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There is no good reason for the death penalty to be banned .


The title speaks for itself ....

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Why the death penalty is ineffective and should be banned by the house


In this debate I will be arguing that the death penalty is ineffective and due to its ineffectiveness it should be banned by the house. The reasons that I will use will be that it's expensive, it causes racial disputes, it endangers innocent lives, and finally it doesn't deter crime rates. This is how I will put it down: 1.Introduction of the debate (first round) 2.Opponent's statement that he/she will agree to debate. 3.Arguments from both 4.Rebuttal/or counter argument 5.Conclusion...

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Can you be pro life but for the death penalty


I believe that abortion is the taking of a living beings position is that only God can take life. The death penalty is the taking of a living beings life......quite a few folks on death row have been released with the advent of DNA so it would seem untenable to be pro life with respect to abortion but not the death penalty...

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The Death Penalty should be made illegal in the USA.


Welcome, welcome, welcome! This debate (should he accept) will be addressing the death penalty (also know as "capital punishment") and its implications. This is my third debate with an opponent about this - because I am very fond of debating! Now, on to the format. Should my opponent, DavidMGold, accept, he will accept the following things: 1) First round is acceptance only 2) Fifth round cannot include new contentions/arguments or refutes. 3) No religious arguments can be used. 4) A for...

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death penalty should be abolish


I think that death penalty is too cruel. In spite of the fact that somebody kills someone it does not matter that our society has rights to kill too. It means that we are murderers too. I believe that istead of death penalty it's better to give them life sentence. Because life without freedom, it is the worst think in our life. Also, we knew such situations were suffered innocent people and it is awful. That's why, before talk about every kind of death penalty, we must think about the meaning an...

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Death Penalty


This is a debate about Death Penalty legalization. Con will be against legalization and Pro, for the death penalty. Parameters are to be set to be for California law, society, and culture. Death penalty is applicable in this debate only for legal death through court proceedings. First round is acceptance....

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The Death Penalty Should Be Illegal.


I am looking for someone to give a reasonable explanation(s) and arguments on why he or she feels that the death penalty should remain legalized in certain areas of the United States. Therefore, I will be arguing on why I do not agree with the death penalty. For this 1st round I am asking for acceptance, 2nd-4th round going deeper into the argument, and the 5th round should be the final conclusion. This is only my second debate and compared to my last argument, I know this is going to be even mo...

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Resolved: The Death Penalty Should be Removed


Justification through economical, moral, political and/or legal are all legitimate, regardless of if both opponents argue differently (I may argue through legal and moral while my opponent justifies through economical and political for example). Thus both parties involved may choose what they will justify through what means. Death penalty: "Capital punishment, the death penalty, death sentence, or execution is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for...

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The Death Penalty- Good thing (pro) or bad thing (con)


Ok, so lately at school we've been covering capital punishment (the death penalty), but we haven't really gone into a debate whether it is a good thing or not. So, I'd like to discuss this topic before I take part in a class debate, so that way I will be ready. Rules: No trolling or foul language. Round 1- Acceptance only Rounds 2/3- The battle begins. I would like to take this opportunity to wish my opponent good luck :)...

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Death Penalty over Life Imprisonment Without Possibility of Parole


This is how the debate will function; Round 1: State your stance and that you will be debating (for instance "I accept this challenge and oppose the death penalty"). Round 2: Opening statements Round 3: Rebuttals to opening statements Round 4: Closing statements and second rebuttals Before we begin the debate, I state the following: I am arguing for the death penalty with Propositions 3 and 4 from judges Judge Arthur L. Alarcon and Paula M. Mitchell. I hope there is no confusion of wha...

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