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hi there, i just want you to know first off that i respect your opinion and it matters to me. lets just investigate the factors that contribute to the thoughts of euthanasia, it may be the fact that you are terminally ill, or perhaps it is the fact that you are living a life that is full of misery or perhaps you may have comitted someting you are shameful of and you know that you will never get over it. Now if you were in this position, would you want to live your life in despair or pain, i shou...

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Bsh v. Esocial: Hot Guys Battle


PrefaceI am having this debate for three reasons (a) I've kind of wanted to try something like this for awhile, (b) it annoys me not having an equal number of lost and tied debates, and (c) 111 debates is such an awkward number to leave the site on that I need to do one more debate. Plus, hot guys are wonderful...This debate is a non-voting debate. Both me and Annie (by accepting this debate) agree that all votes cast on this debate should null (awar...

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My 101st Debate: Universal Health Care


PrefaceThis is my 101st debate. Uchiha has been eager to get this debate done, and I look forward to taking it up with him. Hopefully I can have more luck defending UHC this time than previously. Uchiha may not accept this debate before 1:00am, DDO time, on Nov. 8th, or he auto-loses the debate. I thank him in advance for accepting, and look forward to an interesting discourse.Full TopicA just society ought to provide uni...

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Voluntary Euthanasia


PrefaceVarrack approached me about doing this debate, and I think it will be an interesting discussion. Euthanasia is an important question now more than ever, as more and more places begin considering the merits of some form of euthanasia. I look forward to an engaging and insightful discourse.There is a minimum of 2,500 ELO needed to vote on this debate. Debaters have 72 hours and 10,000 characters per round to make their cases....

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Legal Euthanasia


I will be debating the topic of suicide by chemical assistance by a doctor or medical physician. There are many diseases and conditions that humans unfortunately have to live and suffer through even if their future is only said to be on the decline. If there is no treatment available or if treatment is no longer an option, (meaning it would do more harm than good " if the condition is too advanced for the treatment to work) there is no choice to be made and the person must endure whatever comes...

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Cigarettes should be illegal


I think they should be illegal first round accept...

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Should Euthanasia be legalized?


Hi, look forward to reading Cons argument if anyone accepts. :-)Why Euthanasia should be legalised Euthanasia is the act of painlessly ending a patient's life if they are suffering from a painful terminal disease or are in an irreversible coma. I believe wholeheartedly that people who are in such a dire state should not have to endure the painful, agonizing, unbearable pain any longer. Do...

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is Mcdonalds THAT bad?


I will now ask you all a question why do people specifacly target Mcdonalds when KFC is being fried in fat when subway uses hidden msg and bleachs When a thumb was found in a chilli at wendys WHY DO people target mcdonalds ill tell you because they're big and make money people love to target big corporations this is not mcdonalds fault , and can we please talk about super size me. IF YOU ARE GOING TO EAT EVERY ITEM ON A RESTURAN MENU OF COURSE YOU WILL GET SICK I bet that if you tried every item...

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Marijuana Legalization in Canada


I think that marijuana should be legalized. I currently live in Canada. Justin Trudeau was recently elected prime minister. One of Justin's promises that he made for once he was elected was that marijuana (a very controversial topic) should be legalized. From my brief research I have come to a conclusion. There are obviously dangers to marijuana being legalized, but the same risks are taken with any alcohol intake. Most of the same rules would apply if weed was legalized, because when you're "hi...

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Is Euthanasia Morally Acceptable?


Euthanasia is not morally permissible because the dignity of a human person does not depend on the amount on suffering that someone goes through. Their dignity is inherent, being a human person. If someone complies with the idea of euthanasia, then they equate dignity with intellectual and physical capabilities, which is wrong. True compassion demands that we love and support one another regardless of our function or appearance and prepare someone for their ultimate purpose which is fulfilling t...

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