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Messi the best ever even if he doesn't win an international trophy


Lionel messi is considered one of the best ever to grace the beautiful game, Football. He has won 26 trophies with Barcelona and all that is because of his alien-like goal scoring capabilities that go along with his unmatched dribbling skills. He's got everything in him, goals, assists, key passes, passing skills, pace, and let's not forget his short physique in which against all odds has the power to prove the science of center of gravity all wrong. Many have said he is the best ever but still,...

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swimming is a better sport than soccer


swimming is a sport where you compete against yourself not other people, so it pushes you to do better than you did before. and if you swim you have less of a chance to get injured so you don't have to retire as soon as you would in soccer. plus swimming is the fastest way to burn calories....

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College Athletes Should Be Paid


I will begin my arguments in Round 2. I prefer to debate someone with experience.If you are restricted from accepting this debate but have an interest, let me know!The first round will be for my contender's acceptance. Good luck... and Go Scarlet Knights!!!...

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Should college athletes be payed like professional athletes?


I've tried to do this debate for the longest amount of time and every single time I've found someone to debate with, something came up and it prevented me from doing any round of the debate. 1st time - Malware virus 2nd time - Computer broke and I could not access another computer I do not believe that college athletes should be played for playing a sport like professional athletes do since they're only playing for a school team rather than a national team. I look forward to this debat...

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This House Believes That Hosting the olympics is a good idea


Hello and welcome to my debate round! I'm going to jump right in! Human Rights Violations, When preparations are made to host the olympics people are forced out of there homes and neighbourhoods and are forced to move to places far away from schools,family and friends. The olympics only last a few days and HUGE changes are made for this event that only lasts a few days. Now onto my second argument The Cost of hosting the olympics is simply too great! it can cost up to 50 billion dollars...

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Is cheerleading a sport


Is cheerleading a sport? This is a question that has been discussed for many years. The actual definition of a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Cheerleading meets all of those standards. In this essay I will prove how cheerleading is a sport. The first thing that it says is that it must involve physical exertion. In other words that means the activity of exerting your muscles....

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Anderson Silva did not throw his fight with Chris Weidman


I am hoping to argue with another MMA afficionado over Anderson Silva's stunning loss to Chris Weidman via KO. I have recently seen several commentors speculating that Silva threw the fight to get a bigger rematch. I will be arguing that this is not the case. Obviously there is no concrete evidence, so we will be left to hypothetical examinations of pre and post fight behavior. Burden of proof is on Con to present arguments for Silva intentionally losing the fight. Voters should vote based...

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They should lift the limits on whip use in a horse race


When I've seen races in South America with no limit on whip use the horses go much faster and its much more exciting. On top of that its hypocritical as its common nowadays for horses to get a whipping in the stables before a race to wind them up for the race - i know I work in a stables. So why no leave it to the judgement of the jockey - some horses don't need much whipping but some need to be flogged pretty hard....

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Gay Parenting


My last few attempts to debate this subject were taken on by non-serious debaters, so I'd like to try this again with a minimum 15 debate requirement. If you would like to debate this and do not meet the requirement, please let me know.Many arguments against the legality of gay marriage include the sanctity of the family. According to social conservatives, gay people are deranged, perverted or otherwise unfit to provide a safe, functional and/or loving family environment in whic...

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Is Cheerleading a sport?


Cheerleading is a performing art, not a sport. I will make my case when an opponent accepts....

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