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If you don't believe in good or evil, you have only one opinion.


Your opinion on everything is the same. It is. It is neither good or evil....

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Should milk cost less?


Today when I stumbled to my refrigerator I nearly wept to the sight of milk's absence. To make things worse, I was too lazy to drive to the store to buy some. But this can be changed by lowering the milk price by cutting it in half. Cut cost= More milk. Plus the companies who produce milk will get more money, as twice of the population will buy more milk. It's just easier for milk to be enjoyed carelessly as wasting milk would be fine as there is more. Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Objection a...

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That parents should be allowed to choose the biological sex of their children.


In Australia, abortion is legal in ACT,"Victoria,"South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia,"Northern Territory, if there is approval from a doctor or in some cases 2 different doctors. Abortion is legal in Queensland & New South Wales if the doctor believes a woman"s physical or mental health is in danger. If our country allows abortion, why should parents not be able to choose their child's sex. We can kill babies, but we can't say determine if we have a boy or a girl?! http://www.child...

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Airsoft guns legalized in Australia


I argue that airsoft should be available to people in Australia since it's a more economically viable alternative to paintball that everyone can own (in airsoft legal countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and the USA). In addition, indie filmmakers can use airsoft guns as props (with added effects, of course)....

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women's day should be taken as an affirmative action plan not feminist sexist appraoch


i believe women's rights must be viewed as an affirmative action strategy rather than a feminist sexist approach, firstly looking at the purpose, women's rights are meant to serve, the past imbalances between men and women, as well the fact that every human being is born with inherent dignity and equal. Hence women's rights serve to balance the imbalances caused in the past by certain laws in different countries and their work places....

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Did the sky have a baby (pro) or a Weegee (con)?


The sky had a Weegee because nothing similar babies ever falls from the sky but similar things to Weegee fall from the sky. What falls from the sky and how it is similar to Weegee: Rain- kills you and pops up unexpectedly; looking directly into its "eye" is very risky; don't be around it unprotected Hail- kills you and is unpredictable; does damage; don't be around it unprotected Snow- unpredictable and can kill you; don't be around it unprotected. Babies don't kill you and you do...

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The Christian God probably does not exist


Structure:1: Acceptance2: Opening Arguments3: New points/ Refutations

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According to the Bible, Adam and Eve are about 12,000 years old.


I have read about 2/3 of the Holy Bible, Children Catholic, Southern Baptist, and of course KJV. I have had many mentors, Crazed-Conservative history teacher, Super-commie Teacher, 3rd generation immigrant. My views on church are grim, I think I use the WWJD not like most. They use against the wrong people. Church must be a family gathering with a daily Eucharist. I've read some of the Qur'an about a little surface on his book. I know the Old Testament well and the New Testament better. I also...

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Christian Theology Is Nothing More than Obfuscated and Exaggerated Lies


There is absolutely no evidence for anything reported in the New Testament.There is no evidence for the Legendary Jesus Christ that performed miracles and was supposedly Resurrected.Even Saul never met Jesus and made much of his letters up out of his own attempts to take control of Christianity and made laws to suit his own personal goals and exaggerated Jesus to win over Pagans.His writings started around 20 years aft...

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The internet brings more harm than good. Do you agree?


The Internet is a place where there are many stories to read, movies to watch and information to process. Most Singaporeans using public transport, can more often than not be found using their phones on the ride, surfing the Internet for entertainment on their drab, tedious and arid rides. Young writers can also upload their stories online to receive critique and share their thoughts with the world. The contents of the Internet evokes feelings and deep thoughts from a person using the Internet....

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