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This House Believes That Sense Experience Is The Ultimate Source of Knowledge!


Introduction:This is a debate regarding Epistemology, it seeks to address the age old question which has seperated scientists and philsophers: wether empiricism is significantly the fundamental source of knowledge or whether innate knowledge or rationalistic knowledge forms a significant enough part of human knowledge. The resolution states "rational...

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does god exist or not


i say god does exist but my perception of god is a bit different . god is not a person . god can not be personified . its just a sort of vibration . so to see the god as a person seems completely wrong. on one side you say that god has unlimited powers and on the other hand u put restriction by personifying the god....

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Abortion is Morally okay


To my opponent: Please keep this respectful and calm. I don't want to offend anyone, my goal is to understand your position more thoroughly...that said, let's go. My position on abortion is that it is morally wrong. I'd like to start by addressing a few common arguments made by pro-choicers. 1. We're pro-choice, not pro-death. Basically, we're in favor of everyone deciding for themselves rather than there being a strict definition of what you can and can't do. a) I'm not saying you ha...

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I am the soul imaginor of all things.


I believe that I am a single celled organisms floating through space. I also believe that I create and imagine everything around me. While I look at something it starts to exist but as soon as I look away it disappears into nonexistence. Dreams are the creation of my mind and it is just as complex. If con can prove that I am not the soul creator of everything around me than he/she wins. If he/she cannot obviously they lose....

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Atheism is a religion


Atheism, or any unmotivated claim that God doesn't exist, is to be considered a religion because it states something we don't have evidences for. Religious is any thought that implies believing without proofs....

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God exists


Definitions God: An entity that is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent and the cause of the universe. Universe: all and only that which exists (in this case, synonymous with reality). Cause: Something that brings about an effect or result First round is for acceptance only....

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General Relativity Implies that God does not Exist


For some time, Sargon has contended that general relativity supplies an argument for atheism; that is to say, implies that God does not exist. Him and I have debated this issue else where, and I am more convinced than ever that general relativity implies no such thing. But for the convenience of DDO users, a debate here would be helpful. First round is for Sargon to present his argument as Pro. For an equal number of rounds, Sargon will not be posting a reply on round four. Plagiarism...

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Your kid is NOT "smarter" then you. Unless you believe smart phone savvy is smartness,


The title says it all. Please dispute this, foolish parent....

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In defence of Atheism, Prove me wrong


As a theist, A Christian, I have the universal cosmos on my side to defend this argument. As a Christian, I can not only quote the Quran but also Muslims in saying, that the Holy Quran supports me in my faith without contradictions. Hinduism, which via Sanskrit is argued to be Monotheist in nature, Supports all my claims. the Mythology of Europe, supports my claims, as well as all worldly philosophies. As a Christian I rely heavily on sciences and logic to defend my case. And There is no evi...

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The Power of words and its effects


Based on foundational teachings and beliefs within the religious mindset and a few secular mind, it is adapted and believed that the power of life and death lies within the tongue. We all know that based on how an argument, statement or just about any vocal/ audible means of communication has an influential or intimidating effect on its audience weather direct or in directly. It has an effect on an individual consciously or subconsciously that will cause that individual to react to that media tr...

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