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Hinduism is more moral than Buddhism


First thing, state your biggest point. Hinduism is the oldest and the safest religion, and is lenient on its followers....

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Is Jesus the Son of God in a literal sense or in a figuratively way


my name is Young Zealous on this page I really love to debate then I was going to consider to be a Muslim one day;I look at what the Quran and the Bible said about Jesus this is not a pLaying matter. this Christ Jesus is written in the Old Testament of who he supposed to be when he comes and when he came. This argument will be very easy based on the previous I will give you references to the Scriptures proverbs chapter 30:4 explains of the only Son of God. There is mini sons of God...

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The Deistic God


Introduction: Myself and Iredia disagree on essentially everything with regards to space, evolution, intelligence and God, so this debate will concentrate in Iredia's side, with particular focus on his interpretation for the requirement of a deity. Format: Iredia will begin his arguments in Round 1 and will leave the final round blank/state "Left Blank as Agreed" in order to have an equal number of rounds (4). No new arguments in the final round, only summarisation and rebuttals. In...

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The Bible never claims to be the "Infallible Word of God"


The Bible is a book that was written by men. The Bible never makes the claim that it is the "infallible Word of God". The New Testament is never even referred to as "Scripture" or "God's Word". I challenge anyone to show evidence that ALL 66 books of the Bible are God's infallible Word....

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Quran alone : The misled Sunni/Shia (the followers of hadith for guidance)


I will use Quran to justify my opinion. Doesn't matter which of the two major sects accept the challenge. If hadith or Quran quoted must make exact reference. (If required I too will use hadith (from authentic sources) for cross interrogation purposes....

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Creationism is not a reasonable theory


Hello! I will argue that Creationism is not a reasonable theory. I will be referring to Young Earth Creationism, that claims the Earth was created by God exactly as it is described in Genesis and denies evolution. If you want to accept this debate leave a comment. Structure: Round 1: acceptance Round 2: arguments Round 3: rebuttals Round 4: conclusion...

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Our God is Greater Our God is Stronger


God you are higher than any other First round is for acceptance....

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Is Evolution scientific fact, or is it just a theory?


I I would like to take this opening statement to say some things about what I believe, and why I would ever make the claim that evolution is not scientific fact. First off, what I believe: I believe that God created the world in six literal days, the earth is a young earth, dating six thousand years, Man sinned, and God sent his son to die on the cross for our sins, and that all of scripture is true, and accurate. In this debate, I would like for there to be no straw man arguments, and no r...

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Should the words "Under God" be used in the US Pledge of Allegiance?


I pledge allegiance to the flag Of the United States of America And to the Republic for which it stands, One nation under God, indivisible, With liberty and justice for all. *Rules for Me Round One: Rules and Pledge Round Two: Argument Round Three: Rebuttals *Rules for my Opponent Round One: Argument Round Two: Rebuttals Round Three: "no argument as agreed upon" Failure to follow rules will result in a 7 point deduction. I look forward to a great debate, good luck to my opp...

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Homosexuality is not against nature or what God has designed


There is not ONE VERSE in the Bible that says that homosexuality is a sin or that it goes against nature; only the religious customs in Biblical times. I challenge you to show me with the Bible where it condemns this type of sexual orientation or behavior. Furthermore, I challenge you to explain to me how you reconcile the fact that God also made AIS hermaphrodites. These people are BORN physically both male AND female. In fact, and AIS hermaphrodite or "intersex" person has a vagina, female bre...

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