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God exists


This debate is about the existence of God, specifically, the Christian God of the Bible, Old and New Testament. I will endeavor to show that there is a weightier body of evidence that God exists above my opponent's. This will be based primarily on historical events. You should be familiar with history from secular and Biblical sources. It is my position that the question of the existence of the God of the Bible is 1. testable: Susceptible to being tested. With respect to the scientific m...

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DDO should keep a voting system with multiple categories


Currently, debate.org uses a seven point voting system for judging debates, with points awarded in categories according to:Who had better conduct (1 point)Had better spelling and grammar (1 point)Made more convincing arguments (3 points)Used the most reliable...

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Bsh v. Harder: Hot Guys Battle


PrefaceI am having this debate to honor Harder's coming out on DDO, and as a statement of support for him. I hope that he enjoys the debate---I am pretty sure it will be fun :)This debate is a non-voting debate; however, people are free to cast null votes providing feedback. Both Harder and I (by accepting this debate) agree that all votes cast on this debate should null (awarding no points or equ...

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Matt Ought to Take his shirt off publicly


The full resolution is Resolved: Matt ought to remove his shirt publicly in a Google Hangout session with members of DDO present.Matt - The user known as Zaradi, aka me.Let bsh accept this ;) ...

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The practice of only voting in favour of your friends should not be acceptable


Full resolution: The practice of choosing only to vote in favour of another user, while withholding your vote if you believe that user lost the debate, should not be acceptable on DDO. Pro will argue in favour of the resolution, that it should not be acceptable for DDO users to selectively vote only in favour of another user if they refuse to ever vote against that user. Con will argue the position that it should be acceptable for DDO members to selectively vote in favour of another user,...

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Fancy Polite English Gentlemen Insult Battle


Alright here's how this works: Each round, not including the first round, both sides will post TWO insults that although they may not be vicious or sting, they would be the kind of insults you would expect from a Fancy Polite English Gentlemen. Example: "You mother is so uncultured that she cannot tell the difference between a Caviar spoon, and an Iced Tea Spoon!" ^ You post two each round starting in round 2. Voters pick whoever has the FANCIEST insults overall, fanciest being defined a...

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Wikipedia should be considered a viable source on DDO


I am re-launching this debate for all who are interested in accepting.This debate is currently impossible to accept. If you are interested, clarify so by either giving me a PM or saying so in the comments. This filter only exists to prohibit trolls from accepting. If someone somehow accepts...

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Rap Battle : Compliments


Unlimited Bars Compliment your opponent. 1st round acceptance Judge for who you liked the best. Let's make this a HOF debate...

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The Israeli Military intentionally attacked the USS Liberty


I appreciate EmilRose being willing to debate this topic with me. I honestly didn't think many people would be too interested in this topic so I reached out to her knowing her interest in Israeli politics as well as history. I also wanted the challenge of facing an undefeated opponent. Little did I know that quit a few people were actually interested in debating this but I think I picked the best person for this particular debate anyway. The Elo limit unfortunately has to be at above 2,000 El...

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Should gay people be left alone


Gay people are like any other person. They eat, breathe & talk. Firstly, gay's have been pointed as sinful, disgusting humans, just because the bible says so. Of what I read of Homosexual bible versus...all it says is that it is an abomination . For some strange reason, everyone one says "God loves everybody"., And God does love everybody but for people who aren't for gays, they say "God loves every body", but then they go hate on gay people and say that God doesn't love you....

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