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Is there evidence for the god of the Bible?


The rules for this are that you will not post your argument in the first round. The first round is the introductory round for the contenders to get to know who they are talking to. The second round will be the official start of the debate and the third and fourth rounds will be rebuttals. My name is Luke and I have been an atheist for a little over a year. I enjoy reading texts such as the Go Delusion and find that there is not sufficient evidence for any god, and that the Christian god is a g...

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The Bible holds more virtue than any other book!


I am Pro/For that: The Bible holds more virtue than any other book! Rounds: 1. Acceptance 2. Arguement/Questions 3. Rebuttals/Answers 4. Rebuttals 5. Rebuttals/Conclusion Rules: 1. Opposition must provide the book they claim. 2. Debate must be respectful. 3. Debate must stay on topic (Both books) 4. Both sides must provide questions about the oppositions side. 5. All questions must be answered and explained. 6. Pro/For provides the resolution. I declare the Bible as my book!...

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Trinity is not logical and biblical


Some of my 'old' debates usually ended up because of my bad, or my opponent's. So I'm challenging people, again, to accept this if you're a trinitarian. I'm still a student, a learner, so please correct me if I use wrong grammar or spelling. So let's get into the point. To prove that God does not exist as trinity, here are some biblical verses : + Jesus have a God (Please recognize the use of the word 'our') - "Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord:" (Deuteronomy 6:4) - "Jesus a...

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Churches, mosques, synagogues, etc. ought not be exempt from federal taxation.


Argument 1: Tax exemption constitutes an endorsement of religion. Tax exemptions give these institutions more money. This is a simple fact. Regan v. Taxation with Representation (US Supreme Court) decided that a tax exemption has the same effect as a cash grant. This is unconstitutional. Argument 2: Tax exemption favors larger churches, which are often predatory. This credit varies from church to church. Your average church may pull in a good amount, but definitely not as much as Kenneth C...

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Yeah right. god really exists. Are you kidding?


There is no possible way that god according to the bible can possibly exist UNLESS you believe in utter hate, needless death, destruction, violence, war, bloodshed, carnage, etc etc etc as proved with today's mass shooting in Vegas. IF god is a god he IS in control of these types of situations, he would know that these types of situations would be happening BEFORE they happen thus would be able to stop them. After all he's GOD (what a joke) and is all knowing and all powerful, knows everything...

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It is better to believe in the God of the Bible than to be an Atheist


My position is as follows: If I believe in God and it turns out God did not exist then I don't have to face any accountability for my disbelief. If I am right that the Christian God does exist then eternal awards awaits me when I die and still do not have to face any accountability and do not have to face any judgment. If the atheist is right and there is no God and no afterlife then he or she will not have to face any accountability for not believing in God. Should the atheist be wrong he/s...

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It is up to theists to prove that god exists. No exceptions. None.


Until god waves his rosey red flag, he's a forgery. How can you prove something that is unproved and something that is unknown and something that has never been seen? What do you look for to prove this unknown commodity of non existence? Um no. Sorry. The burden of proof is always upon those who claim...

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Resolved: God Exists


*This debate is closed. Please leave a message in the comments to apply.*IntroductionThis debate is about the existence of a monotheistic God. If you wish to accept this debate, please leave a message in t...

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Are we all one human race?


The first round is for acceptance....

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If religion didn't exist, the earth would be a much better place.


For this argument, I'm not going to have any specific rules. My opponent can argue what they want to argue. I won't list any of my points in the first round, I'll just be doing the introduction as I am now. My opponent can go ahead and list their arguments in the first round, however. I'll be countering them in the second round. And with that, let the debate begin....

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