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Morality should be legislated


Morality should be legislated. One would think this would be obvious, but I'm sure someone out there disagrees. Standard definitions are used. Go right ahead Con with whatever objections you have....

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Happiness Survey


1) Do you think God is Happy? Why or Why not? 2) Does wealth constitute man's Happiness? If yes explain 3) Can man his whole life without being happy? Why or Why not? 4) What make you Happy or brings you happiness? How does it bring you happiness? Answers: 1) Yes 2)No 3)No 4) Serving God, family, and life Please respond and I will elaborate. Someone please respond of your a Christian then please don't....

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(1.) Torture is the intentional infliction of physical and/or mental suffering on someone without one"s permission. (2.) In minimal sense, breaking one"s will causes one to abandon autonomous decision-making in relation to some narrowly circumscribed area of their life for a limited period. (3.) Minimal torture is that in the former case the victim"s will is broken only temporarily and in a contained manner, and their consequent humiliation is limited. (4.) Torture targets autonomy itself, an...

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If Solipsism is believed to be real and true, then theism must also be true and real.


I will be having this debate in my own mind, however, if I choose to consciously construct an opponent for this debate, then that would also be acceptable to myself as well. My ego would prefer an opponent (being myself), without the capability to overcome my premise. Will I defeat myself in this debate? Only I can know the answer....

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There is no free will.


People claim that there is no such thing as free will. Everything is because of fate and so. The BoP is shared clearly. 72 hours to argue. 10,000 characters. No forfeit. No Trolling. No Insults. No semantics. The voting style is open to anyone. This will be a four rounds of debate. First round is for PRO's ARGUMENT. Second round is for REBUTTALS or NEW ARGUMENT. Third round is for CON's REBUTTAL AND PRO'S CONCLUSION. Fourth round is for my CONCLUSION. My opponent shall typ...

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Atheism is self-delusional


Atheism is defined by it's three roots,"a" meaning "no", " theo", meaning "God" (capitalized as a proper noun in this debate, since a lesser god would be irrelevant for any objective discussion) and "ism" meaning " This ROOT-WORD is the Suffix ISM. It means DOCTRINE, SYSTEM, MANNER, CONDITION, ACT & CHARACTERISTIC.". Merriam-Webster's full definition of "ism" is : Full Definition of -ISM 1a : act : practice : process b : manner of action or behavior characteristic o...

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Is this what the Buddhist means by impermanence


Is this work by australias leading erotic poet colin leslie dean what the Buddhist means by impermanence preface "Trapped all us be in the spider web weaved by we in a dream we be tangled in the our web that will not let us see the more we try to see the more entangled get we oh that fromst this eternal sleep awaken can we be fromst this web weaved by we the warp and weft broken by us can be"...

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Ethics can be defined apart from God


Is there a definition of Ethics that can be put away from God? Can we say that Ethics has nothing to do with a divine creature? Firstly we need to define Ethics, according to Aristotle, which was the first one to introduce the concept (however no the first one to talk about it), ethics is the seek of a greater good, a good that is seek for itself, some may call that greater good later "happiness". This greater good assumes there is an objective good (a truth), and according to other philosoph...

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Eternal, romantic love exists.


40%-50% of married couples in the United States divorce. The other 50%-60% who do not divorce are likely to lose their feelings for their partner over the years, either completely or partially. Many people often grow tired of being around their partner, calling them "annoying", "bossy", etc. Romantic love is considered an emotional and sexual attraction to someone else. Sex- we all know what sex is. One may argue the male is "meant" for the female; that they were meant to be mates. That is,...

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Utilitarianism (Bentham) v Deontology (Kant) Rap Battle


Philosophical rap battle. Con is rapping for deontology, while Pro is rapping for Utilitarianism. Personal slights against philosophers themselves are allowed but not preferred over ideological rap. 20 lines are allowed. First round is acceptance only. Everything else is fair game....

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