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Young Earth Creationism is negated by much of modern science, not just the theory of evolution.


In this debate, I will argue that Young Earth Creationism conflicts with much of modern science, not just the theory of evolution. As such, it is an untenable position. My opponent will defend that this is not the case either by demonstrating how much of modern science is in agreement with the YEC worldview or by refuting my claims (or both). To keep the debate short and sweet, I have set argument max to 5,000 characters with a 48 hour response time. Please ensure you are available enough...

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Evolution is not the best scientific model for the origin of species


Definitions: -Evolution: the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth. -Scientific Model: a physical, conceptual, or mathematical representation of a real phenomenon that may be used to explain and predict the behaviour of real objects or systems and are used in a variety of scientific disciplines, ranging from physics and chemistry to ecology and the Earth sciences. (http://www.brita...

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In Support of Embryonic Stem Cell Research


I take the position that embryonic stem cell research should be fully supported by nations all over the world. I will go into details as to how stem cell research is instrumental in potentially healing serious diseases such as Parkinson's Disease, Type I Diabetes, and other ailments. To disprove this argument, one most provide iron clad evidence that stem cell research does more harm than good. At the end, the votes will determine if stem cell research is a good thing, or whether it causes issue...

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A Battle Of... (No.1)


OverviewA battle of...Animals. This debate has a very simply premise. We will each choose an animal in round one (a species, not a subspecies). This animal species must be mammalian, nonhuman, and must not be functionally or actually extinct. You may not claim the same animal as me.Once we have selected our animals (R1) we will use the succeeding rounds to debate which one is "better" where the criteria for what is "better" are: (a) appeal a...

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Resolved: The sky over planet Earth is not blue.


THIS IS NOT A TROLL DEBATE.I'd like to thank domr ahead of time for accepting this debate. This debate is about weather or not the sky itself is blue. This does not include clouds, pollution, or a rainy day.RulesNo trollingFirst round is accpetanceRound 2 is Contentions, no rebuttlesRound 3 is rebuttles and conclusionNo semantics.Sky-the space over the Earth where the sun, moon, star...

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Restricted movement in anemonefish causes protandry so the species has better chances of surviving


This (hopefully) will be my first debate. This debate will be about 'Why are anemonefish protandrous hermaphrodites?' My position is that they are protandrous due to a natural selection in order to increase their odds of overall survival of the species. If you have a different opinion on why they are as they are, accept it as "con". Protandrous: "(of a hermaphrodite flower or animal) having the male reproductive organs come to maturity before the female."...

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Unicorns Once Existed


I will be attempting to demonstrate that unicorns had at least existed at least at some point in the past.Debate Format:Round 1: AcceptanceRound 2: Opening Arguments (no rebuttals)Round 3: RebuttalsRound 4: Rebuttals & Conclusions Good luck! ...

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Resolved: the Zombie Apocalypse Will Happen


Be it resolved that: the zombie apocalypse will happen. I would like this to be a serious debate, so no trolling please. My only rule is that my opponent cannot use Max Brooks as a legitimate source, since he doesn't have a PhD on zombies. If this does happen, however, I request that voters please take note and vote for me. Format: Round 1, acceptance Round 2, claims Round 3, rebuttals Round 4, rebuild and voting issues Although this is a serious debate, i want all involved t...

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Imabench's 300th Debate!!! Resolved: Cats are Liquids


This is my 300th debate and I wanted to debate something ive always wanted to debate, whether or not cats are indeed liquids. We all have that one crazy belief that no one else thinks is true, this is my crazy belief. Me and Magicr agreed to debate this, and yes it is only 2 rounds long. Definitions: Liquid: An object with a fixed mass and fixed volume, but does not have a fixed shape and instead match the shape of the container they are poured into. Cats: Demons sent to Earth fro...

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Olivine Geoengeneering


First round is for acceptance.Standard rules apply....

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