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Psychological Egoism


Definition:"Psychological egoism is the thesis that we are always deep down motivated by what we perceive to be in our own self-interest." I will be defending this thesis, and my opponent's objective should be to show that there are instances where a person acts with with purely altruistic motives. First Round will be for Acceptance. Any questions, please ask in the comments before accepting. Any confusion that arises that could've been avoided with a simple qu...

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"Reality Is Mental" Is A More Rational Proposition Than Its Negation


The burden of proof will be shared. I must show that Monistic Idealism is more rational than the view that there is a non-mental aspect of reality (such as Dualism or Physicalism). My opponent must show that it is more rational to believe in a non-mental aspect of reality than Monistic Idealism. The first round is just for acceptance. Good luck :) ...

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Abortion is generally immoral


Resolved: Abortion is generally immoral.Four rounds. Shared BoP. No new arguments in R4. R1 for acceptance.I shall argue that abortion is immoral in most cases. This means excluding extraordinary cases such as rape, incest, to save the life of the mother, etc. So I shall be arguing that in cases where the individual gave consent and partook in sex, resulting in a pregnancy, abortion is immoral. My opponent shall a...

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Is The Bible Is The Best Advertisement For Atheism??


I consider that the Bible is the Best Advertisement for Atheism, on the grounds that I myself and many I've known became Atheists from their reading the Bible and discovering it is Irrational Nonsense.This is a common view as even Richard Dawkins (an Agnostic Scientist) has publicly stated that he wants Bibles in all school libraries so children can access it unguided, to attempt to read it l...

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Does good and evil exist?/Examining scenarios to prove statement


This is my first debate, and I decided to start with the topic of whether good and evil exist, using a certain scenario as a jumping point. I am arguing that good and evil do exist. The scenario that I would like to present is the following: If I was talking to someone about something trivial and then suddenly took a gun and shot the person in the head because I felt like it (and for no other reason; the conversation had nothing to do with it), this would be considered evil because I woul...

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Resolved: All human acts are selfish.


I'd like to thank Cold-Mind ahead of time for accepting this debate. RulesMy opponent will begin his argument round 1Round 2 is arguments and rebuttlesRound 3 is rebuttles and Con's conclusion.Round 4 is Rebuttle and conclusion by Pro.Con will end round 4 by stating, "No argument as agreed upon."No swearingNo SemanticsBurden of Proof is equally sharedViolations of these rules will result in a forfe...

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3 sides of the coin


There are 3 sides to a coin. Heads. Tails. The edge. We perform coin tosses to make decisions sometimes. Sheeple pick a side. Never the edge. This debate is about the tendency of the human species to choose a side, which the sheeple do, so they can be declared by the elites to be winners. The elites, those in the .000001% income bracket that attempt to control us, use this tendency to create more power for themselves. Don't listen to the propaganda and choose a side, eventually you...

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Homosexual Acts are Immoral


TERMSResolved: Homosexual Acts Are ImmoralRounds:1. Acceptance only2. Opening arguments3. Clash4. Closing arguments/clash Definitions: By "homosexual acts" I refer to sexual acts between members of the sa...

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euthanasia should be banned


Euthanasia should not be banned as it helps those people who are terminally ill and suffering from extreme physical pain to alleviate their pain by ending his or her life and die with dignity. It is more cruel and unfair to make them suffer and endure the unbearable pain.As the motive of euthanasia is to aid in dying painlessly, it should be considered positively by the lawmakers and should not be banned....

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Atheism is based on ignorance


I argue that atheism is a system of beliefs not supported or backed up by complete facts. It can be just as dogmatic as any other system. For the majority of the time, it's based on emotion and flawed arguments. First round acceptance...

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