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Barack Obama does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize


For whomever my opponent is who accepts this topic, my stand is that Barack Obama not only did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, but has also by way of his subsequent actions, demonstrated that he never deserved to have it. Indeed, his status as a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate undermines the credibility of the Prize. As my opponent, you would need to prove that Barack Obama DID deserve his Nobel Peace Prize and still does....

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President Obama is bad 4 the US


I am in strong affirmation that, President Obama is bad 4 the United States of America. President obama is a hypocrite he cast blame on big spenders saying there to blame 4 the economic situation. Then he has a 6 million dollar party when he takes office. He will not salute the flag of the united states cause he says there is no opportunity in America but after 2 generations the obamas have come from nothing to the most influential black family in the world. Obama has little experience and his s...

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Is obama fit to be a president???


Obama is not fit. He lies like he breathes and that's not good. And trying to pass Obama care without passing it through congress. What crooked person would do that. Seriously!!! He trys to slip, slide, and slither around every question thrown at him so he turns to a tele-promter to help him speak even though the prompter doesn't say "uh, uh, uh" so much......

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Is Obama a muslim?


Not sure whether I should put this under Religion or Politics. But what the heck, I'll choose Politics. I will be arguing that President Barack Obama is NOT a muslim (following Islam), and my opponent will argue that he is. First round is for acceptance....

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Obama is not a Muslim


Ever since Obama has been elected president there has been a rumor, spread by conservative groups, that he is a Muslim. There is no evidence whatsoever to support this claim, and I aim to prove it is false. Rules: 1. I would like for this to be a serious debate, so please no trolling. Thank you. 2. Round 1 is only for acceptance....

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Patriarchy and Barack Obama are the same thing.


I just realised this while I was peeing in the shower, because that's where my cognitive abilities are at their peak. Once this idea popped into my head, I thought it was obvious. Feminazis blame everything on the patriarchy, and republican whackos blame everything on Barack Obama. It seems logical that only one thing could be responsible for everything, so there you go - Barack Obama and patriarchy are the same thing.I also think that this will be a brilliant opportunity to cut...

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If Obama and his followers were consistent they would resemble communists.


Despite the fact that nowhere in our founding documents is health care declared a "right," Obama (and his supporters) declare it a right because it is a human necessity. But there is a huge problem with using this type of logic to justify government's role in providing services. If the degree of necessity is the criteria for converting a private service into a public entitlement, then universal food, clothing, water, shelter, transportation, etc. should also be on the agenda. Most of these items...

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Lincoln is better than Obama


President Abraham Lincoln did many wonderful things. He freed the slaves, which was something that no other president had come close to completing. I'm sure some people would say that President Obama is the best president in history. Well, I'm here to argue. Let's Compare: Lincoln: - For Constitution - Protecting Rights Obama: - Against what our country was set up on, the Constitution. - Wanting to ban Gun Rights...

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Romney should be elected over Obama


This debate concerns whether Mitt Romney should be elected President of the United States over President Barack Obama in the upcoming election. Only these two candidates are to be considered in the debate, and the outcome is to be determined by the preponderance of evidence. The burden of proof is shared and the debater who makes a better case for his candidate is to be judged the winner. As Pro, I will advocate for Mi...

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Resolved: Obama's performance in the White House has not been successful


I thank my opponent for agreeing to debate this topic.Resolved: Obama's performance in the White House has not been successfulThis debate will focus on three main topics:1. Jobs2. Energy3. Foreign PolicyLayout

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