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Is the earth round?


The Earth is round. This is the statement I will be defending in this debate. Feel free to join up if you believe the Earth is flat. The way this debate will work is:R1: State what you will defendR2 and R3: Give defensesR4: Rebut your opponent's defensesR5: Closing statements ...

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Factory farming is cruel


Who are you to decide which animal's life's hold more value than others? What difference is there between a cow and a domestic cat? Both have eyes to see, nose to smell, ears to hear and a brain to think, so why do humans assume they don't have the ability to feel fear, pain, loss? Have you been there when a baby calf is taken away from it's mother, and her plea... Her cry for her baby? Have you witnessed the place they are raised and live in, and accepted the false advertisement for 'farmed fre...

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Space research is a waste of money and time


Last year N.A.S.A. spent a total of fourteen billion dollars on research simply to ascertain whether striped toothpaste performed better under intergalactic conditions than traditional fluoride based non-striped toothpaste. This expenditure is a shockingly prodigal misuse of taxpayer funds. Yet how does the United States justify it? This situation is monstrous. What an appalling misuse of funds! Research into space travel should be halted immediately and funds diverted away from N.A.S.A. Forthw...

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It Is Not Probable That the Genesis Flood Narrative Actually Occurred


You asked to accept this.Full ResolutionIt is not probable that the Genesis flood narrative, as related in the book of Genesis in the Bible, actually occurred.You are defending the biblical story of the great flood. You cannot use revisionist theories. You must accept that the flood happened around 2300-2200 BC.BoP is shared.Defin...

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Global Warming has not accelerated the Water Cycle in the last 115 years


Resolution: Global Warming has not accelerated the Water Cycle in the last 115 years. Definitions Global Warming - A process of climate change frequently associated with the warming of the environment due to man made pollution. 115 Years - For statistical limitations to be 1900 to 2014 and early 2015 Accelerating the water cycle - A sustained increase in water evaporation, or precipitation beyond the first 30 years of the 115 year range, or 1900 to 1930. Rules: Round 1: Acceptanc...

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God Exists And Is Both Omnipotent And Omnibenevolent


*You are Pro; you will be arguing for the resolution*ResolutionGod exists, and is both omnipotent (all powerful) and omnibenevolent (all good).Burden of ProofPro has the burden of proof and 4 sets of 10,000 characters to demonstrate that:1. god exists<...

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Mankind Is Not the Main Cause of Global Warming


This is going to be one debate in a project I have devised to decide on the global warming issue once and for all - I will take the pro side in one debate, the con side in another debate, and make my decision from there.Part I - Take the side against global warming. Tylergraham95 is a really good debater, especially on global warming, and I'm sure this will be a great first debate.Full ResolutionI will be arguing that mankind is the not m...

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knowledge dosnt exist beyond my memory


intelligence of the physical is knowledge, like the taste of an apple, where as a snake doesn't have any truth to tell about the taste of apples its a fact that i just took a hard drug, i am just lying about taking a hard drug...

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Evolution (Con) vs. Creationism (Pro)


Full Resolution: Which model creation or evolution can better account for the variety in species we see today. Now that I have the time to do this debate I'll reinstate it. Notice that this debate is impossible to accept and if you find a way to accept then you forfeit. Comment below if you are interested. Arguments must be kept biological. If not, then the side must justify using the argument by explaining why it is relevant to the resolution. Creationism - the doctrine that matter and...

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Lab rats shouldn't be experimented on


I noticed that you support lab rats being experimented on. I'm hear to oppose that. First of all, it's cruel to experiment on any creature, and certainly not right. Mice and rats can be killed and hurt in the process of experimentation. Also, mice and rats are different from humans and have different allergies and resistances. Therefore it's not only cruel to experiment on them, but pointless....

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