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Evolution, Atheism


Many people have talked about this, saying what they think and how the Universe/world was created. Atheist's and evolutionists say that the Earth created itself, they have stated why and how it was created. Of course, if you have heard of God, and Jesus, and have heard both stories, why deny the existence of God? A family member that was really close died? You don't want to believe in God? First tell me why you don't want to know God and why you don't believe that God created the world. The numb...

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The Christian God does exist.


I hold full BoP. You may start your arguments. I do not care about the upper hand, that decision is up to you. Thanks and can not wait!...

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God's love for humanity is questionable


I will start in round 2. This is an acceptance round. Premise; The biblical God does not love you unconditionally, therefore 'His' love for humanity is questionable. I challenge lifemeansgodisgood to this debate. I am not here to convert you, only to discuss. I am not an atheist, I am an agnostic. So please, join me in the dinner table conversation. I wait for your reply....

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Is God Good?


Welcome to this debate. I am Pro. My supposition is that God is always good. Con must accept that God is not always good. Definition of God: Judeo-Christian God Definition of good: Definition based on biblical moral standards. Rules: A. No cussing B. No logical fallacies C. Godwin's law won't be true D. No round forfeiting Debate Format: Round I: Acceptance Round II: Statements ONLY Round III: Rebuttals and Restatements Round IV: Rebuttals and Restatements Round V:...

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Christian rapper (me) vs. Jewish rapper Rap battle/debate


This will be a debate focusing on proving Jesus is the Jewish messiah. I as a Christian will argue for why Jesus is not only the messiah, but also God from the Scriptures. My opponent will argue for why Jesus is not the Jewish messiah and why he's not divine. There's a twist though, both of us will rap battle our arguments and the person with the best raps and arguments wins. Rules: Once you accept, you cannot forfeit any match, if you do, i get a vote. Other than that, there are no rul...

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from a christian perspective, people who are unrepentant, and know they are wrong, should be forgive


from a christian perspective, people who are unrepentant, and know they are wrong, should be forgiven should this be the case? it is common for people, including christians, to assume that it is automatic, that we must forgive everyone, automatically. but if you do a little research on it, the answer is not so clear. in my research, it seems most reputable scholars say you do not have to forgive, and some even say it's wrong to do. it is usually fluffy do good perspectives that just say fo...

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Was WW2 a moral crusade?


WW2 a moral crusade because if there wasn't world war two Hitler would have completed his mission in wiping out all people who we Jewish. Quote: 'No single race is evil or malicious' -Anonymous. Please comment and contribute any thoughts and opinions! Thank you for the help! :) Let the best Argument win!...

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Dan Brown's portrayal of Christian history in "The Da Vinci Code" is inaccurate.


My argument is that the various historical claims that Dan Brown makes in his fictional novel, "The Da Vinci Code," are inaccurate. The claims include: "Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and they had children." "The Vatican suppressed science and truth in order to gain power." "Da Vinci was a closet atheist and intentionally tried to undermine the Church." ...and other such claims. In the first round, my opponent should choose one or two claims above or another claim that he or s...

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Islam is a religion of terror


Islam is a religion of terror Hello, Donald. We both know exactly why I’ve proposed this debate. If you accept, I will retract my comments about you being a coward. Of course, if you don’t, my comments will stand. It’s your choice, choose carefull...

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Islam Is The True Religion


WE ARE ONE, THERE IS ONLY 1 GOD <----------------------By Ruth Pumarejo *Worth the read* Islam is the way of life. We have the Torah, The Bible and the Quran. One misconception is that the Bible is not "instant" Scripture and it wasn't all written down around the same time. Instead, the books of the Bible were written over a lengthy period of time by different people inspired by God. All of "the books" were from God. The Quran says that Firm belief that all of them were revealed from God and tha...

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