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Vaccine Disbursement


The main purpose of our debate is to identify wheather or not disbursment (distribution) of vaccines should be regulated or not. Vaccines are commonly called "shots". Shots are needle tipped syringes filled with medicine that can be administered to the body by puncturing the skin and pressing a plunger to transfer the drug from syringe to human. Doctors administer them to keep the people in our society safe and healthy. Before I explain why a disbursment plan should be enforced it is important...

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Cloning is described as a number of processes that are used to create a genetically identical organism. The copied material is described as a clone, and has the same genetic identity as the original organism. However, there are many controversial issues with these processes. Cloning has been proven in numerous cases to be unsafe. According to Center for Genetics and Society, 95% of mammalian cloning has resulted in failure, the reasons being stillbirth, miscarriage, and life-threatening anomalie...

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Animal Testing


Point 1: Cures and Treatments The California Biochemical Research Associates pronounced that almost every discovery in medicine within the last 100 years have been resulted from animal testing. For example the discovery of insulin was resulted from dogs getting their pancreases removed. Due to polio vaccines being tested on animals the world occurrence of polio reduced from 350,000 cases in 1988 to 223 cases by 2012. "We wouldn't have a vaccine for hepatitis c without chimpanzees," stated th...

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Should Humans Leave Earth?


Due to limited resources on Earth we must leave at some point. Compared to our current resources space has much more energy, metals, and gases than Earth. Isn't this common sense? I believe asteroids are our best option. There is no gravity or atmosphere to impede ships leaving them, and larger ones can even support communities....

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Does the government have the cure for cancer?


Look, cancer treatment such as kimo and etc.. is a billion dollar industry. It is a steady cash flow that comes over a long period of time. If someone was to have cancer and go to treatment over a period of 3 years and possibly end up cancer free, well great, but that was a lot of money. Would that be more expensive than (lets say there is a vaccine to just cure it within a couple days like a flu shot or so) just one shot to cure it or periods of treatment over time? The point is this corrupt go...

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Animal Cloning


Deformations of animals are an inhumane thing to see or to cause. Cloning has a success rate of about 1-30 clones out of 1000 that are successful ( Cloning can cause deformations and mutations, such as grossly oversize heads, double-headed animals, grotesquely twisted limbs, bloated fetuses, and even malformed organs ( Some people think that only the clones themselves are hurt by this disease but in fact even the surrogat...

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Is our world merely a flat plate, supported by a shell of a tortoise?


I don't expect anyone to accept this debate. But if you do, then... Whatever.Rules1. No plagiarism; Don't copy someone else's work and claim it as your own.Failure to follow this (In singular form, seeing as; I ONLY LISTED 1 RULE!) rule will result in a 7-point forfeiture.

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Food Irradiation


There is no detectable levels of radiation left behind in the food after it has been irradiated. A common misconception is that irradiated food is radioactive. The radiation used is very different. It does not generate Gamma, X-Rays, and Electrons. Also irradiated food causes minimal change to the chemical composition. Food irradiation also extends shelf life, reduces food spoilage, and there is less of a chance to get food born diseases, such as Salmonella,...

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Can the human race get along as a whole?


We as a whole cannot seem to agree on just about anything. Between wars and greed we are consumed. With either destroying ourselves or polluting the planet. If we were visited by a hostile alien race we would war with ourselves to decide who is in charge. They wouldn't even have to fire a shot we would do it for them....

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Evolution is not real.


Alright. I will argue that the theory of evolution is false. You will argue that evolution is true. Rules: Ummm... Just don't swear.First round is acceptence only....

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