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Catholics are not Christians


A real Christian is saved from Hell now and has eternal life now. Cathoics hope to be saved, but they are not saved now and they do not have eternal life now so they are not Christians now. I welcome my opponents explanation of what he thinks makes him a christian. I say He is a Catholic, and not a christian. And if he does not accept this challenge, he is a chicken catholic....

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Atheism Has No Burden of Proof


BoP is on myself as Pro and Instigator to prove the resolution. My BoP requirement is to demonstrate that my case is rationally justified despite Cons rebuttals. The definition of Burden of Proof and Atheism are subject to debate. First round is for acceptance only. No new arguments in round 4. All other standard debate rules apply....

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Abortion is immoral


First round is for acceptance. Second round is for opening statements by Pro and Con (no rebuttals). Third round for first rebuttals. Fourth round for second rebuttals and concluding remarks. This debate will be centered on the moral issue concerning abortion, so do not bring Roe v. Wade or the law into this discussion. It's about the moral issue only. Pro and Con will also not be allowed to argue whether morality is objective or subjective. Because it's not relevant to the topic at hand....

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God Loves You All


God loves you all. God loves my opponent and God loves every person who gives reasons they think are logical as they try to prove God does not love them or anybody else. If you keep insisting God does not love you, you will forever prove that you can't feel His love in the fire of Hell. God is not going to put up with nonsense forever, and He is not going to allow bad attitudes to fly around freely stinking up His creation. Don't be a fool. Do...

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Most People Hate the Truth Which is We All Deserve Death and Hell


You can argue that we don't deserve to die so it is not possbile that you can be hateful of a truth which is a fallacy, or silly arguments like that. You can call my arguments silly. When you say death is natural or only an event we don't deserve, I'll say that is silly and I will explain why it is silly: it is silly because if we don't deserve it, that means it is not fair. Since it falls on all of us, then it must be fair. Is it fair or is i...

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It would be immoral to enslave a self-aware Artificial Intelligence


Con has suggested that it would not be immoral to enslave a self-aware, self-reliant and self-determining Artificial Intelligence. Pro will argue against the enslavement of a self-aware, sentient and rationalizing intelligence. First round for acceptance. Definitions: "True" AI (Artificial Intelligence): This argument will be made under the hypothetical framework that a fully self-aware AI will be possible in the future. This hypothetical AI would have the ability to take in stimu...

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God loves you.


God loves you. He loves you so much that even if you hate Him and show that hatred by saying He is not there, being willfully ignorant of His love, He still gave His Son to die in your place. As the Son of God, Jesus is God (if a man has a son, that son is human, God's Son is God) He proved God's love for you in dying in your place. You are the one who deserves to die (the same as me and everybody else) but God Himself took your death so that He can be satisfied that the death you owe for y...

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Vigilantism *Official Tier Tournament: Round 1*


*Official Tier Tournament: Round 1*Resolution: Vigilantism is morally justifiable when the government has failed to enforce the law.DefinitionsVigilantism: The methods, conduct, attitudes, etc, associated with vigilantes....

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Are Aliens Real


Aliens do not exsist because if they did we would all be taken over. People that believe aliens are real are confused by sitings of planes as the so called "UFOs."...

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Warlocks are better than Hunters in Destiny


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