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The "Black lives matter" group is a racist, violent black version of the KKK


All lives matter. Be it white, black, brown or yellow we are all human beings but for some reason some members of the black community feel differently. They openly rant about there hatred of white people, especially the police. What happened In Dallas when the sniper started shooting people? All these black lives matter members RAN BEHIND WHITE POLICE OFFICERS FOR SAFETY. Some of these morons actually think some police officers wake up everyday and go to work in hopes of killing a black person....

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Politcal Correctness Is Bad


I think that political correctness is a very bad idea in general. While I can see that people who implemented it meant good. In practice, The Liberal/Democrats use it as a weapon. To silence those who have a opposing political view. In the past few years, We have been seeing the rise of Islamic extremism as more and more terrorist attacks happen by the day. But whenever there is a Muslim who commits a terrorist attack, The Leftists avoid using the term Muslim or Islamic Terrorist. Because politi...

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Islam is the only best religion ever existed on earth


I am a Muslim and as per as I believe Islam is the greatest religion ever existed on this earth . But recently some people who are misusing Islam and trying to destroy the beautiful face of Islam . I have see many Muslim/Islam hater on this website so please vote after reading the argument . Don't vote because you hate Islam . Thank you very much...

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Life is useless without a religious purpose


A person who has no religious purpose only has personal purpose. And only fulfiling personal purposes make the purpose selfish. Because the person cares only about this world and this world can never truly be gained....

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Animals Should Be Treated Equally


earth"ling G2;ərTHliNG noun plural noun: earthlings an inhabitant of the earth (used especially in science fiction by members of alien species). spe"cies"ism G2;spēSHēG6;zizəm,spēsē- noun the assumption of human superiority leading to the exploitation of animals. 4 rounds; 1st to accept, 2nd debate, 3rd rebuttals, 4th closing statements....

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Long Island should be its own individual American State.


Instead of having to listen to any of New York's governors and laws, how about listening to its own governor and laws? That way, if New York creates its own law that becomes problematic, Long Island won't be affected at all like it is now, and besides, I live in Long Island, located east of NYC and south of Connecticut. For example, if New York wants to ban pets from all hotels, Long Island may allow pets in hotels, but it's up to each hotel owner. Also, if New York wants everybody to take Spani...

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Does God exist?


I want to thank my opponent for agreeing to this debate. This is a debate about whether God exists, with emphasis on personal, contributing, reasons for our belief and nonbelief. This round, Round 1, is for definitions and acceptance of the debate. Round 2 is designated for initial arguments. Round 3 is for rebuttals. Round 4 is for further rebuttals and clarifications. Definitions: God - the creator of the universe, the earth particularly, and the earth"s inhabitants. Exist - to have...

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In order to defeat ISIS we have to kill the loved ones of terrorists


This is not a joke but a thing I've seriously been thinking about for quite a while after Trump suggested the idea on his campaign trail. However I'm not convinced Trump is going to stick with the idea after and if he ever gets elected, to what extent the military can refuse orders by the president and how exactly the president can circumvent the Geneva convention in that regard (collateral damage is as I understand permissible in certain situation). Howsoever interesting these questions are tha...

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Resolved: The United States Government Should Colonize Mars By 2033.


Hello. I am glad to be participating in this tournament and I hope that this will be a good debate. For Round 1, I will explain the rules and you will accept the debate. For Round 2, we will place down our arguments, and for Round 3, we will place down our rebuttals. For Round 4, we place any final arguments and rebuttals. Good luck, and may the better debater win!...

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The United States Should Arm the Kurds


This is a debate for the first round of Bsh1's "Unique Topics" tournament. I would like to thank bsh1 for hosting this tournament and to Amedexyius for agreeing to debate this topic with me. The resolution is: The United States should arm the KurdsThe definitions are pretty basicshould: "This simply designates that we are engaged in a policy debate, and therefore what should happen. This is distinguished from 'could,' as what we are discussing is whether abolit...

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