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Abortion should be made illegal


Abortion is murder. Abortion is basically killing a innocent babe that is alive in it's mothers womb. People try to say that the baby isn't alive and it's totally unaware. But in reality its heart and brain are the first things to develop. Not only does the baby die but the mother feels the loss. This should automatically tell you there is something wrong with abortion. What if God decided that he didn't want you to be born and killed you? Would that be right? No of course not! So why would i...

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A pregnant person should always have the right to abortion, regardless of circumstances.


I am arguing that a pregnant person should ALWAYS have the right to an abortion, regardless of circumstances. Many times "pro-choice" advocates will argue that abortion must remain legal to protect victims of rape, incest, etc. I believe that it is an issue of bodily autonomy (on the part of the pregnant person, not the fetus.) Regardless of the circumstances in which the fetus was conceived, whether there was consent present or not, it is up to the person carrying the fetus to decide whether...

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Should abortion be legal?


I believe that abortion should be legal, it is a citizen's personal right as the holder of their life and body and is not an action that encompasses criminal individuals or behavior....

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Abortion is murder


I think this is common sense. When you have a baby inside a women's womb, why do people think it is ok to kill them? Don't they deserve a chance? I understand when you say women need to choose, as I am a girl myself, but the right to live outweighs their chance to choose TO MURDER...

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Should abortion be made illegal?


Abortion violates the constitution, the constitution clearly states that murder is illegal in every way. When you abort a child you are murdering it before that child can experience life. The constitution also states that there should be no cruel and unusual punishment. You are cruelly punishing this baby for crimes it never committed. Also, when you abort a child you could be taking away the country's potential. Now what I mean by that is simply this, every kid has the potential or a dream to b...

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If the fetus is a human person, then abortion is generally immoral


Debate DescriptionIn this debate Pro (myself) will argue that abortion is generally immoral because it directly takes the life of a human person who possesses the same basic rights that you and I have. Con will argue that the fetus is a person with said rights, but that abortion is still morally acceptable. I ask that Con only accept the debate in this round and wait to post their opening argument until round two. Round three will consist of rebuttal...

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Resolved: The Father Should Not Have Say In an Abortion


ResolutionThe Father Should Not Have Say In an Abortion.As PRO, I will be affirming this resolution by arguing that the decision should rest entirely on the mother.As CON, you will attempt to negate the resolution by arguing that the father should have equal and/or greater say in the decision.Burden Of Proof

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Abortion is a mother's right.


It should be the prerogative of the mother to have a fetus or embryo aborted, since it is not a child, but an extension of her own body, and remains such until the third trimester. I challenge anyone to make a valid case for why a mother should not be allowed to have an abortion. The debate shall be conducted under the following rules: 1. No trolling 2. Ordered, at least to some extent, and civil conduct 3. Legible and comprehensible English 4. No sensationalism; unfounded statements like...

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Woah, woah, woah. Hold on. You said, "if a woman is more likely to die during abortion, then it should be legal." But, that's the woman's choice. That's her risk that she's taking. No one's forcing her. Also, that's not true. A woman is 1 in 100,000 likely of a chance to die during abortion. There's a 1 in 10,000 chance of dying during child birth. Hey, I may be completely wrong, but also, if fetus's have life, then how come it's only allowed to do abortion in the first 3 months of pregnancy, wh...

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Abortion should be illegal


Thank you in advance for accepting, Con.As Pro, I shall be arguing that abortion should be illegal with no exceptions. Abortion shall be defined in this debate as "a medical procedure used to end a pregnancy and cause the death of the fetus."[1]The first round will be for acceptance. Trolling and insults will result in a full seven-point loss.Sources1.

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