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Abortion should be federally illegal.


Abortion should be federally illegal. Before I defend this argument, I will provide definitions for the key terms in my case. Abortion: The medical term which refers to the termination of an embryo or fetus while it is still in the womb (operationally defined very broadly, since this is a debate over a proposed definition for this word) Kill: To end the life of (M-W) Life: The property or quality that distinguishes living organisms from dead organisms and inanimate matter, manifested in fun...

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Should Abortion be illegal in America?


Abortion is the ultimate child abuse. A child is a Human, not a choice. If you want to give your child a better life than what you think or want to give them, adoption is ALWAYS a choice. The embryo or fetus may not be fully developed, but at 18 days, the heartbeat begins beating, at 30 days, blood begins flowing through their veins , at 8 weeks, all organs are functioning, at 9 weeks the baby has fingerprints, at 10 weeks the baby can feel pain, at 12 weeks the baby can smile. For you, this ma...

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This debate is should not be possible to accept. If you are interested post a comment. Greetings people of DDO! I saw this topic being discussed in the forums and in some debates in the recent past, but none of them seemed satisfactory to me, so here I go trying it on my own.As Pro I will argue that abortion is always a justifiable course of action, thus Con will argue that it is not the case that abortion is a justifiable course of action (this can...

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Abortion should be illegal


Thank you in advance for accepting, Con.As Pro, I shall be arguing that abortion should be illegal with no exceptions. Abortion shall be defined in this debate as "a medical procedure used to end a pregnancy and cause the death of the fetus."[1]The first round will be for acceptance. Trolling and insults will result in a full seven-point loss.Sources1.

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Abortion is wrong and bad


Abortion is taking the right of life away from a human being who has no say in his/her situation. When you take the life away from someone, it is murder, therefore abortion is murder although there is much controversy. This controversy is what we will be debating about here. This debate will simply be about the morality and mortality of the subject of abortion. Pro = arguing that abortion is immoral and a form of murder against those who can't speak for themselves. Con = arguing that a...

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you say the baby doesn't have the right to be there without permission, I'm sorry but the woman having unprotected sex gave that baby the permission by allowing sperm to enter her womb therefore conceiving a child that MUST be carried to term or it is murder because it is still a separate human being...

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Resolved: The Father Should Not Have Say In an Abortion


ResolutionThe Father Should Not Have Say In an Abortion.As PRO, I will be affirming this resolution by arguing that the decision should rest entirely on the mother.As CON, you will attempt to negate the resolution by arguing that the father should have equal and/or greater say in the decision.Burden Of Proof

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Abortion is a mother's right.


It should be the prerogative of the mother to have a fetus or embryo aborted, since it is not a child, but an extension of her own body, and remains such until the third trimester. I challenge anyone to make a valid case for why a mother should not be allowed to have an abortion. The debate shall be conducted under the following rules: 1. No trolling 2. Ordered, at least to some extent, and civil conduct 3. Legible and comprehensible English 4. No sensationalism; unfounded statements like...

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Watch the 28 minute movie silent scream. Abortion is immoral.


Watch silent scream, a 28 minute movie narrated by former abortion doctor and now pro life activist Bernard nathanson. The movie shows an abortion through an ultra sound. Abortion kills a baby and is immoral. Please don't debate me until you've watched the movie. Happy Martin Luther King day!...

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Abortion is morally acceptable


I know there's been about a million of these debates but I haven't often debated the issue and would like some practice :) First round is for acceptance and for anything you would like to say before the debate. To clarify on what I am arguing, I am arguing that, if the mother's life is not in danger, abortion is morally wrong....

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