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The ontological argument for the existence of God is sound


I will be arguing that the ontological argument for God's existence is not sound and therefore does not prove the existence of God. You can choose one of the 3 different ontological arguments that I have provided. Sound = A deductive argument is sound if and only if it is both valid, and all its premises are true. Valid = A deductive argument is said to be valid if and only if it takes a form that makes...

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belief in free will has emotional benefits to the believer and results in more actual freedom


The whole lie of free will looks good to those inside it because it seems to offer the idea of an ability to get "out from under" a bad situation in general and to empower a journey toward good actions to reap positive emotional benefits within a larger emotional economy shared by others. However, the actual existence inside the lie of free will is very different. The very rules and norms fostered and the infinite 'how-tos' of getting to a place where one recognizes freedom has been "kept" "...

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Is the World headed toward another World War?


There are many areas in the world that war could break out. Such as in Asian, in the South China Sea, the northern part of Europe, or even in Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia or other parts of the middle east, plus we have the North Korea crisis, if the US and China don't handle this correctly it could trigger a war with each other. I know what happened in world war 1 was a build up before there was an actual war like in 1908 there were signs the world was headed toward a world war. Then after a few ye...

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Make the most useless superhero and their useless nemesis


I feel like we should get creative. In this debate we will make the most useless superhero and their useless nemesis. Round 1 will be acceptence Round 2 will be making the Superhero and Nemesis based on this: Superhero: Name and Alias Backstory Superpower Weakness Villian: Name and Alias Backstory Superpower Why they hate our Useless SuperHero. Weakness Round 3 we will be arguing that our opponents Superhero and their Nemesis is better than our Superhero and their Neme...

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Should Free Online Movies be Legalised?


Free online movies should definitely be legalized for many vital reasons. DVD's drive you mental, cause they are always scratched and always have to glitch! However, Free Online Movies just need a few seconds to load and then their good to go, no glitches and no scratches....

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How Can Any Intelligent Person Believe That god is Good?


Taken from - Are you a Christian believer? Do you believe that your God is a good and moral being? In this post, I would like to show you something surprising about your thinking – you will find yourself seeing the world...

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Christianity is inconsistent.


I will let my opponent begin. The burden of proof is on my opponent to prove that it is inconsistent....

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Mankind is slowly working its way toward Utopia


"Utopia is impossible, so it's not even worth shooting for. As long as mankind is flawed, and mankind will ALWAYS be flawed, an earthly Utopia is simply impossible" That's what most preachers, pundits and professors will fill your head with these days. To this, I proudly say: "BULLHOCKEY!!!" Instead, as I look back two or three thousand years into history, and compare where we are today with where we were then... Utopia seems just around the next corner....

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Should Abortion be Illegal? (My Computer broke so I wasn't able to finish)


Abortion should be outlawed except in cases when the Mom or the child are sick and will die due to birth. I have this position because it is quite obvious to see that abortion involves the murder of a human being. According to life begins at fertilization, so after that the fetus is technically considered a human. And it is illegal to kill a innocent human being in america. So dosen't it make sense for abortion to be illegal?...

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Earth is flat.


I'll just let my opponent begin....

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