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Should books be banned?


Should controversial books be banned or should they not be banned? I read the book "The Sun Also Rises" just after finding out it was a banned book. I do not think it should be banned and my opinion is voiced in the link below. Comment and let me know what you think both on here and on the blog. It would be a lot of help with my English assignment! Thanks!

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God most likely exists


Good evening/afternoon/morning/midday, ladies and gentlemen. Sswdwm and I don't always see eye-to-eye on issues, and after having many enjoyable forum debates, we've decided to take it to the real thing. The resolution for this debate shall be...God most likely exists.

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Handicap Debate - God Exists


*Debate is closed, leave message in comments to accept*BackgroundI am strongly of the opinion that 10,000 characters is plenty to present a decent case for virtually any position. Thus it infinitely irrita...

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Right and Wrong, When Pertaining to Morality, are Subjective to Personal Interpretation.


In this debate, I shall take the burden of proof. I propose that morality, our understandings of right and wrong, are subjective to external and neurological factors. One instance of this is the separation of moralities in different cultures. People in India tend to view the cow as a sacred animal, and because of this, killing or harming a cow is immoral to those people. In other countries such as the U.S., cows are frequently used as livestock with little regard to them as an organism and a...

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It is more ethical to kill five people rather than one person. (Please read description)


Philisophical/Ethical debating. I am aware that although there may be no correct answer, as my debate is based purely on abstract thought, although I am intrigued to see what the thoughts/opinions will be. The topic of debate is as follows: I would like to start off by submitting a scenario. Suppose you are travelling down a track in a runaway trolley Cart, you are travelling at 60mph and the brakes are broken. At the end of the track in the distance you notice 5 workers going about t...

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1000 character debate: Trolley Problem


Resolution: If a trolley is headed towards five people tied to a track and you are near a switch and can switch the trolley onto a different track where one person is tied to the track, you ought not switch.It is assumed that the people the trolley hits will definitely die. Practical considerations will not figure into this.Nor will Kritiks. For instance arguing that 'ought' is entirely subjective, thus this resolution has no right or wrong ans...

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It is likely that a God or gods exist


Is it likely that a God or gods exist? I am not interested in a semantic debate. By God or gods, I do not refer to a specific monotheistic Judeo-Christian conception of God. Rather, I use a more general, commonplace definition in which gods are either supernatural creators of the universe or even simply supernatural entities that are responsible for a specific aspect of the universe (for example, Poseidon is the god of the ocean, or Mars is the god of war). That is not to say that God cannot...

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DA Tournament: The Most Accurate Meta-Ethical Theory. Moral Realism (Pro) vs Moral Relativism (Con)


Full Resolution: "What is the most accurate meta-ethical theory. Moral Realism, or Moral RelativismThis is in fulfilment of the religious devils advocate tournament:

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It is more economically rational to deny same-sex couples marriage status than not.


Same-sex couples do not have the same legal standing as truly married couples. When judges attempt to issue marriage licenses and statuses to same-sex couples, it creates a social fissure (crack) and disrupts businesses whose owners cannot, in good faith, celebrate same-sex "weddings." Actually, these business owners know that the celebrations or public ceremonies are not real marriages, to begin with. Thus, they would be calling or endorsing something as "marriage" which is not a real marria...

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Immanuel Kant was more important than John Stuart Mill in the development of philosophy


100th debate! This debate should be impossible to accept. Introduction and Clarifications Credit to SocialPinko for the idea. We had a similar debate a while back and I wanted to do one like this again. The terms “important” and “development” will be open for debate. There is no need to agree on the specific definitions but we should apply common sense...

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