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Abortion is O.K in the very worst case scenario.


--NOVICE TIER OF TUF'S TOURNAMENT--Thanks to TUF and MyDinosaurHands for making this debate possible. I wish to do my very best.First round for acceptance only. However, ground rules:Very worst case scenarios means the very, VERY worst case scenario thinkable. By accepting, you can not argue that my scenario...

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Abortion should be illegal in the United States


Definitions for this debate shall be as followsAbortion - the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.Illegal - To place a Ban on or to completely remove the practice ofPro is not arguing for the removal of abortion in certain situations but rather a complete ban on the practice all together. He has the BOPRoundsMe(1) Rules(2) Opening Arg...

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I feel everyone should be given the opportunity to live and abortion is taking away that opportunity from little unborn children....

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Does Abortion Kill a Human Being?


I believe abortion kills a human being. We know the unborn is biologically a member of the human species, because she comes from human parents. Her DNA could also be tested in utero, and we would always find that she has human DNA. Most pro-abortion-choice people, however, agree with the above statement. Their issue is usually the question of whether the human entity killed is a "person," or a member of our species that has basic rights. The pro-choice ad...

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Abortion is wrong.


The comment section wasn't working. I wanted to continue our discussion because you brought up good points and I want to understand where your coming from. I also want to stick up for a the innocent victims of abortion. I wouldn't get pregnant at 15. I'm not a slu*. If I did get pregnant as a teen I would keep my baby. If a girl doesn't want the baby she can give it up. If a girl chooses to sleep around than she should suffer the consequences for her own actions. The baby shouldn't suffer becau...

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Is abortion ok in some situations? Or is it totally wrong?


I believe abortion is alright in certain situations. Say, if a woman got raped, then she is allowed to have an abortion. Or if the baby is going to be born with a fatal disease, or you know it only has such a period of time to live, why would you cause it pain? It's better to save his/her misery than to have to put them through that....

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Should abortion be legal


I believe that abortion is morally wrong in ALL cases except if the life of the mother is in danger.I think that an embryo is a human being the moment egg is fertilized.Therefore according to the Declaration of Independence all human beings are entitled to "life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness"( first paragraph).The reason that I believe that a child is human at the first stage of its life because it was created by human reproduction,The embryo contains human DNA the second the egg is ferti...

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Abortion is morally permissible within 1st trimester


Abortion is morally permissible within the 1st trimester, and should not require the pretext of a rape, incest, or medical complication to validate it as such. While it should require the consent of both 'parents' (in my opinion), we will not discuss this point in addition. This debate will center only on the morality of abortion within the period between conception and the 1st trimester. This time period allows for an unknowingly pregnant mother time to notice the pregnancy through lack of a me...

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Abortion and murder are not morally equivalent.


So you screwed up, you got boned and some of his semen, or all of it, went inside of you and now you're pregnant. You don't want the baby and the exhaustion of having it could ruin all the plans of life that you had but there is a medically safe procedure to carry out to kill the fetus.So you go up to the abortion clinic and the doctor turns around and tells you "Sorry but you're not allowed to do that because that little guy their has a right to life that surpasses your rig...

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Abortion should be illegal in the United States


Medical abortion first became legal in the United States in 1973 under the Roe v. Wade supreme court ruling. In this debate, I wish to show that this ruling should be overturned, as abortion goes against the Constitution. I will prove this using logic and clear facts. I will start by defining my terms. There are many kinds of abortion, but in this debate I will specifically address the type of abortion legalized in Roe v.Wade. That is, abortion before the point of viability. I also wish to in...

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