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Only cowardly, manipulative scum reject comments.


Most big self proclaimed judges do not accept comments from the peanut gallery here as they are all knowing, and commentators are numbskulls in their mind. Grow up and take your medicine, the words of the crowd. Only a succubus accepts no comments, as they feel they are irresistable....

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Resolved: It is impossible to prove anything


I will be taking the side that states it is impossible to prove anything. Rules: Arguments and rebuttals are allowed in every single round. In this debate, Con will try to show that it is in fact possible to prove something. Con may use any method that they choose to argue their point. Con will present their arguments first as they will be attempting to disprove my claim that "it is impossible to prove anything."...

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God loves you

LifeMeansGodIsGood is my current ongoing debate on this same topic. I very much appreciate my opponent's fine manners and reasonable arguments. I hope you will come and watch this debate. Post comments here or in the ongoing debate on this same topic, I will consider all comments for choosing my next opponent. God loves you....

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Absolute truth is the absolute truth.


Absolute truth exists absolutely, regardless of the subjective nature of experience. The key here is the difference between what we consider facts and what we consider truth. Facts are conditional and changeable due to entropy, but truths, such as how gravity works, are immune to such change. Because such things are immutable, unchangeable, and constant, they are in fact absolute truths. The possible existence of another universe doesn't negate these truths because one could come up with any...

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Fools make a mockery of things they do not understand.


In this debate, I will offer evidence of many mockers and show that they do not understand what they are making a mockery of. I will copy and paste the comments of mockers and show they are fools as the arguments for my debate. Imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery. Several mockers on this site have imitated me by inventing a screenname as a direct response or imtitation of my screenname, or by imitating my debates. Of course these flatterers add a twist...

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Shakespeare poetry battle


Rules: Must be poems by Shakespeare. Must be the full acts, and not segments of the poems. Must write my poem: ,act number, and play name before your poem. Rounds: 1-2: poems 3: why you think you'll win and why you picked your poetry 4: where you got the poems my poem: Hamlet act III- To be, or not to be, that is the question" Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune, Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles, And by opposing, end them? To...

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Do aliens exist?


Before we begin, I would like to define the topic Aliens - Any extraterrestrial organism. Exist - Have objective reality or being within the universe. Good luck to my opponent!...

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Is god bad for not helping some areas of the world? (assuming that he exists)


Debate rules: (the numbers are for the round number.) 1 Acceptance 2-4 Arguements 5 Final conclusion and goodbyes...

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Science has rendered theism unreasonable


There is a chronic tension between agnostics and theists where both sides believe people who believe the other side are unreasonable. I often see names called by both sides. As one who believes both belief systems are reasonable, I intend to defend the position that modern science has not rendered theism unreasonable. To win, Pro must show that modern scientific knowledge provides overwhelming evidence that there does not exist a god. To win, Con must be able to reasonably address all argume...

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This House Believes 0.99* Equals 1!


Following my opponent's declaration of intent (see ), I hereby challenge him to deliver at least ONE logically, mathematically or philosophically acceptable argument for his outlandish claim that 0,99*=1.I say the two are not the same, and will prove so below. In order to win, my opponent has to disprove my argument and deliver one sound argument of his own, as disproving my proo...

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