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Attacking ISIS on the basis of their humanitarian crimes is a bad argument.


HELLO, with the upcoming National Forensics League tournament coming up on April 14 I need to be as prepared to argue as possible, thus I have decided to come to DDO to find further scrutiny in my arguments and develop them as well as find new arguments for either the pro or the con side. The resolution to be pro or con on is Resolved: Committing US ground combat troops is in the best interest of the United States. I have changed my for...

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Should the government control what we eat at schools?


The government should not control what us as the youth of America and what we eat at schools. Michelle Abeam has taken things such as cookies, Gatorade, fruit snacks and chips from our schools. We shouldn't have the government telling us what we can and can not eat. We should be able to eat what we want and be in charge of how we take care of our bodies. We should be making our own decisions....

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Marijuana should be legalized


My stance is that Marijuana should be legalized. Round one is Acceptance. ...

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Jokes are jokes, nothing is insensitive.


People should be allowed to say whatever they like without fear of being censored, no matter how offensive their words are....

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Should adolescents be able to watch porn?


Many mothers dont allow their adolescent son/daughter to watch porn which is completely understandable but why is it wrong.If you ask me porn is a great way to lower rape numbers and sex offending crimes.As being a adolescent hormones are high it is quite hard to stop thinking of this simple pleasure especially now where 13 and 12 year olds are getting pregnant.I believe the only way from letting your teen daughter/son from getting pregnant is porn.Teenagers simply aren't physically and mentally...

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Is prevention of cancer really the best cure?


1. Cancer is an acceptable price to pay for the prosperity and knowledge produced and obtained by the jobs it creates in the fields of research and treatment. 2. Cancer is an acceptable price to pay for the morality of waiting past puberty to reproduce which leaves the window open for the epigenetic damage to accumulate from environmental pollution sources, causing cancer. 3. Treating cancer is better than preventing it, no matter the cost of life. About 200 Billion a year is spent on cance...

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legalization of weed


weed should not be legal because people abuse the fact that it is legal and just smoke it any where they feel like, they go out and buy a lot of weed and turn around and sell it on an abandon road or smoke it and then go drive. people have lost there lives to people who smoke weed and drive I can relate to that on a personal level. I also know a lot of people who use pot not for medical but to get high and I affects people in may ways but that's not what I'm getting at the point is that people l...

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What, if anything, is wrong or immoral about being gay?


I will be arguing that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. Since there is nothing intrinsically wrong about homosexuality from a secular perspective, do adult consensual homosexual acts and same-sex partnerships have harmful consequences?...

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Feminism! Hooray!


Well I haven't had a decent debate in a couple months and and figured why not discuss feminism in modern day North America (when I say this I'm referring to Canada & the US of A, sorry Mexifriends). I've been having a lot of "good" back-and-fourths with Stefy about feminism and equality and such in comments and polls and whatever, so if she could accept I'd love it, but if someone else does I'd be just as happy.So as anyone who knows me on this site would al...

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Abortion should be illegal


Read all rules before accepting. Violation of rules should result in a 7 point forfeit. 1. My opponent may not use the letter E at anytime during this debate. Any use of the letter E will result in a 7 point forfeit. 2. My opponent may not intentionally misspell a word.3. Types of abortion excluded from this debate are ones that are medically necessary for the physical well being of the mother, or terminations of pregnancies as a result of incest or rape. 4. Any attemp...

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