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Was the Qur'an well preserved?


Put your arguments forward so I can refute them....

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Islam Is Not Only a Peaceful Religion, but a Reasonable Religion


This debate is going to contest the popular Western perspective that Islam is a violent religion, and moreover an unreasonable religion. In support of that view will be Con, and in denouncement of that view will be Pro. This debate will presuppose the following items of interest:1. Anticipating already the tons of demographics concerning the recent violence of the Middle East and of countries yet more east, I would like all to please be aware that it is not enough to...

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Even if the Judeo-Christian God existed, he would be a horrible god to follow


In this debate, I will prove to my opponent that, if the Judeo-Christian God exists (he does not), he is a absolutely horrible god, and even dictators such as Stalin and Mao were better than he is. My arguments:1. He is a psychotic murderer. In the bible alone, God murdered an estimated 25 million people [1]. One could argue that these killings were to "cleanse the earth", or "he killed them because they were evil", however, one only has to look at a si...

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Is the Bible entirely true?


If you want additional rounds, please comment or send me a message. Please do not forfeit. I want to debate this not because I actually believe what I am writing, but because I am a Christian and I am struggling and I am not sure if I am a true Christian or not. I have doubts about whether God is real of not. Please use sources. Thanks! I look forward to a great debate. After this debate ends I will take the Pro side. Thanks to everyone who commented (You guys started the debate without me!!...

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God is real(Christianity)


I will be for god in the Christian religion being real....

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Evolution (Pro) vs Intelligent Design (Con)


In this debate, as Pro, I intend to argue that humans came about from Evolution by Natural Selection. My opponent, as Con, will intend to argue that humans came about from "Intelligent Design" or "Creationism." ...

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Resolved: Theism is logical


Tournament Challenge, (Pro) That1User vs. BDPershing (Con) Resolved: Theism is logical Round 1. Acceptance only Round 2. Opening arguments Round 3. Counter arguments Round 4. Closing arguments & Conclusions Debate topic, Resolved: Theism is logical Theism: : "belief in the existence of a god or gods; specifically : belief in the existence of one God viewed as the creative source of the human race and the world who transcends yet is immanent in the world: -Merriam Webster logica...

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"Under God" Should Be Removed From the Pledge of Allegiance


Yes, the phrase "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance should be removed. To begin, America is a country of many religions/beliefs along with ethnicity, sexuality, etc. and should never favor one of them more than the other. Also, The United States of America is not a Christian nation at all. I do understand that the majority of our founding fathers were Christian, but that never meant that they implied religion to everything that they did. For example, take President Obama; he is religious, ye...

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The War on Christmas Exists


I am arguing the Con side for this debate. It is up to Pro to prove that a war on Christmas actually exists. Round 1: Pro will begin opening arguments in Round 1. Since I am placing the BOP on my opponent here, I am giving Pro both the first and last words. Round 2: Con's opening argument and Pro's rebuttal. Round 3: Rebuttals. Round 4: Closing statements/conclusion. No new arguments from Pro in their final round. Definitions: War - an organized effort by a large organization...

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Why not Shrek?


I believe Shrek is God. There is no proof that he isn't. If you say he is just from a movie i will have to say you are wrong. The Christian God is from a book. So what makes them so different. Both of them have words in it right? So for all you Non-Believers of Shrek prepare to be Shrekt. Have a Onion and a happy new Swamp Rat Stew. I was only 9 years old. I pray to Shrek every night, thanking him for the life I"ve been given. "Shrek is love" I say, "Shrek is life." My dad hears me and ca...

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