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Global warming is likely anthropogenic


===Structure=== 1. Acceptance (ask any questions in the comments before accepting) (and CON's opening framework for debate) 2. Arguments (no rebuttals) 3. Rebuttals/defense 4. Rebuttals/defense 5. 1000 character closing (DO NOT RESPOND TO THE OTHER CLOSING ARGUMENT--ONLY TO THE POINTS MADE THROUGH ROUNDS 2-4) ===Rules=== --> BOP even --> No forfeits --> If you wish to change the resolution, or any groundwork lied out in this first round, say so in the comments not after acceptance...

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Global warming (full resolution in debate)


Resolution: The MAIN CAUSE of global warming is CO2 emissions made by humans My opponent argues CO2 is the MAIN cause of global warming, I argue it is NOT the main cause. Definitions: CO2 emissions - [emission] A substance discharged into the air, especially by an internal combustion engine.[1] he chemical formula for carbon dioxide, a heavy odorless gas (CO2) formed during respiration and by the combustion or decomposition of organic substances; it is absorbed from the air by plants i...

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To stop the usage of fossil fuel is the only way to combat global warming


Dear Opponent, Thanks for accepting for this debate. Let's start the debate. Fossil fuel has some major impacts in our lifes. It usage has resulted in economic development, job opportunities and environmental issues that is industrial revolution. Today, I will be speaking for the topic. The temperatures have been rising steadily but we have to stop it.rising temperatures is turning the life of living organisms. I agree that there are other causes of global warming but fossil fuel is the m...

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Scientists have no proof that humans are responsible for a significant amount of global warming.


There, I said it. And it's true. Even scientists who "believe" humans are largely repsonsible for recent temperature changes will admit they do not have definitive proof. The PR campaign of the left claiming scientists "have reached" a consensus implies the research is finally complete. However, a "consensus" is only 51 percent, and no one is stopping to consider that legitimate science is a product of fact and not popularity or speculation in the absence of conclusive evidence. The liberals and...

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Global Warming is not significantly affected by human activity


I will be arguing that global warming is not significantly impacted by human activity, and my opponent will be arguing that humans are the cause/have a big effect on global warming. Please begin your argument....

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Global warming exists


Global Warming - rising in global tempertures We are NOT debating if it's man made. We ARE arguing if it exists. I argue it's happening, my opponent argues global tempertures from the date ~1900 - present has not been on a warming trend. BoP on my opponent, no negotiating here. 1st round acceptance by con, no semantics or trolling. Go!...

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Global Warming


Rules: 1. This debate will be on science: Were leaving out politics and scientific consensus. No Al Gore or Oregon Petition please. 2. Understand the mechanics of Global Warming Have a basic understanding of the science before accepting this challenge. Like I said before, quotes won't cut it here. We need good scientific arguments. 3. Prove me wrong, not my credibility Don't ignore my arguments and say 'You don't have enough evidence, therefore I don't have to respond' Whether...

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Anthropogenic, catastrophic, carbon dioxide based global warming is a hoax


My opponent will have to prove that global warming is existent, anthropogenic, carbon-caused, and catastrophic. I will attempt to debunk the claims of alarmists. My first argument states that the earth is not warming significantly. From J. Hansen's first testimony in 1988 to 2007, the earth has cooled by approximately .5 degrees. This is from a the UAH MSU monthly global temperatures. The University of Illinois Polar Research Group found that the Antarctic sea ice reached record levels in 2007--...

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Mankind Is the Main Cause of Global Warming


I would like to thank JonMilne for agreeing to this topic. Please read everything below before accepting. Full ResolutionI will be arguing that mankind is the not main cause of global warming. We will not be arguing if global warming exists or not, it will be assumed that it does; only if global warming has an anthropogenic cause.BoP is shared. DefinitionsMankind: "The human race; human beings...

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Global Warming Skepticism


=== Resolution === The people of the world should be highly skeptical on the issue of human induced climate change. === Arguments ==== 1) Changes in climate have occured before. The ice age that occured some 110,000 to 10,000 years ago [1] is evidence that drastic changes in the Earth's climate is normal. Also, the fact that when the Vikings landed in an ice-free Greenland in 986 is evidence of previous warming, as Greenland is full of ice today. [2] Therefore, there is no reason to...

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