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Resolved: God is a logically necessary being.


I have recently heard a lot about presuppositional apologetics. This is a variety of apologetics which seeks to demonstrates the acceptance of God's existence as a necessary consequence of logical thought. This seemed fishy, so I decided to make a debate on the topic. There are two slightly different definitions of necessary being that are meant by the resolution. Firstly, a necessary being is one that, by its very definition, must exist. Secondly, a necessary being is one without which logic...

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Islam Is Not Only a Peaceful Religion, but a Reasonable Religion


This debate is going to contest the popular Western perspective that Islam is a violent religion, and moreover an unreasonable religion. In support of that view will be Con, and in denouncement of that view will be Pro. This debate will presuppose the following items of interest:1. Anticipating already the tons of demographics concerning the recent violence of the Middle East and of countries yet more east, I would like all to please be aware that it is not enough to...

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Is the Bible entirely true?


If you want additional rounds, please comment or send me a message. Please do not forfeit. I want to debate this not because I actually believe what I am writing, but because I am a Christian and I am struggling and I am not sure if I am a true Christian or not. I have doubts about whether God is real of not. Please use sources. Thanks! I look forward to a great debate. After this debate ends I will take the Pro side. Thanks to everyone who commented (You guys started the debate without me!!...

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Creationism can be proven scientifically.


I believe that creationism can be proven scientifically. Before all you atheists vote this down, finish reading my argument. First, I will use Antoine Lavoisier's theory of the law of conservation of mass. This law states that a particular measurable property of an isolated physical system does not change as the system evolves. The universe obviously exists, and this matter all came from somewhere. The laws of conservation assert that it is not possible that everything came from nothing,...

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Islam is a religion of violence


People quote various verses of The Holy Quran which are parts of a whole statement. Taking these verses out of context they manipulate the translation which then makes a complete different sense....

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Does God Exist


I really do not believe that I was created by this divine being to sit on this hunk of rock and worship him. There is simply no proof of his existence besides the Bible. This goes for all religions too how can all of your religions be right. There is no way to prove this though without having a person die and then come back to life so I am building my opinion on shaky ground. With the Scientific advancements we gain every day it will probably be known how we came to be in the next 5 or 10 years...

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If you are a true Christian, then you cannot believe Abortion is not Murder.


First round is for acceptance. First time ever debating. :) All Bible quotes must be from the New King James Version or the English Standard Version....

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God cannot be scientifically/philosophically proven nor disproven


I will argue that the Christian God at least or any religious God cannot be proven by human beings. use the ontological, cosmological, moral, etc. Philosophical arguments, they all won't prove definitely God's existence. A specific religious God is simply affirmed from the start as a personal being. first round acceptance...

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This House Would Ban The Shi'ite Practice of Self-Torture On Ashura!


Shalom Alecium! Resolved: This House Would Ban The Shi'ite Practice of Self-Torture On Ashura! I mean absolutely no disrespect to the person of any Shi'ite. I do however hold that this aspect of their religion is absolutely disgusting, and perverse. This 'matam' should be banned as a punishable offense. This by no means implies anything about a Shi'ite, nor about their person. It is not d...

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God hates you


Yes, I am an atheist. However, for this debate we will pretend the Bible and the Biblical God is real.Using the Bible (and other apologetics, as why not) I will try my darnedest to show that God really does hate you. Just in case you are wondering I am presupposing that Hell exists, after all God hates you.Before you accept this debate, please realize I am ta...

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