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Islam is not a religion of peace


Islam is not a religion and i can explain it!...

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Can a single atheist argument be rebutted?


Rules are set to age 100+. If you want in, tell me and I'll change it. (Attention! Despite the title, you may not submit just ANY atheist argument to argue against). I present below a series of arguments in favor of God, along with rebuttals of them. Your invitation is to find ANY theistic argument below which you think is correct, with just ONE atheistic rebuttal which you believe is mistaken. Announce your chosen argument in a comment, along with your arguments. I'll accept your chal...

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According to the Bible God sent two female bears to kill 42 children.


Maybe I've manged to misinterpret this passage. I see it as important to understand the character of God. 0.

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Christianity is Therapy For Learned Helplesness


In this debate I'm going to argue that Christianity, as describe in the synoptic Gospels is more of a therapy for learned helplessness than a religion. Or at least that's the point of be religion....

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The Bible holds more virtue than any other book!


I am Pro/For that: The Bible holds more virtue than any other book! Rounds: 1. Acceptance 2. Arguement/Questions 3. Rebuttals/Answers 4. Rebuttals 5. Rebuttals/Conclusion Rules: 1. Opposition must provide the book they claim. 2. Debate must be respectful. 3. Debate must stay on topic (Both books) 4. Both sides must provide questions about the oppositions side. 5. All questions must be answered and explained. 6. Pro/For provides the resolution. I declare the Bible as my book!...

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God's existence


God is omnipotent. God is also omnipresent. God is omnipresent which means God lacks the ability to leave a room. If God lacks the ability to leave a room then God doesn't have all powers (omnipotent) and if God is not omnipotent then God, isn't God. Let's say for a second that God isn't omnipresent, and God is omnipotent then that'd make sense. Right? No, because if God has every power, God would be able to create an object that cannot be lifted up, then God cannot lift it. Therefore God...

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Does the Old Testament prophesy of the Great Apostasy?


What is the apostasy? Was there even an apostasy? In this debate, my opponent and I will explain to you, the viewer, what the apostasy was and if it even happened or not. For this debate, we will be using the King James version of the Old Testament to show if it prophecies that there was or wasn't an apostasy. This debate will be split into 5 different rounds. Round 1: Opening Statements. Round 2-3: Rebuttals. Round 4: Cross examination. Round 5: Closing Statements. I, the affirmative side...

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The Bible is a reliable and accurate text.


The Bible is not a reliable or accurate text and is not valid evidence for its own claims. Round 1: Acceptance/Opening Statement Round 2: Argument and Evidence/Source Material Round 3: Closing Arguments Define: "Reliable: adjective 1.that may be relied on or trusted; dependable in achievement, accuracy, honesty, etc.:" "Accurate: adjective from error or defect; consistent with a standard, rule, or model; precise; exact." Thank you and may the best arguments wi...

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Does God Exist?


Thanks Cobalt for showing interest in debating me. I am not sure if it is possible for me to hear any new arguments against the existence of God...but I am willing to listen. Rules: -Pro argues for God's existence using various arguments. -Con argues that God does not exist. And yes, Con actually has to provide arguments for the non-existence of God. For some reason people never understand this. Rules... Round 1: -Pro gives definitions and sets up debate -Con accepts the debate...

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Christianity is stupid


Hello there, today. I will be arguing that Christianity is one of the most non-logical, offensive, and overall idiotic religion of all time. I have no specific rules for this debate because frankly, I don't care. Anyways, here's are my reasons why Christianity is horrible. -One of the most popular and known facts about Christianity is that they believe that people who are gay and lesbian should go to hell. They claim this because it goes against what god said about Adam and Eve, and they both...

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