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There Are Good Secular Reasons to Disallow Same-Sex Marriage


HonestDiscussioner and I have agreed on terms. I will launch immediately into my opening statement.~The state regulates marriage for a reason. It dispenses benefits for a reason. Understanding what this reason is will tell us what criteria are and are not relevant to marriage, and thus whether any rights are being denied. If the state excludes same-sex couples from entering into legal marriages on the basis of criteria relevant to the public purpose of marri...

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Incarceration vs Treatment


1.) Incarceration is the state of being confined in prison. 2.) Incarceration is a form of punishment for someone who has done something wrong or illegal. 3.) Punishment is the infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offense. 4.) It would be wrong to punish someone for something in which they could not help. 5.) Pedophilia is an illness and not a crime. 6.) If we punish someone for something they cannot help, we are acting unreasonable. 7.) Acting unreasonable is bad....

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The Problem of Evil falsifies the Christian God's Omnibenevolence


I am honoured to have Wylted accept this debate! Best of luck to him!.The burden of proof is on me to demonstrate the resolution to be true. I will argue in the following round and Con may provide rebuttals/arguments in the same round.10,000 characters.Round 1: AcceptanceRound 2: Opening arguments, Con may rebut meRound 3: Rebuttals/ArgumentsRound 4: Rebuttals/Conclusions - No new arguments/brand new rebuttalsThat is all, good luck!!...

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Life Means God is Good


I accept the BOP in this debate, and will probably lose because most people will not concede to the fact that God is good. Most people will say God is not good because He does not give them what they want.......but the truth is, God does give everybody what they want. People tend to want the wrong things. The first thing we need is to be saved from dying. God is trying to save everybody, but most people want the wrong things so God lets them have it and that is not good.......but God is goo...

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Does God exist?


Thanks Envisage for accepting this debate. First round for acceptance I'm pro, Envisage will be Con. BOP is on me. 'God' is the Deistic concept of God. (Creator, transcendent, powerful) Enjoy!...

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xXCryptoXx's 100th Debate: The Conjugal View of Marriage is Philosophically Valid


Opening Speech Hello all and welcome to my 100th debate! It has been a long journey in debating to get where I am on this wonderful summer day. Over the course of my debate history I have debated gay marriage a grand total of 24 times, having lost four of those debates, tying twice, and winning eighteen times. Gay marriage has been the debate topic of 2...

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Astrology is Untrue


I am proposing astrology is untrue. By untrue I mean it cannot make accurate predictions about the future by which a mystical, ancient, or supernatural phenomena allows it to do so....

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There is no unchanging, separate self.


First round for acceptance only. The feeling of being an individual separate from ones environment is inevitably found to be illusory. There is no core to being, no "observer" or "soul" that continues from life to life, or even, from moment to moment. All things are subject to change, and there is no unchanging substrate to this change. Indeed, "essence" is an illusory notion....

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This House Believes That Sense Experience Is The Ultimate Source of Knowledge!


Introduction:This is a debate regarding Epistemology, it seeks to address the age old question which has seperated scientists and philsophers: wether empiricism is significantly the fundamental source of knowledge or whether innate knowledge or rationalistic knowledge forms a significant enough part of human knowledge. The resolution states "rational...

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We Cannot Create Artificial Intelligence via Computation Alone


I am challenging Philosophybro to this debate. I hope it will go well. Definitions: Artificial Intelligence (as defined by Searle): The claim that an "appropriately programmed computer with the right inputs and outputs would thereby have a mind in exactly the same sense human beings have minds." Computation: "process following a well-defined model understood and expressed as, for example, an algorithm, or a protocol." or to use Turing's definition of what a Turing machine does " Print "0...

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