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Rap Battle


i will give up my first round in order to let my apponent start. NO RULES. ALL EXEPTIONS, let it blast soldier....

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If any of you dont know what impromtu is, let me explain before i tell you the rules. Impromtu is basically a speech writing category, choosing out of three topics the judge gives you. you have to choose one of these topics, and write an inspirational speech about it. For example: The judge just gave me three topics. 1.baloon 2.Bird 3.toe nail clippers I choose number one. "to reach great heights in life, you must be like a ballon. Growing bigger and bigger to reach your highest potentia...

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Reality is a computer simulation


This debate is over whether or not the world we live in is a computer simulation. As there are many ways to approach this I will set that this "simulation" would be one that each individual person was a part of and in control of their own decisions. The creators of the simulation would not interfere with the simulation, rather observe how people conducted themselves....

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Quentin Tarantino is a terrible director


I recall the praise that rolled in when Quentin Tarantino released Pulp Fiction. When I saw the movie, I was mostly unimpressed. It was a series of quotable quips and silly hipster garbage. I didn't hate the movie, but it certainly wasn't what I was made to believe, i.e. the greatest piece of modern cinema. Now, I will not say he is a terrible director for this. He has some good movies to his credit. I would even say Pulp Fiction is on that list. What he IS a terrible director for is not maturin...

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Lars Ulrich vs. Napster


For this debate, the Pro endorces "Metallica" drummer Lars Ulrich's stance in the US lawsuit against Hank Berry, Shawn Fanning and the Napster community. I, as Con, do not. I am free to endorse the status quo (at the time) or a counter-plan (in this case, counter-law-suit) against Lars Ulrich, who the Pro represents. At the time of this debate, we are to assume that all results of said lawsuit are nonexistant, as are any other relevant items that branched from Napster or the suit today. Li...

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Can you get it Right?


Whoever accepts this debate is in for some trouble. I will ask you a problem in round 2 and You will have to answer in round 2. You get 1 chance and if the opponent gets it right, he/she gets all points. If he/she gets it wrong; I get all the points. Good luck and I hope someone accepts. Hint: If you're good with roman numerals, this might be a good one for you...

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media violence is having a negative effect on todays youth


it is strongly having a debate on kids these days beacuse they think that since its ok to do it on tv they think its ok to do it also...

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Lord of the Rings or star wars


Lord of the Rings is better because of the rich literature history Tolkien developed, to make middle earth, hundreds of characters, dozens of races, even more languages. Star wars is young, and lacks the individual dedication and richness Lord of the Rings has, one man dedicated his life to it, 40 + to Star Wars, the information is inconsistent and confusing, it is not linear, and lacks concrete ambition, meaning it lacks a linear singular interpreter, or interpretation, and opens the door for t...

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Obama is the hottest president ever


Let's take a look at 2008 President Obama. What a hottie! Good hair color, nice face, height and that amazing personality. (oh yessss) What more does one need? Compare him to Bush or even JFK...Clinton, I mean come on, none compares to Obama. What a spiffy man. Michelle is one lucky gal....

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Pixar is better than Dreamworks.


Pixar is better than Dreamworks. WE ARE ONLY TALKING ABOUT THE ANIMATION PART OF DREAMWORKS. A. It's movies can make you cry at the right moments. B. All of Pixar's movs have been hits! Dreamworks has only made a few really good ones. C. Dreamworks has stolen ideas upoming Pixar movies so that they can come out with similar movies when Pixar does. (this is from the book about Steve Jobs. It said that Dreamworks was working on rince of Egypt and they called Pixar and said that if they...

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