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This house will ban animal testing


Hello today we have 3 rounds.1. Acceptance/ Introduction2. Body3. ConclusionRulesFlaking= LoseTroll= LoseForfeit= Lose Status Quo: Medical research is the hardest case for proposition in this debate to prove, since it has previously yielded substantial benefits for humanity , while contemporary animal research continues to contribute demonstrably to the speed and efficiency with which new scientific break throughs ar...

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Adverts do more harm than good


The first round is for introductions. Introduce yourself, then why you wish to take the position you have taken. Then proceed to your short opening statement. RULES a) No swearing, cursing or other forms of profanity. b) Respect both sides [proposition and opposition] of the debate. c) No copyrighted imagery or text. d) Evidence must clearly link to the statement that has been provided. The second round is for arguments. The third round is for arguments. The fourth round is f...

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Eternalism vs. Presentism


PrefaceIt's been a while since I had my last serious debate. I really want to debate some philosophical topic other than God's existence. Let me know in the comments if you are interested.ResolutionIn this debate I am going to affirm...

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Social media is the main cause of decadence in today's society


This debate is primarily based on the role social media has played in leading to a decrease in moral and ethical standards.My argument is that social media has played a part in decadence but it is not necessarily the main factor.My opponent,whoever chooses to accept this debate, will have to prove that social media has played a bigger role than all other factors.My equally demanding burden will be to prove that social media has played a bigger role than all the other factors. Allow me to provi...

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Is there a god?


Hello, So the age old, common debate,"is there a god?". Currently I believe no, however if there is more, solid, supporting evident I am all ears. As we all should know there are many religions, with many different gods. So what makes one god more real than another? Religions merely provided a simple and unexplained answer to our creation. The only 'evidence' given to us are believers stories and a book from many years ago. Time and time again science has disproved such cases that were publis...

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This debate adresses accepting/condoning homosexuality.I have taken the Pro stance against the question, asserting that homosexuality should be welcomed and accepted by society. Whomever accepts this debate will argue this notion with me. For the sake of the argument, I will not accept anyone who agrees with me, but desires the challenge of debating this subject. I am looking to have a heated, but civil debate with someone vehemently against homosexuality. Since this debate is somewhat eccentr...

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Capital Punishment Should be Abolished


PrefaceI as Pro will be arguing that Capital Punishment should be abolished. My opponent, Con, will be arguing that Capital Punishment should not be abolished. It should be noted that we will be arguing the current system of Capital Punishment, the one they use today. This means neither I nor my opponent can suggest that the sy...

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Do you think Texas is a concieded state??


I walk outside and everywhere I turn I see stickers that say "Don't mess with Texas". literally, from windows to the walls, to the barrels we use as trash or recycling containers. Go to hotels and in the morning wake up to texas shaped waffles.... 0.0 Daaammmnnnn, this is such a concieded state....

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Reality Binds Itself Through Telesis


From CTMU: Thus, languages are ultimately self-processing; they must either contain their processors in their expressions, or be expressed in terms of a more basic language fulfilling this requirement. Accordingly, the expressions of SCSPL are dynamic informational configurations of information-processors, implying that SCSPL everywhere consists of information and acceptive-transductive syntax in a state of logical intersection. Together, information and syntax comprise infocognition, self-tr...

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Was Jigsaw truly a Killer?


This is merely the acceptance round. Once this is accepted, the rounds will be as followed: Round 2: Opening/Beginning statements Round 3: Rebuttals and any further information Round 4: Closing statements...

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