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It is required that god be ousted from power due to his violent, evil and hateful ways and behaviors


It is required that god be ousted from power due to his violent, evil and hateful ways and behaviorsSince this is obviously and blatantly true, as proved within verse after countless verse in the bible, as god truly hates children for jeez sakes, this debate will prove that the god of the bible is required to be ousted fr...

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Is the Bible against women's rights?


The Bible has multiple quotes against the rights of women. In my opinion, it is a pretty outdated book reflecting the ideologies and philosophies of society during that era. Some quotes from the Bible which reflect this: 1) "You shall not covet your neighbor"s house. You shall not covet your neighbor"s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor." Exodus 20:17 - Neither men nor women should be considered anyone's properties by any mean...

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Islam is not a religion of peace


I will be arguing that Islam is not a religion of peace and supports violence. First round acceptance, second round arguments, third round rebuttals, fourth round final word....

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Scientific Proof of the existence of God - Nostradamus and the Great USA Eclipse 2017


If we have to choose between the USA and the DPRK then the choice is obvious... This is my personal condemnation of the USA and its capitalist ideology... It is based on "objective fact" rather than "subjective opinion" The first total solar eclipse to span the entire USA in 100 years... The modern man sees the importance of an eclipse merely in the fact that it happens. BUT WHAT DOES TH...

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Organized Religion is Harmful and Corrupt


Organized Religion is Harmful and Corrupt. I am not against spirituality. Hope and Faith are driving factors in some people's life. They are able to overcome obstacles in the belief that they are ultimately pursuing "good". However, when it becomes more about meeting and the offering plate being passed around, problems start. What is good for one- is it good for any other or all? Organized Religion is Harmful. The more we learn about our natural world, the more we know that we are fund...

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According to the Bible (Old and New Testament), Jesus is God


This debate is contending the issue of whether or not the Bible contains evidence that indicates Jesus Christ is God. Pro's position states that Jesus is God according to the Bible and Con's position states that the Bible does not claim Jesus as God. Please read the rules cafefully before accepting this debate. Rules: (1) Evidence should primarily be from the Bible (Old and New Testament) as we are debating a theological issue. All theological issues should be grounded in the Bible. T...

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Contradictions in Genesis


If anyone can prove a contradiction in Genesis I'll leave the faith...

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Muslims Are Terrorists


I believe true muslims are terrorists. I also believe that islam is a barbaric terrorist religion. ISIS and other islamic terrorist groups are true believers of islam. The muslims who say that all muslims are not terrorists are either: terrorists in disguise, OR not true believers of islam....

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Religion is a problem for socety


I'll keep this short and concise. Everything from the denial of evolution to the acceptation of creationism and some people believing in a flat earth even though all of the evidence is stacked against them. This causes society, technology, and the human race to progress slower. If we were to completely do away with religion most things would progress faster. And for those who think that Darwinian evolution is just a theory, a theory is tested time and time again. Overall this shows that religion...

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Muslims claim that the God of the Bible is also the God of Islam


I often hear Muslims claim that the God of the Bible is also the God of Islam. This is clearly contradicting scriptures like John 3:16 that states God has a Son whereas Muslims claim that Allah does not beget. When pointing out these differences a Muslim will claim that the Bible was changed. I do not believe the Bible was changed and would like to debate a Muslim who can give evidence that the Bible was indeed changed regarding specific scriptures that clearly show that Allah is not the same Go...

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