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Is Barack Obama the worst president?


I believe that Barack Obama IS NOT the worst president, I believe James Buchanan is, He refused to challenge either the spread of slavery or the growing bloc of states that became the Confederacy. Another is John Tyler, He was a stalwart defender of slavery who abandoned his party's platform once he was president. People accuse him of putting the US in debt, haven't all the other presidents? So thereof I believe that Obama is not a bad president....

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The American Jobs Act (Obama Jobs Bill) Should be Passed


Hello, and thank you for viewing the debate today. This round will be centered on whether or not the Congress of the United States should pass the entirety of the Obama Jobs Bill. Here is the round format: Round 1: Pro Intro and Format/Con Arguments Against Round 2: Pro Arguments for and rebuttal to con arguments/Con rebuttals Round 3: Continued rebuttals and addition (if necessary) of more points Round 4: Each side voices their reasoning why they have won the debate. Thank you....

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Barack Obama is overall, a worst President than George W. Bush


I have just joined Debate and hope that I follow the rules as well as etiquette. I have looked at some of your positions and man we can debate a lot. I looked at your statements in the same as this debate title and you are the kind of person I learn from debating. Your statements are based for the most part on facts, you do not throw barbs and seem to be willing to stay on task. There are a couple of things that appear not on point for me. 1. There are not many people voting and I question if mu...

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Obama will not be our next President


Obama will not be our next President. I have three arguments for this stance on this debate. 1.RACE-Unfortunately America is not ready for a African American President. Racism is not far enough in our past yet. I am a Union member. Out of the twenty seven people I work with there are three Republicans, including myself. The "dems" I work with were split, twenty for Clinton, four for Obama. When Clinton lost the nomination twenty of the "Dems" said they would NOT vote for Obama. Race was the m...

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Romney should be elected over Obama


This debate concerns whether Mitt Romney should be elected President of the United States over President Barack Obama in the upcoming election. Only these two candidates are to be considered in the debate, and the outcome is to be determined by the preponderance of evidence. The burden of proof is shared and the debater who makes a better case for his candidate is to be judged the winner. As Pro, I will advocate for Mi...

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McCain and Obama should not be allowed on the 2008 Presidential Ballot in Texas.


Ladies and Gentleman, I come to you with blatant ignorance of the law. Let me explain to you: The deadline for candidates to get their name on the ballot in Texas was August 26th @ 5:00 p.m. BOTH the Republicans and Democrats MISSED this deadline by not turning in the papers on time. By ANY interpretation of the law, they should not be allowed to be on the ballot, however, the Secretary of State in Texas seems to be poised to ignore this, and allow them on the ballot anyway. ==============...

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The (overall) policies of President Obama have failed


So I am new to this, but the first round will be for acceptances....

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Barack Obama should not disarm the general American public of their guns.

ournamestoolong Barack Obama clearly does not like the idea of Americans wielding guns. However, there are three reasons why this should not be done. 1. It is unconstitutional. The second Bill of Rights amendment: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." 2. It hurts th...

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Obama is not a Muslim


Ever since Obama has been elected president there has been a rumor, spread by conservative groups, that he is a Muslim. There is no evidence whatsoever to support this claim, and I aim to prove it is false. Rules: 1. I would like for this to be a serious debate, so please no trolling. Thank you. 2. Round 1 is only for acceptance....

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Obama is the worst president in history


There are two condemning features of Obama's disastrous presidency that rise above the many others - his lies and broken promises, and his harmful policies. No president in history is as notorious for lying as Obama. While several, Andrew Jackson and Lincoln among them, are known for there humorous tall tales, they all believed that speaking truth as they know it is essential to honor. His specific large and small lies are the subject of countless conservative media publications. Reference Googl...

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