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Is God real?


Personally, i believe that there is one Good and only one God. So, take for example there is no way that a bird could fly through evolution, because of how complex their body structure is....

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Can the Father of Man be real?


God is logic and reason. Logic and Reason is God. We have a perception that only one man is God, in the Christians case, Jesus Christ born about 2000 years ago. Humans that are autistic savants have "God" inside of them, some of them more pronounced than others. When you have the purest logic and reason, then you become the most influential person in your group. Jesus Christ was an autistic savant that had "God" inside of him because he was more logical and reasonable than anyone around him at t...

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Is the God of the Bible Real?


Is it Possible to Determine Whether the God of the Bible is True or Not? I would argue that it is completely possible. Does the Bible match the supposed "history of the universe"? Does it make sense? If you think so, lets debate about it and let the people decide!Rules:1.) No personal attacks2.) No logical fallacies. If any are found, the opponent may completely dismiss whate...

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Religious texts are valid forms of evidence when advocating for the validity of a religion.


Evangelists often times have the best of intentions when engaging in debates with potential converts. However, they typically seem to fail to even consider the possibility that their particular religious document could be an elaborate work of fiction that has no foundation in credible fact. They essentially set up a self confirming feedback loop that cannot be broken until they consider their religious texts as subject to error. This is different from scientific articles used to support a scient...

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Morality comes from evolution processes in society, not from the biblical God, Yahweh.


The god in the Bible is in no way a moral god at all in today's standards. I have herd the argument "If there is no god than there is no reason to be moral", but the Bible is more then enough proof that this is not true. Actually, if you are a follower of the Bible and take scripture as literal "truth", than the opposite is true, at least in American standards of morality. However, places in Middle East, like Sadi Arabia, may fail to see anything wrong, morally, with the Bible. I would like...

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Do Christians Go To Heaven When They Die?


I'd like an intellectual debate about the final destination for Christians. The traditional belief is that they go to Heaven. However, I believe differently and will use the Bible to support my claim. The Pro needs to defend the belief about going to Heaven. This debate will be 4 rounds long: Round 1 = acceptance Round 2 = stating your belief and using supporting Scripture Round 3 = rebuttals Round 4= rebuttals and summary Note: I am an ordained minister with a Th.D. from seminary. Tha...

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Should religious institutions be exempt from taxes?


This debate will assess whether churches and other religious institutions in America should or shouldn't be taxed for the property they own.Con will discuss why religious institutions should pay their taxes, while pro will defend why these religious institutions should be exempt from taxes.

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Should people of different cultures in America be accepted for practicing all their beliefs, includ?


I think so then I don't help me please...

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Theism- A lost reality! A hopeless, helpless cause!


What a lonely state to find oneself! Attend me brothers and sisters, hear the plight of those to whom all pity is to be given. This is a people, without hope? Without truth, Without science? Without common sense? With no visible nor foreseeable lifeline whatsoever! More is the pity, let our hearts be humbled for so too were we all, once upon a time. Let us turn our eyes to logic in utter thanks to Albert Einstein who sav...

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Atheist, are under Gods wrath, no attempts should be made to convert them.


I will select the person of debate, since rules appear to mean nothing here. As to believers, you do not have to be a scholar, you can even be brand new to Christianity. I ask only a desire to grow, quicker than you would normally. My sole purpose is to show you the word of God, not my word, not your word, nor that of any scholar. or preacher. I suggest highly that you go Too God and ask Him to open your mind, I can show you only the scripture and guide you into the word, I cannot and will not i...

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