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God is better than you and me


A atheist or someone who wants to disprove God may accept this debate. They will argue first that God is not real, and then follow that with a whole bunch of other stuff. God is very real, believe me, I've had my experiences, and I needed a lot more than will power for some. But I want you to pretend God is real (believe or not), and base our facts off the Bible. This debate will focus primarily how God (real or not) is still better than you. My first argument, where in the Bible does it say Go...

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Homosexual Ministers


Lets define Homosexual: . Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex. I highly believe its okay for ministers to be homosexual, for it could be greatly beneficial. Con may or may not post his argument in the first round, or he/she could just accept in the first round. Good Luck! Source:

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Is the Christian God real?


To start of, please know I am not an atheist. I am an agnostic theist. I do not make the claim that no God exists, I actually think there very well may be a God that exists. However, not the Christian God. I have several points to make so I will try to keep this as organized as possible. 1. Christians lack of evidence plus disproval of the bible When asked what evidence Christians have to prove Gods existence, they turn to the bible. A book full of stories, some good and some bad, but storie...

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Let's have a debate just for fun my friend. I do believe in the Creator of the Universe but I dislike the Judeo/Christian version of him however. It seems to me that based on Judeo/Christianity as a whole; for example this Great God who decrees doesn't seem like a very nice god according to some of the information found in the Holy Bible. Honestly my friend, no offense to you; I hate the Judeo/Christian god Jehovah and to claim otherwise would not only be intellectually dishonest of me but also...

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Pastafarianism is just as good, if not better then abrahamic religions


First round is for acceptance, and defining terms. Definitions: Pastafarianism: the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Good: comparative goodness or badness, which can be measured in morality, plausibility, rationality, et cetera Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, an Islam Please support your arguments with evidence and reasoning. BoP is shared. First round is acceptance only....

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God is Dead.


Christians consider the existence of their God to be an obvious truth that no sane man could deny. I strongly disagree with this assumption not only because evidence for the existence of this presumably ubiquitous yet invisible God is lacking, but because the very nature Christians attribute to this God is self-contradictory. It is taken for granted by Christians, as well as many atheists, that a universal negative cannot be proven. In this case, that universal negative is the statement that t...

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Does the Bible teach that we are saved by faith ALONE?


I would like to thank logicinlife for suggesting this resolution. This should be a fun and interesting debate. Burden of proof is shared. As Con I will be negating the premise that the Bible teaches salvation by faith alone. My opponent, on the other hand, will be arguing in support of the resolution. First round is NOT for acceptance. Since my opponent is supporting the resolution, he shall go first. In order to keep the number of rounds fair, my opponent will only type "No round as agree...

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Science cannot disprove God, nor does it even come close to offering anything on the matter.


Science is allowed one miracle: the creation on the universe and everything in it, and the creation and function of all the laws that govern it. After that they got it pretty good. Just remember to not get ahead of yourselves. People, particularly scientists, have a habit of 'uber-theorising', meaning that they try and explain the full picture with just the knowledge they have. Every single culture since the dawn of agriculture 'knew' the beginning and origins of the world, at least they tho...

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God Exists


I will establish that God exists according to who the KJV bible defines God as being. In order to accept this debate there are two questions that must be answered and established first. Question 1: Can you obtain a bible today if you so choose? Question 2: Is the King James Bible in print? These two questions must first be answered with a yes or no answer, and then you may continue with your understanding as to why God does not exist....

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the best choice i ever made


i won a million dollars on gambling the other day, my friends went crazy and wanted to celebrate seeing all that Money on the table, but i really just felt like imagining the money was sufficient for me, so i told them i didnt want the money and went home, to my poor starving family...

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