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Flat Earth (Pro) vs Spherical Earth (Con)


THE EARTH IS FLATBurden of proof is on both sides. I will prove the Earth is flat. My opponent must prove the Earth is spherical.STRUCTURERound 1 is for your acceptanceRound 2 is for argumentsRound 3 is for rebuttalsRound 4 is for counter rebuttalRound 5 is for your closing statement and conclusion (no arguments or rebuttals)...

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all humans (races) are not equal according to genetics


Hello, frankfurter50. I'm here to state why all humans (races) aren't quite equal according to genetics. I'll explain this more if you accept this....

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The earth is flat


I'll begin with one question; What keeps me stuck to the ground? If gravity doesn't exist, what makes things fall? Don't say weight, I want to know what makes an object have the property of weight....

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(other)Animals aren't smart.


The fact of the matter is, all of what people perceive as intelligence is instinct and survival. "My dog knows how to walk back how to walk back home! It's so smart!" No, the reason it does that, the reason it acts "cute" or "smart" is because it wants to eat. A life where simple head turns, or wagging of tails gets you a meal is one the brain prefers over hunting for it, and possibly starving. Generations of domestication can lead to more behaviors like this. "Wolves stay in a pack, that means...

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Is the moon more feasible to colonize than Mars?


The moon's soil for growing crops is actually usable. The martian soil is poisonous. The moon is MUCH closer to earth than mars is. How much closer? On a scale of 0 to 100 (0 being Mars, 100 being Earth), the moon is at about a 99....

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The earth is a spheroid.


I contend that the place we call home could not possibly be a spheroid that is 25,000 miles in circumference as modern astronomy claims. My opponent carries the burden of this truism. He must prove, conclusively, curvature or axial rotation, preferably both. The proof must be presented through the scientific method. He must start in round one and post only the word forfeit in the last round, since it is his burden, and I'm using the first round for clarification. Good luck. Voters must use OP...

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God Exists


God exists or does not.This is an evidence based argument; the burden of proof is on me (Pro). Con must demonstrate why my arguments are invalid and fail to constitute as evidence for God, and may provide counter evidence of his own apart from mine.I use the word "proof" loosely, as a solely mathematical sense of the word is inapplicable to such a resolution. True proofs exist on...

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America should switch to the Metric System


The number system everyone commonly uses and is taught in schools is the decimal number system, where there are ten digits. (0, 1, 2 ,3 ,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) The metric system is a decimal system and is easy to convert units, like from centimeters to meters where you have to divide by 100, instead of the imperial inches to feet, where you have to divide by 12. It is also very consistent. Units are always x10 apart. Opposed to the imperial system where a foot consists of 12 inches which each consist...

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There are 78 Genders


I believe that the binary gender system that most people believe in is not sufficient for the modern day. Scientists have discovered 78 genders and facts cannot be disputed... Also, I believe that there should be a bathroom for each type of gender in all public areas. This should be a law and if not followed, the business will be shut down....

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Animal Experiments/Testing


Cons No Never it should not be allowed and banned. Animal testing is inhumane and cruel to animals. Just because we want to be safe you feed or inject unknown chemicals in them just to see it is safe for us. Some are just for curiosity! When people "test" if products are safe. they force animals to eat it observe if they live or not if they live to treat, they stay there for the rest of their life since birth until with a little chance being rescued. These days people use dog breed beagles not...

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