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Human beings are superior to animals


Humanity in general has often struck me as being incredibly arrogant in almost everything we do. We assume our intelligence and ingenuity gives us the right to meddle with anything and everything that's within our grasp. We have this elevated view of ourselves in regard to nature. This notion that we have surpassed the lowly beast and are inherently "better", superior creatures that can lord over nature as we see fit. However, take the human being out of an ecosystem and nature thrives. Take...

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Murder is Objectively Immoral


Resolved: Murder is Objectively Immoral 4 rounds/6,000/select winner/72hrs...

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could An Anarchist/ Communist revolution happen in the U.S.A and be successful?


This debate is asking if a Radical left wing ideology (Such as Anarchism or Communism) could start a revolution in America and Succeed. Such as, have it Successfully overthrow the government. I will take the pro side. Here are there reasons why: 1. De-Pacified Populace One the General populace turns off their TV's, puts down their iPhones, and stops listening to CNN and FOX, they will realize how much suffering there is in the world, because of America, and because of Capitalism. If pe...

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It is better to be an Optimist than a Pessimist


Introduction Many thanks to UtherPenguin for accepting this debate on behalf of bsh1's Unique Topics tournament. I'm happy that we chose a more philosophical concept, and I look forward to discussing it with my opponent. I will begin my arguments in Round 2. An optimist is a person with a positive outlook on life. A pessimist is a person with a negative outlook on life. Dispos...

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Physicalism is improbable


Thanks to Sargon for proposing this topic. Standard DDO rules apply -- first round for acceptance, no new arguments or rebuttals in the final round, no semantics, no trolling, etc, etc etc. I have the burden of proof in this debate to show that Physicalism is improbable. The definition of Physicalism can be found here -- I look forward to an interesting debate!...

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Should under-18s have the right to vote?


This is a debate for whether or not under-18s should have a right to vote. I am going to limit it to an age of 14 at the least, as this is around an age where we begin to learn the most, and is the end of Year 9. Here is my argument: I believe that under-18s should have a right to vote because many new laws affect them the most, unlike older citizens. For example, the BREXIT vote. The majority of voters who voted to leave the EU in Britain were over the age of 50, giving them 31 years left i...

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It is better for a leader to be more feared than loved.


Full resolution:"In a situation where both virutes are incompatible: it is better for a leader to be more feared than loved."Rules-BoP is shared, as Pro must prove it is better to be feared as a leader, Con must equally prove that it is better to be loved as a leader.-If you're intrested in the debate, be sure to comment below-Be civil and follow the format.Format:Round 1: Acceptan...

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Policing, law enforcement, or security services provided by government is immoral


R1: Acceptance R2: Argument R3: Rebuttal R4: Closing Remarks(only limited new argument if absolutely necessary) I am taking that position that modern policing that is, all protection, security and law enforcement currently provided by governments is immoral. I will try to argue generally but my frame of reference is the United States....

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Is Santa Claus Good for Children?


This debate is whether Santa Claus is good for children or not. I can tell you why he's not, and you can tell me why he is. Santa Claus is a bribe. Children are no nicer because of him. The children on his "nice list" are just as fake as he is. Make the best debater win....

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Objective morality is an incoherent concept.


Thank you for participating in this debate. I will be arguing in favor of the view that objective morality is an incoherent concept. The term "objective" is generally understood to mean something that is independent of observation and not subject to opinion or interpretation. An "objective" observer is expected to be totally impartial and unbiased. On the other hand, "morality" is considered to be a system of values and/or principles of conduct, along with associated prescribed consequence...

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