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Ross is the Main Character on Friends


Full Resolution: Given the storyline, if one of the characters of the tv sitcom Friends is to be considered the protagonist, the most fitting choice is Ross Geller. Friends is an ensemble comedy television series with six well-defined main characters [1]. That said, my opponent and I will both now argue in favor of a single character as being the most fitting protagonist, given their roles within the series as a whole. The burden of proof will b...

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Batman is the best hero


Welcome to my very first superhero debate! Today, we will have a fun debate. Is Batman the best superhero? Whoever seeks to debate with me will choose their favorite hero to defend. As much as I love Deadpool, you may NOT choose him. He is an anti-hero, and therefore DOES NOT COUNT! I will be pro-Batman in this debate, seeing as he is my favorite. You may make your points in round 1. This is not a debate to be taken too seriously, so I don't recommend this if you want a serious challenge. Now...

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Haiku diss debate


This is a Haiku diss debate. I've made it impossible to accept because I want my opponent to be someone I know. The debate is to remain a tie as I don't want it factoring into anyones ranking. The first round is for acceptance. After that, each round each debate gets to make 5 Haiku's dissing their opponent. PM me or post in the comments if you're interested....

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I shall marry the user known as Rogue.


Official resolution: I, Koopin, shall marry the user known as rogue. This is a comical debate (not really, rogue I love you!) however, please treat it as a serious one. Basically, just do not forfeit, no semantics, and no trolling.I would like to thank the audience and my opponent.=============================FIRST: Look at this picture: http://i40.tinypic.com/29123qg.jpgThe picture above is rogue's future (PLEASE...

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What is more important, to be understood (con) or to understand (pro)?


My definition of to be understood is for people to be able to comprehend your current situation and simply be understood as a human-being with feelings, and my definition of to understand is to neglect your feelings and consider on other's situation instead and I choose pro simply because to understand people's feelings is more crucial and a lot easier in order to advance one's relationship rather than being selfish and expecting others to understand us or else, we'd feel devastated and upset. I...

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Star Trek vs Star Wars (Ultimate Nerd Showdown)


It is because I believe while Star Wars began as a great project but became a joke, while Star Trek began as a sci-fi powerhouse and remains to this day unblemished in the eyes of its fans, that I affirm Star Trek as being superior to Star Wars. 1) Star Trek has reinvented itself successfully time and again, while Star Wars has only gotten worse. When Star Wars burst onto the scene in 1977 it took America by storm. Capitalizing on the era...

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Fancy Polite English Gentlemens Rap Battle


Pretty straight forward, 2000 characters, ill get us started Good day! hello! how do you do? im here for one reason, to entertain you! I shall not be dirty, I shall not be mean. In this rap battle, I will only be clean! To my opponent, whoever they may be May I offer you, a nice crume brulee? If that doesnt suit you, just name your favorite dish, Ill serve you anything, unless youre Irish ;D After you eat, we can chit and we can chat Maybe exchange some advice on wearing fancy ha...

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Rap Battle


Many thanks in advance to Mikal for this challenge. This will be a rap battle of 3 rounds each. I will start in Round 2, and allow Mikal to use R1 for introductions and to set the terms. I am prepared to do a traditional diss rap battle, or rap on particular subjects/topics for Con to specify in R1 - I'll leave it up to him. The winner should be determined by considering the battle in its entirety. Lyrical eloquence, witticisms, articulation, disses and overall presentation...

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Thor(Pro) vs Goku(Con)


Created this debate to show the true power of canon marvel Thor. Powerful enough to even to defeat Goku in combat. I'll will begin my argument after someone accepts my challenge. (We may only use canon material from the comics and manga)...

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Old Spongebob (PRO 1999-2005) is better than New Spongebob (CON 2006-now)


These rules must be followed. If you do NOT want to follow them, then do not bother accepting. Rules: -Must have concrete reasoning for your claim -No equivocation -Use episodes for sources -Don't take it seriously if I refute your argument like I am supposed to -Don't accept if you do not like this debate (I'm looking at you, Pipster229) -Round 1 is acceptance -Round 2 is arguing -Rounds 3-4 are rebuttals -Round 5 is concluding...

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