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Smoking is good for you


(First off dont take this too seriously.... its basically a joke but it'll be fun debating it) Smoking alot of the times is good because it calms people down. As we all know, life is very stressful and a cigarette or some weed will often do wonders for a person's mental and emotional state. Further more, the sort of badass connatation that smoking has allows some people to feel good about themselves which is always a plus....

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Bananas are a fruit!!!


First off I know this is a really stupid debate but I'm REALLY bored!!!! Like I took a TAKS test today and that sucked....anywayz...... Bananas are a fruit because they are a fruit!!!! Look up banana on!!!! 2nd definition!!!!!! Good luck to my opponent!!!!!...

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Keep animals home as pets


Animals don't really belong in a human home. We can't properly meet their needs in terms of exercise, diet and environment, so it is cruel to keep them as pets, therefore, I am against keeping animals home as pets....

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Republicans are overweight.


Republicans are overweight. Not only that, they are primarily obese, white, middle-aged, midwestern, racist, homophobic, sexist, bible-thumping, ignorant pigs. I look forward to an opponent to prove this fact....

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The Death Penalty Should Be Used In Certain Cases


Resolved: The death penalty should be used in certain cases There are many cases in which the death penalty is just and should be used. For example, if a man is proven that, without a doubt, he killed another man, that murderer should be killed. While it would be profitable to use the people in prison to do labor, the prisoner should at least be given the option between death and working in prison for the rest of his life. Death Penalty:

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You should not abort a child


Aborting a child is taking away another persons life as soon as they come into the world. The reason why I am in favor of not aborting a child is because what's the sense of wanting kids, then when you get pregnant and have the chance to have a kid you are going to abort the baby. Its not fair for a kid to suffer fro so much and when you are living your life after you abort the child you will feel guilty....

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nurses wearing uniform vs. nurses not wearing uniform


Nurses should wear hats as part of their unifom to give them a more professional look while they are on duty in the work place. supervisors should make it a responsibility for nurses to wear hats....

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Legal Recreational Marijuana Revisited


NOTE: Because it has already been established in many other debates, we know that marijuana is harmful to one's health. Unfortunately, so is alcohol, tobacco and...gasp...even the hamburgers we get from our favorite fast food chains so please don't waste your time proving that aspect. Recreational marijuana use should be legalized. Just like any other legal drug, it comes with it's own set of responsibilities and restrictions. Sure, it is unhealthy, but no worse than many other legal drugs....

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smoking should be illegal


Everyone knows that smoking kills. That's not why it should be made illegal. Nicotine is very addictive. That is not why it should be illegal. I am not a smoker because I value my own life. However, I believe suicide, should someone want it, should be legal. I consider smoking "prolonged suicide." Honestly, that is why I don't smoke, but that is not why it should be illegal. Okay, I'm done with that weird repetitive schpiel. I'll get to the point ("Get on with it!"). Smokers inhale approximate...

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Having bad table manners makes you a less-liked person.


I am against this topic of debate, because I have a friend who doesn't have the best table manners, but he/she is one of the more popular kids in school. He/she does many sports, has many friends, and is liked by his/her teachers as well as fellow classmates. Also, if a person has bad table manners, you cannot judge them; "don't judge a book by its cover". I believe that if someone doesn't have good table manners, that could be a result of not realizing what they are doing, or if their parents...

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