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Should Gay Marriage be Banned?


I believe that gay marriage must be banned. Gay marriage is not necessarily considered a marriage, the reason why it isn't considered a marriage is because it's meant to be for a man and a woman in order for them to raise children together. Same sex marriage will give a bad effect on the child causing him to glean abnormal influences from his guardians. The second reason why gay marriage is meant to be banned, is because it's the violation of natural laws. This implies that gay marriage as w...

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Gay Marriage Ought to be Legalized


Title says it all, the question here is on Gay Marriage and should it be legalized or not!Standard DDO Conduct Rules Apply Uhrah! ...

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Gay Marriage is Morally wrong and should not be Legalized


The topic at hand is that we should not legalize gay marriage. (1) traditional Marriage in its sense, is defined as a bonding between one man and one woman. Not marrying in the same-sex. (2) Same-Sex marriage is morally wrong. (1) round 1 counts as accepting the argument and making your opening statements...

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Gay Marriage be legal in the U.S. with no government restriction.


I personally believe that Gay Marriage should be legal throughout the U.S. with no government restriction whatsoever. I am open to any and all opposition, and this first round will be dedicated to anyone who wishes to challenge my point. Good luck to whoever wishes to oppose my point....

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Gay Marriage


I am going to start out saying that if straight people can married, why can't gays? There is nothing wrong for two guys or two girls to get married. I am going to ask you one question, why do people get married?...

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Gay Marriage.


(Using my same standpoints as all are valid and relevant.) Separation of Church and State works both ways, therefore on legal grounds? This issue should be locked away indefinitely. Gays bring up the "fact" that it is a "Civil Rights" issue. First off, marriage was created by straights. As a patent owner, do you not have rights to said patent? As the creators of marriage, do we not have the right to reserve it? Do you have any idea how many issues this causes? So if I had a birthday party...

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Gay Marriage


Love is love, and homophobia is uncalled for. It's discrimination based on something that absolutely cannot be changed, and it's no different than discriminating against someone based on the color of their skin. Who are you to tell me who I can and cannot marry? Will it honestly affect your marriage or even your life in any possible way? No. It will only affect me and the person I marry. Saying that it should be wrong because "God" doesn't approve, and gays can't reproduce? If there is a God,...

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Gay marriage should be legal


I seen in a comment on one of the debates I was in you said you would love to be in a debate with me on "absolutely anything" so I decided to start one with you. Of course to know what I should debate you on I looked at your profile to get a grip on what things we might disagree on and I seen you disagree with gay marriage. Since I agree with it, it's the perfect topic. This round is for acceptance. I'll define the terms involved: Gay- homosexual or attracted to people of one's own sex Mar...

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Legalizing gay marriage


A man and a man, or a woman and a woman should have the same rights to get married as a man and a woman have. Love should not be defined by race, gender, political affiliation, or what kind of religion you practice. You can't help who you fall in love with and no one should be able to tell you who you can and cannot marry....

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Gay Marriage Should Be Legal in the United States


This debate was issued to InquireTruth... twice. He let it expire both times. Now I open it up to the public to defend his position because he apparently will not do so. *************************************************** The proposition on offer is that Gay Marriage should be legal in the United States. For the purposes of debate, "Gay Marriage" will be held to mean marriage between two individuals of the same sex. This definition arises from two segments of relevant law common to most...

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