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Abortion is a mother's right.


It should be the prerogative of the mother to have a fetus or embryo aborted, since it is not a child, but an extension of her own body, and remains such until the third trimester. I challenge anyone to make a valid case for why a mother should not be allowed to have an abortion. The debate shall be conducted under the following rules: 1. No trolling 2. Ordered, at least to some extent, and civil conduct 3. Legible and comprehensible English 4. No sensationalism; unfounded statements like...

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Should abortion be legal?


This question has become one of the most discussed in this period. Many people are against abortion because of their religion. But we have to think how a young girl could feel if she discovers that she is pregnant. Science found a way to "kill" the baby before it is a real baby with a conscience. So if a girl discovers that she is pregnant but she CAN'T keep the baby because of their age or also because she hasn't got enough money. So she could be able to use this opportunity that Science gave h...

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Abortion. Good or Bad?


Abortion in unjust! Babies have the right to live... It makes me so stinking mad hearing about abortion! If mothers don't want babies, then don't have one! Nobody should have the right to under-go abortion! If those mothers are brave enough to kill the baby, then they deserve something way worse beyond their greatest nightmares!...

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Resolved: The Unwind solution is a better solution to abortion than a Modest Purposial.


This debate shall be about these two pieces of satire. The Unwind series by Neal Shusterman and A Modest Purposial by Johnathan Swift. Rules Round 1 is for definitions by Pro while Con will make his opening arguments. Round 2 Pro will make contentions and rebuttles, while Con Refutes. Round 3 is rebuttles by Pro and Con makes rebuttles and Conclusion....

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If the fetus is a human person, then abortion is generally immoral


Debate DescriptionIn this debate Pro (myself) will argue that abortion is generally immoral because it directly takes the life of a human person who possesses the same basic rights that you and I have. Con will argue that the fetus is a person with said rights, but that abortion is still morally acceptable. I ask that Con only accept the debate in this round and wait to post their opening argument until round two. Round three will consist of rebuttal...

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Abortion Is Morally Wrong


First round is acceptance.I. DisclosureAs a forewarning to all readers, I will be arguing with semantics. If you dislike that type of argument, please do not vote. I only wish to see objective voters who decide the winner based solely on the correctness of his argument, not the means in which it is presented.I will be taking the stance that abortion is morally wrong. To affirm this resolution I will be connecting various definitions to sh...

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Abortion: A Secular Debate


This will be a debate for atheists. I find no true reasons for the denial of a woman to get an abortion. I WILL ARGUE PRO.1st round: Accept and you give your initial arguments.2nd round: My rebuttal and my argument. Your rebuttal and your argument.3rd round: My rebuttal and my argument. Your rebuttal and your argument.4th round: Repeat. 5th round: Repeat and Conclusion....

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Abortion Is Generally Morally Reprehensible


Resolution Abortion Is Generally Morally Reprehensible In this debate I will defend the view that it is generally morally impermissible to deliberately terminate the pregnancy two weeks after the moment of fertilization; until the presence of the primitive streak one might argue that the zygote is not definitely an individual — in that period it is yet able to split into twins. In this debate I will not argue on religious grounds. In this debate I will not argue whether or not abortion...

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Abortion is Morally okay


To my opponent: Please keep this respectful and calm. I don't want to offend anyone, my goal is to understand your position more thoroughly...that said, let's go. My position on abortion is that it is morally wrong. I'd like to start by addressing a few common arguments made by pro-choicers. 1. We're pro-choice, not pro-death. Basically, we're in favor of everyone deciding for themselves rather than there being a strict definition of what you can and can't do. a) I'm not saying you ha...

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Abortion should not be aloud unless very harmful to the mother.


This should not be aloud, because it is just terrible. Killing one of God's creations for selfish purposes. Even if the child was created by rape, dont kill it! Give it up for adoption. If you made the mistake of getting pregnant, I think you should be the one to take care of the child sense you thought you were responsible enough to have "safe" sex out of marrage!...

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