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Does family teaches more than society


Does family teaches more than society ?...

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Veganism and Animal Rights


Lets get something straight. There is something seriously wrong with our society. We have actually turned animals, that think and feel, into sandwiches and coats. What is wrong with us. Good people follow the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Animals qualify as others. They do because they feel like we do. Pain, fear, grief etc. Meat, dairy and egg eaters don't care about animals. They don't care about what pain they cause on others. As long as they get their...

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Should there be censorship in schools and communities?


No, it should not because it is intolerance. Censorship is intolerance. We think uncensored things will make our children "go bad" but we are just being intolerant of new ideas, old ideas, art, books, music... the list goes on and on. It is just intolerance....

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Morality/Right and Wrong


There is no way to say what is really right or wrong. How do we know if something is truly good or truly bad? Because we can not tell how our actions will effect others or even the world, nothing can be good and nothing can be bad. There are simply actions and consequences and these actions can not be categorized. Many people say "it is bad to kill" but how do we really know that? What if by killing one person you are saving 20, doesn't that make killing good? Some religions believe in a god, or...

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Should Trump be president??


Should Trump be president? Or Clinton? Please apply in comments!!!RULES: No forfeit. There is a glitch where if you forfeit, the debate cannot be continued. No Kritiks. No slander, harsh words, or swearing. I DO know how to report people. No trolling No plagiarism LET'S DEBATE!!!!...

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Gay Marraige Should Be Allowed.


Gays should be allowed to marry partners of their choice just as heterosexual couples do. It is ignorant in today's world to deny such a basic right to an individual because of something that is innate. Yes, sexuality is not a choice, it is innate. For my first point, let me state that a civil union is not a reasonable compromise for a legal marriage. Most civil unions don't have the same rights as a legal marriage has. Even if we made all civil unions exactly equal to legal marriage but cal...

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Children should do chores at home.


Children should do chores at home. This makes them have responsibility. Also, it makes children more organized. This skill is very important. When they grow up it would be very useful because you should do chores as a father or mother. In fact, lots of parents like their children doing chores like washing the dishes. So I think children absolutely needs to do chores at home to make a happy house....

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Eating dog meat is sick


Eating dog meat is not sick. That is obvious. We eat pigs flesh on a daily basis. We tear off the limbs of turkeys and eat them as as a meal. We butcher deceased hens and steal their eggs, while other farmers stick their hand up cows butts and steal their babies. If you eat meat, you should accept that dog meat is a delicacy. Otherwise you are a complete hypocrite. Dogs might be a pet in your country, but in other places your mutt is a cherished meal. Get over it. Random people try to stop dog m...

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Gay Marriage should Not be Permitted


PrefaceI thank Zarroette for this debate. I hope she agrees to accept, and I look forward to a cordial, engaging exchange of views. If she would like to alter any rules or formatting, she should PM me prior to acceptance. This is, of course, an issue that is important to me personally, and so I hope to defend my position well. Due to the tendency for some users to cast ideological ballots on sensitive current-issue topics like this one, there is a mi...

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THE OFFICIAL IZBO TRIAL; Resolved: Izbo10 should be permanently banned


Full resolution: By way of undue harm to the site and the community as a whole, Izbo10 should be permanently banned from DDO. Rules: There will be 5 Rounds. R1: Opening statement R2: Additional charges/rebuttals R3: Rebuttals R4: Cross Examination/Additional Rebuttals R5: Closing Arguments Izbo10 also stipulates by accepting that if he uses this debate as a forum for additional abuses and TOS violations that he will be instantly banned. Welcome ladies and gentlemen of the jury...

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