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Does Islam incite followers to commit genocide, terrorism, and violence?


The 'First Round' of this debate will be my formal challenge to my opponent to debate the issue of whether or not Muslims incite genocide against Non-Muslims (especially the Jewish people). Other issues would be violence and terrorism as it relates to Islam. My opponent is free to make and opening argument or simply accept the challenge. The winner should be apparent at the end of these 5 rounds based on the evidence....

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Bible > Science / USA is a Christian Country


I declare and represent all of whom are of the light. The ones who follow the great Shepard and are his sheep. The truth is in me and I am here teach to open eyes that hadn't been open yet. Thanks in advance challenger, God bless....

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Gays should have the same rights as everyone else


I believe that all people gay, straight,lesbian,blue,purple it doesn't matter everyone should have the same rights and opportunities others have. This is because gay people are treated differently in many communities like the straight and religious communities. They always argue that homosexual people are not normal because they simply can not procreate. While this is true there are many straight people who can't procreate either, so because those people can't reproduce they should be treated le...

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The bible has no credibility.


I'll be arguing that the bible has no credibility. Round1:acceptance Round2:debate Round 3: debate Round4:conclusion...

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Abel Would Have Killed Cain


ResolutionAbel Would Have Killed CainBackgroundWatching the movie Noah got me thinking about some of the Genesis stories, most of which are exceedingly brief. The story of Cain and Abel occurs over the course of 16 verses in Genesis 4 (

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Was WW2 a moral crusade?


WW2 a moral crusade because if there wasn't world war two Hitler would have completed his mission in wiping out all people who we Jewish. Quote: 'No single race is evil or malicious' -Anonymous. Please comment and contribute any thoughts and opinions! Thank you for the help! :) Let the best Argument win!...

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Was Jesus crucified on the cross for the sins of mankind


I strongly believe that Jesus ( may peace be upon him) was not crucified for the sins of mankind. If you think about it rationally, it seems quite absurd, how can one man pay the price for the sins of humanity. There are millions of people around the world. Why would god punish someone else for the sins of other people. That would make god very unjust. How can a christian who has lived as a good human being and another christian who kills people and causes oppression on earth and dies that way...

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In the Bible Angels and Demons are interchangeable


Have you ever watched the Three Stooges on TV? Moe, Larry and Curly. Moe, Larry and Shemp (Champ for all you non-Yiddish). Moe, Larry and Joe, (er, ah, didn't like the Joe episodes). In the Stooges you have 2/3 which would be Moe and Larry. Then you have the 1/3 which would be either Curly or Champ, (Shemp for all you non-English). The gest of the Stooges is that there is something wrong with the world and they, the Stooges are going to straighten it out. You get all the laughs from all the kook...

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Christianity was not started by Jesus, but rather by his confused followers...


Christianity was not started by Jesus, but rather by his confused followers, who failed to understand him clearly; thus said religion is full of false assumptions and lies. For example, Jesus did not come to earth for the purpose of being killed in order to forgive sins; rather, to live and to teach the Truth. John 18.37. Only the knowledge of Truth can set you free. John 8.32....

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The Resurrection of Jesus most likely didn't occur


This debate is impossible to accept, leave a message if you want to debate me.This debate regards the resurrection of Jesus that is depicted in the New Testement. The BoP is on me to demonstrate that it is more probable than not that this event never happened.Debate Parameters:3 Rounds10,000 Words48h/roundRound 1: RulesRound 2: Arguments/RebuttalsRound 3: Arguments/RebuttalsRound 4: Rebuttals (no new arguments)

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