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moon-landing hoax


fake photoes taken in earth they are full of mistakes...

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Human life begins at conception (sperm meets egg)


A debate on whether human life begins at conception or not. I will be arguing that it does, and the Con will be argue that human life begins at some other point, you can pick. Burden of Proof will be on me especially. Con doesn't necessarily have to prove human life begins at his proposed point, but it would only help his case. I want the format to go like this: Round 1: Acceptance, and please state when life begins (or if you are undecided) Round 2: Arguments. Round 3: Additional ar...

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should we explore space or the ocean more?


Do you think that we should explore Space or Ocean more? Let us know what you think!...

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love and hate


returning at positive energy of self is love for myself, is love for everyone else, and returning at positive energy of something or some one else is hate for everyone else and myself love=positive emotion+returning at energy hate=returning at energy...

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Theory of evolution is valid


I'm bored so starting a debate on this topic. Basically, if you are of the opinion that "macroevolution" is not feasible, then this is the debate for you. Evolution is defined as the change of allele frequencies over successive generations, and the subsequent diversification of life due to various factors. If you want to make a case for a different definition for evolution, go for it, but know that if you use "kinds" to classify populations of organisms in your definition of evolution, I w...

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Should we be allowed to clone


No, we shouldn't be able to clone because it devalues human lives. If you clone yourself then you are just a copy there is nothing special about you. The success rate of cloning is very low and it is very expensive. If I was to have a pet that died then why would I spend $100,000 to get an exact clone of the dog when I can buy like 4 dogs for that price? We might even develop a new disease from forming new genes. People who are cloned maybe viewed differently or viewed as a lesser citizen then a...

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Black people will slowly turn into a sub-species.


All humans are currently Homo-Sapiens. It is my belief that black people will devolve (depending on how you look at it) into Homo-Africanis. This does not mean they will be gay Africans, but rather they will become a new species of ape. This has a lot to do with natural selection taking place in Africa, where many people are dying from lack of food. Therefore those that can survive while only eating very little will live to pass on their genes. This will make any gene that benefits survival...

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Should we spend alot of money in space mission or we shouldn't?


We should invest in space too, we need to support the space mission because we need another home, Our mother earth is dying and we need to look another planet that has same capabilities as earth. I know there's alot to work here on earth the problems that we've fihting especially in the matter of environment. But then we could predict that in the near future the earth gonna die, whatever we do, its still gonna die. That lead other to support the space mission , to make another shelter for our ne...

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Global Warming is Man-Made


==Clarification== I will be arguing that mankind IS the cause of global warming, my opponent will be arguing that mankind is NOT the main driver of modern climate change. My opponent, therefore, is arguing that the theory of anthropogenic climate change is incorrect. This is pretty straightforward. Abbreviations which might be used: AGW -- Anthropogenic global warming CR -- cosmic ray[s] TSI -- Total solar irradiation MWP -- Medieval Warm Period SSN -- Sun spot number PDO --...

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THBT space exploration should be pursued by private companies rather than governments.


This debate is part of the first round of The DDO Olympics Team Debate Tournament, sponsored by Bsh1. I will be working with my partner, TN05, against missmozart and her partner, Biodome. Therefore, neither Biodome nor TN05 are eligible to vote. The full text of the resolution is as follows: "This house believes that space exploration should be pursued by private companies rather than governments."Structure: Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Constructive (No r...

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