact, most people choose to cut on their upper thighs or stomach, regions of the body that are not usually visible with clothing on. Th...

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Marriage is outdated


Marriage is OutdatedIn this debate, I'll argue that the traditional marriage concept is, on balance, no longer beneficial for the majority of those in partnerships. Society Debate | Shared BOP | 4 Rounds | 72 Hours Reply | 9.000 Characters | 7 Point Voting DefinitionsTraditional marriage in this context shall mean a livelong, exclusive (monogamic) relationship of two he...

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Human Population Levels Must be Drastically Reduced


The human race has reached a point where roughly 7.3 billion humans live on this planet. Throuh our own selfishness, the atmospheres and ecosystems of our planet are already altered unchangingly.Even if the current trends are reversed the planet has been irreversably brought to the point where no one can reverse the effects. The global population is expanding unsustainably and natural disasters have huge effects of millions of people dying as a result of this. While in theo...

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The United States was primarily responsible for instigating the Cold War


1. First round for acceptance 2. No new arguments in the final round 3. The debate should be impossible to accept. Finding a way to accept without permission will result in an automatic loss for Con. If you would like to accept, please say so in the comments section, and I will challenge you in a week or so. 4. By accepting the debate, Con agrees to define the Cold War as "the period of political tension between the United States and the Soviet Union lasting from the end of World War...

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Is there a reason why most black fathers are not involved in their children's life?


It bothers me to see black children without a father, because I'm one of those children. It seems as if after the 1970's African American fathers disappeared from their children's life, and I really want to know why. It is proven fact that after the crack- cocaine epidemic millions of black families were hindered. I know that all black fathers were not addicted to crack-cocaine, but it surely seemed to effect all black fathers. Statistic shows that when an African American male is raised without...

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