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Barack Obama is overall, a worst President than George W. Bush


I have just joined Debate and hope that I follow the rules as well as etiquette. I have looked at some of your positions and man we can debate a lot. I looked at your statements in the same as this debate title and you are the kind of person I learn from debating. Your statements are based for the most part on facts, you do not throw barbs and seem to be willing to stay on task. There are a couple of things that appear not on point for me. 1. There are not many people voting and I question if mu...

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Romney should be elected over Obama


This debate concerns whether Mitt Romney should be elected President of the United States over President Barack Obama in the upcoming election. Only these two candidates are to be considered in the debate, and the outcome is to be determined by the preponderance of evidence. The burden of proof is shared and the debater who makes a better case for his candidate is to be judged the winner. As Pro, I will advocate for Mi...

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Barrack Obama should stay as president for another term


We will soonly be electing a new president, as of now the current candidates have more cons to them then pros. Even though many do not like Barrack Obama, he has improved our country quite a bit and he would do a better job at staying for another term and waiting for other candidates to come along as the current ones would most likely give a negative impact on our community and our country....

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Barack Obama should not disarm the general American public of their guns.

ournamestoolong Barack Obama clearly does not like the idea of Americans wielding guns. However, there are three reasons why this should not be done. 1. It is unconstitutional. The second Bill of Rights amendment: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." 2. It hurts th...

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President Obama is/was a good president (economics)


President Obama is/was a good president (economics). I believe he is NOT a good president Economically speaking and can prove it. I challenge "Reformist" to this debate, considering his opponent in his debate isn't putting up a fight at all. I'd like to show how the alleged data is flawed, and how Obama is actually hurting the economy. Only rules; 48 hours argue time, 10k characters, 5 rounds, source your data if providing charts/data. May the best Debater win!...

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was obama the correct choice for president by the American people


the burden on the Aff. is to prove that obama is the correct choice for presidency by the American people correct will be defined as best or right choice shall be election and American people will be citizens of the U.S. which he cannot due because all barrack HUSSEIN obama has done is talk literally what has he actually done except for trying to get soldiers out of Iraq which he failed miserably and tried to get health care, what has he actually done for the united states, nothing because he ha...

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Obama Did Not Deserve To Recieve The Nobel Prize


I thank my opponent for accepting this debate. Analyzing the Resolution: The resolution solely depicts that Obama, the United States President, did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. This Prize was awarded to him for his "remarkable leadership and vision". Contentions: I feel it nessicary to point out that the Nobel Prize was initially created, not nessicarily followed-up, by Alfred Nobel. Our modern day Nobel Prize has been modled from him, and his award given to the person in the...

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President Barrack Obama was born in Kenya


I have sufficient reason to speculate, and believe, that President Barrack Obama, while legally elected by the nation as President of the United States, was NOT in fact, born in the United States at time of birth — as the Constitution explicitly demands. He, or somebody in his confidence, posted a supposed copy of a Hawaiian "Certification of Live Birth," or COLB, on his presidential campaign Web site — even though a COLB, under Hawaiian rules, does not necessarily prove in-state birth....

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Obama was a good President


President Obama was/is a good presidentObama: Current president of the United States of AmericaGood: Being positive towards this nation economicallyThis debate is about why president Obama has done good to this nation economically. R1- Acceptance Only...

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Obama is not a Muslim


Ever since Obama has been elected president there has been a rumor, spread by conservative groups, that he is a Muslim. There is no evidence whatsoever to support this claim, and I aim to prove it is false. Rules: 1. I would like for this to be a serious debate, so please no trolling. Thank you. 2. Round 1 is only for acceptance....

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