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Is there a supreme being?


Is it logical to believe in a supreme being? How did the universe begin with or without a supreme being? Is a god necessary for the universe, life, and everything to exist?...

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Hunting for food should be kept legal


In this debate I will defend the age-long tradition and necessity of hunting for food (This does not include trophy hunting, which is a completely different topic) For round 1, you may choose to make an opening argument or just say "accept." The Con will have to prove that hunting for food and sustenance is wrong....

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being mixed race makes u immune to racial stupidity


Mixed race people are immune to racial ignorance...

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Is State Execution murder?


The execution of a criminal is murder. It is premeditated, the victim is selected and unable to defend him or herself, and despite society agreeing to the murder, it is murder nonetheless. First, let's be clear that I am not defining murder as "illegal killing according to state laws" since this is arbitrary. Murder must mean, if it means anything, the killing of a person who need not be killed, but is still killed with intent. Yes, this means people killed in war as "collateral da...

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If there is no empirical evidence of any given thing, can you say it exists?


To assume something exists without empirical evidence is purely illogical. If you could accept a belief in something without evidence, you could believe any possibility. You could assert that there is a large dog floating in the sky striking down those that displease it, and think it true. However, it could be said that just because you can't prove something doesn't mean it's been disproved. This being true, the converse is also true, you can't believe in something because of a lack of evidence....

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Can you be in love with more than one person at a time


Definition of Romantic Love: A love for another person that involves intimacy, attachment, unconditional love and exhilarating feelings of happiness. 1. Both sides have agreed on a definition of romantic love. Romantic love is a love for another person that involves intimacy, attachment, unconditional love and exhilarating feelings of happiness. 2. Being in a committed romantic relationship is time consuming; a person can only be fully committed to one person. 3. Cultures that practice p...

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ALL Souls in Creation have a right to LIVE, a STANDARD of LIFE and Continuity!


Life is NOT Cheap.. It is Dearer to God than anything except Creation itSelf?!.. The right to Life should be ABSOLUTE!.. This does Not, neceSsarily apply to Unborn Life, but Does apply to "Established" Souls?!.. In such a Case where a Soul has Sufficient "Value" then it has sufficient, "Claim" to Living Existence, RepreSentative of that Value AND More!.. Life must be allowed to have its doman of "Worth" at the Position it Requires?!.. AND Continuity to the limits of its "Extent"! This, Must rema...

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A New Radical Justice System


When I was a little boy, say five years old, I would be what most would consider a highly philosophically-minded child. When my teacher told me that I should put my hand up to ask a question I asked her why, when she got annoyed she would just tell me to shut up and sit down (in kinder words than the ones I proposed). However, I never understood the rule, nor did I feel the need to obey it... Because being shut up and told to sit down isn't truly terrifying. On the other hand, if I had been...

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You should follow Stoic principles.


Stoic doctrine states that we should detach ourselves from our emotions and only worry about what we can control. If we follow this school of thought we will not waste our time on things that are futile, but only worry about that things that we have the capacity to control ourselves. By doing this we will live a better life because we will no longer waste time on what is out of our control, and therefore we will use our time concentrating on what we can, which will lead to better use of our time...

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Is it possible to romantically love more than one person at the same time?


1) Romantic love is what one feels for a significant other with whom they cherish and feel intimate towards. They would feel both close and secure with one another. 2) Romantic love may or may not include physical or sexual relations. 3) To be in a committed relationship and love each other, while still harboring feelings for an ex-lover, one loves more than one person. 4) To love another person while in a relationship, while it may not be commendable, it is still likely. 5) All those who ar...

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