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Nonhuman animals should have the same rights as human beings


I am starting this debate because the one started by Trans4mers434 on the exact same topic died down, and I would happily take his/her place as the Pro. Oh, and for fairness' sake I'll say that I only took a glance at BuggyB's arguments on the previous debate, so I haven't had any extra time to analyse them.FORMAT (I'm not looking to do this debate super formally, as this is my first debate here, but I do like a bit of structure.)Rd. 1 Pro: Rules/Def...

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Wikipedia should be considered a viable source on DDO


I am re-launching this debate for all who are interested in accepting.This debate is currently impossible to accept. If you are interested, clarify so by either giving me a PM or saying so in the comments. This filter only exists to prohibit trolls from accepting. If someone somehow accepts...

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The debate.org site rules should be more strictly enforced.


The debate.org site rules are the debate.org Terms of Use. [1. http://www.debate.org/legal/terms/] Among other things, the member agrees he: Will follow the following rules while participating on the site. Any disregard for these rules or any of the other terms or guidelines may result in termination of a member's account. No use of profanities or swear words. No personal attacks ag...

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Gay marriage should be legal nationwide in the US!!!


Gay marriage should be legal nationwide here in the United States. Having illegal marriage is discrimination. Everyone is equal. People should be allowed to marry anyone they want to. If straight people can marry who ever they want, then gays should be able to marry who ever they want. The reason why so many people don't want gay marriage legalized is because it is against God. People get offended when they see same sex couples for that reason. Truth is, if you don't like it then don't be near t...

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Rap Battle : Compliments


Unlimited Bars Compliment your opponent. 1st round acceptance Judge for who you liked the best. Let's make this a HOF debate...

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This is not a debate


First round is acceptance, second round is argument, third is conclusion. In the last round, no more arguments and rebuttals can be made, just wrap up your arguments....

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Cereal Should be Poured into the Bowl Before the Milk


In the course of human events, and, in fact, all events, whether human in nature or not, it becomes evident that, under careful and meticulous contemplation, most things are subjective when it comes right down to it. One color cannot be objectively better than another color, humans cannot adjudicate regarding the definite moral standing of another person, etc. However, in spite of all of this, there remain a certain number of immanent truths. Various religious orders, philosophies and the like m...

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Who Would Make a Better Husband for YYW


TopicWho, between Bsh1 and Thett3, would make a better husband for YYW.Rules1. Thett3 stipulates that he is, in fact, a heterosexual2. No new arguments in each debater's final speech3. BOP: Thett3 must argue he'd make the better hubby; I must argue that I would make the better spouse4. We will assume, for the purposes of this debate, that this is a legally recognized marriage (not common law, not civil u...

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Should a debater without a profile picture be considered a new person to join this organization?


I think that if your profile picture is still a purple circle you are going to be very likely be a new person to this website group. New person slangs: newbie, greenhand, newb, greenhorn, The New Guy, ect....

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WAR GAME SCENARIO: Russia Versus Chosen Nation


This is a war debate. If you want to accept, please send me a PM. If you somehow find a way to accept this debate, you will automatically forfeit the complete 7 points. Tell me what country you will represent, what your WMD will be (refer to the below list), and tell me why I should choose you to be my opponent; give me a very good reason as to why you want to do this debate and why you would be a worthy op...

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