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Does God exist?


I will be arguing for the existence of a deity(s) while my opponent will point out his arguments against the existence of a deity. 1st round: Acceptance 2nd round: Opening statements only (no rebuttal) 3rd round: Rebuttal 4th round: More arguments/rebuttal 5th round: Concluding statements...

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This House Believes That A Virgin Birth Is Scientifically Possible, Even If Improbable!


As-Salam-o-Alikum! This is an interesting debate topic, is it not? In any case the Spirit of the Motion is that there is a scientific possibility, or that science proves that a virgin birth could have occurred, even though it is improbable. My opponent would have to show that there is no scientific possibility that such a birth could occur. S/he could either provide medical/scientific evidence to the contrary or argue that the evidence I provide is irrelevant. In both cases my opponent must p...

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There is no scientific evidence to support evolution


What I mean by evolution, is Darwin's theory of descent with modification or macroevolution, as it's commonly referred to. In other words, the theory that all life has a common ancestor. Con must accept the burden of proof. He must prove that there is real scientific evidence for this theory. Four rounds. Acceptance. Opening arguments. Rebuttals. Closing argument. I look forward to this debate. Good luck....

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The United States government would be wise to invest more in NASA.


The first round is for accepting, second for opening argument, third is for rebuttal, fourth is for closing statements. So, I will be debating for an increase in NASA's budget. ...

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Imabench's 300th Debate!!! Resolved: Cats are Liquids


This is my 300th debate and I wanted to debate something ive always wanted to debate, whether or not cats are indeed liquids. We all have that one crazy belief that no one else thinks is true, this is my crazy belief. Me and Magicr agreed to debate this, and yes it is only 2 rounds long. Definitions: Liquid: An object with a fixed mass and fixed volume, but does not have a fixed shape and instead match the shape of the container they are poured into. Cats: Demons sent to Earth fro...

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Resolved: the Zombie Apocalypse Will Happen


Be it resolved that: the zombie apocalypse will happen. I would like this to be a serious debate, so no trolling please. My only rule is that my opponent cannot use Max Brooks as a legitimate source, since he doesn't have a PhD on zombies. If this does happen, however, I request that voters please take note and vote for me. Format: Round 1, acceptance Round 2, claims Round 3, rebuttals Round 4, rebuild and voting issues Although this is a serious debate, i want all involved t...

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Dinasour soft tissues and DNA prove their recent existance


Dinosaurs are claimed to have gone extinct 65 million years ago. Recent findings of soft tissues in fossils, such as the 2012 discovery of DNA, and even unfossilized dinosaur bone nullify the idea of their ancient extinction. These findings fit just fine in the Biblical Creation model but contradict the geologic column/evolution models. Round 1 - Acceptance Round 2 - Opening Arguments Round 3 - Rebuttals/Closing Statements...

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polygamy is more natural than.. monogamy


polygamy is more natural than monogamy polygamy is more widely practiced in human society now and historically, so that is an indicator, given we are part of the natural world. polygamy is by far most widely practiced in the animal kingdom, even with closely related primates. they did a study on primates, and concluded that the wider a species shoulder, the more polygamous that species is. humans are on the conservative, but polygamous side of things....

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Homosexuality in Humans is Natural


First round is for accepting the debate, stating the resolution, and definitions. Resolution: Homosexuality in Humans is Natural Definitions: Natural is that which does not conflict with natural law. Natural Law has many possible definitions. However, for this debate, natural law will be defined as the evolutionary process. Homosexuality is the state of being sexually attracted to the same sex....

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The Roraima Pollen Evolutionary Paradox


I will argue for the following resolution:The finding of Precambrian (Roraima) Pollen undermines Evolutionary Theory.First round is acceptance only!...

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