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ban islam


acceptance of muslim immigration, is the electric chair you strap yourself into and giving a thumbs up. raising awareness justifies those who fall to the terror of islams existence... so it is good that muslims rape torture and murder, as is opposing islam, good.. -awareness...

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Does the Old Testament prophesy of the Great Apostasy?


What is the apostasy? Was there even an apostasy? In this debate, my opponent and I will explain to you, the viewer, what the apostasy was and if it even happened or not. For this debate, we will be using the King James version of the Old Testament to show if it prophecies that there was or wasn't an apostasy. This debate will be split into 5 different rounds. Round 1: Opening Statements. Round 2-3: Rebuttals. Round 4: Cross examination. Round 5: Closing Statements. I, the affirmative side...

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Does God Exist?


Thanks Cobalt for showing interest in debating me. I am not sure if it is possible for me to hear any new arguments against the existence of God...but I am willing to listen. Rules: -Pro argues for God's existence using various arguments. -Con argues that God does not exist. And yes, Con actually has to provide arguments for the non-existence of God. For some reason people never understand this. Rules... Round 1: -Pro gives definitions and sets up debate -Con accepts the debate...

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Christianity is stupid


Hello there, today. I will be arguing that Christianity is one of the most non-logical, offensive, and overall idiotic religion of all time. I have no specific rules for this debate because frankly, I don't care. Anyways, here's are my reasons why Christianity is horrible. -One of the most popular and known facts about Christianity is that they believe that people who are gay and lesbian should go to hell. They claim this because it goes against what god said about Adam and Eve, and they both...

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The Moon would make a great God. Why not?


Allow me to make the case for the Moon as being a potentially 'great God'.The moon has always fascinated man. The moon is globally visible and 'accessible'.The moon connects the past the present and the future.The moon influences our habitat and it speaks to us in a myriad of ways.There is only one moon on this earth and it has a topography that suggests a benign facial image.We have been to the moon and we could send our ashes to it when we are dec...

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Islam Is not a religion of violence and terror.


After all these attacks by ISIS (whom are de facto islamic at best) people have had a twisted and generally bad view of islam. I'm going to argue that ISIS does not represent Islam through the teachings of the quran. BoP is shared. ...

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Jesus Christ loves gays.


Jesus loves all humans gays are human therefore, Jesus loves gays. Rules: Assume Jesus is the creator of the universe. Definitions Jesus: the creator of the universe gay: "1. A person whose sexual orientation is to persons of the same sex." [0] 0.

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Gay Marriage


Why deny the right of marriage to two people that love each other? Love will always win no matter what and it is their right to get married. Denying this to a couple is a violation of freedom. Period....

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Is The Gap Theory Biblical?


Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This debate is about the Gap Theory and whether or not it is biblical. This is to be a friendly debate using the Bible as our final authority. Both parties agree to the inspiration and authority of scripture. Definition - The gap theory postulates that an indefinite span of time exists between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. This time span is usually considered to be quite large (millions of years) and is also reputed to encompass the so-called "ge...

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Can a single atheist argument be rebutted?


Rules are set to age 100+. If you want in, tell me and I'll change it. (Attention! Despite the title, you may not submit just ANY atheist argument to argue against). I present below a series of arguments in favor of God, along with rebuttals of them. Your invitation is to find ANY theistic argument below which you think is correct, with just ONE atheistic rebuttal which you believe is mistaken. Announce your chosen argument in a comment, along with your arguments. I'll accept your chal...

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