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Different realms of reality


What if it were true that we actually are part of different realms of reality? What if time, science, religion, and technology can blur and show the different realms of possibilities. Time as we know it is always moving forward at a constant rate. What if time acts like iron filaments around a magnet? If we could take that type of model then we would have a positive time, negative time, and repeatable time. If we took it a little further and said that a person acts like a magnet in relationship...

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Do you believe it is right for Christians to condemn other people.


I would like another Christain to argue with me, or at-least an open-minded Atheist.Well occasionally you come across people who say things like "Jesus will send you to Hell if you do X, or if you do Y you won't go to heaven, etc." I do get it is Christian religion to have such a belief, but the thing is most Christians don't truly understand is that they too are sinners so why are sinners trying to prove other sinners wrong? "You hypocrite, first take the...

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Should it be legal to have an abortion?


I am fully against abortion. It should not be legal under any circumstances in any country. Reasons: If abortion was legal; murder should be legal. Abortion is murder. It is killing a child. A killer / A murderer. Killing = Murder. If then abortion was fine then Oscar Pistorius would be innocent. Even if he killed Reeva purposefully. Why? He killed her because he didn't want her. It would make his life easier. So basically he "aborted" her when she was much older. Please take o...

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There is too much evil in the world for the traditional christian god to exist


I will be arguing that there is too much evil in the world for God to exist. God is defined as omnipotent, omni-benevolent, and omniscient. (although this can be changed if you wish - write in comments)...

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An agnostic is also an atheist


First round is acceptance. Definitions are as followed: Agnostic: a person who holds neither of two opposing positions on a topic Atheist: Someone who does not accept any claims that a god exists If my opponent disagrees, then please do not accept until we resolve the matter via the comments No plagiarism No foul language Wikipedia is an okay source, however, if I find a reliable source that is not an encyclopedia that contradicts the Wikipedia article, I will present it in the round fol...

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Gay Marriage should be Legalized


I will be arguing that gay marriage should be legalized. I am giving us each 72 hours since I will have limited time for research and rounds. First round is acceptance. Any sources can be used, as long as they can be linked and viewed on the Internet or can be quoted, like the Bible or a study. Please no trolling. If so, I will end the debate. Gay Marriage is defined as The state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage"...

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It is unjust to prove or disprove someone's religion.


You know the drill. First round is acceptance. It is completely unnecessary to go in people's faces and prove your religion in rude way. It's also unnecessary to disprove someone's religion and try to prove yours is more "logical."...

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Hinduism is more moral than Buddhism


First thing, state your biggest point. Hinduism is the oldest and the safest religion, and is lenient on its followers....

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Is Jesus the Son of God in a literal sense or in a figuratively way


my name is Young Zealous on this page I really love to debate then I was going to consider to be a Muslim one day;I look at what the Quran and the Bible said about Jesus this is not a pLaying matter. this Christ Jesus is written in the Old Testament of who he supposed to be when he comes and when he came. This argument will be very easy based on the previous I will give you references to the Scriptures proverbs chapter 30:4 explains of the only Son of God. There is mini sons of God...

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The Deistic God


Introduction: Myself and Iredia disagree on essentially everything with regards to space, evolution, intelligence and God, so this debate will concentrate in Iredia's side, with particular focus on his interpretation for the requirement of a deity. Format: Iredia will begin his arguments in Round 1 and will leave the final round blank/state "Left Blank as Agreed" in order to have an equal number of rounds (4). No new arguments in the final round, only summarisation and rebuttals. In...

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