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Homosexuality is not human nature it's human nurture


Homosexuality is a luxury and a choice. The increased amount of homosexuals is do to an increasingly nurturing society. (This is not about gay rights and whether or not they should have them. That answer is obvious)...

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Public school is the best, most fair way to bring education to all those who want it.


Public schools are truly terrible. Not only are they extremely wasteful, but being the public utility they are, bureaucrats, not education professionals, dictate policy and standards. Many claim that privatizing the education system would further disadvantage poor families into even worse situations and worse schools. This is unlikely as so much more money would be available to "poor private schools" by cutting out all of the wasteful spending that our current public schools wade through....

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Is The Christian God Real? And is The Bible Real?


I would like to argue that the christian god (and only the christian god) is not real, this is for the fact is that i would like to keep all other entities to a minimum and be able to focus the argument, other gods of Hinduism, Islam, etc. Are for other arguments . I challenge MikeTheDebater to this challenge as i saw him argue against Islam several times and enjoyed his argument. Now i would like to see him argue against me, an agnostic atheist. I hope my opponent accepts this debate, t...

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required threshhold of faith required for Christians to be saved is not clear


the requirements are either too vague, or too listy/dogmatic. the bible says if you confess with your mouth jesus is lord, and beleive in your heart that he was raised from the dead you will be saved. it also say if you believe in the lord you will be saved. it also has all kinds of other statements. i'm sure if you do these, that is sufficient. but what about various other scenarios, like the content of 'sinner's prayers' that dont include those things? what or where exactly is the thres...

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South Carolina Should Not Be Allowed To Fly A Confederate Flag


Hey, this is my first debate so I'm trying to figure it out. But after observing a few other debates I think I understand the etiquette. Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Opening Statements Round 3: Rebuttal Round 4: Rebuild and Refute Round 5: Closing Statements...

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gay rights


I am taking this first round as a inductry element to introduce the case. In some states gay and lesbian people are not allowed to get married. That is very wrong. My opponent, shall be persuading why these rights should be provoked. This is my first debate and is all for fun. I am just trying to learn how to use this website. Thank you for your support and I hope to see you on the field of law....

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Gay marriage


I believe that gay marriage should be legal in all states. You may not realize it, but the reason your against it is because it's not normal to you. Most people dream of getting married to the opposite sex of themselves, but some people don't. Others dream of marrying the same sex. There's nothing wrong with that! People go around and say that gays are sinners and that they shouldn't have the right to get married. Gays are still humans beings. People. People with rights and freedom. gays just wa...

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PC Gaming vs Console Gaming


I will be arguing that PC Gaming is better than Console Gaming. My opponent vice versa. Burden of Proof is shared.Post any questions in the comments.========================================================R1: AcceptanceR2: ArgumentsR3: RebuttalsR4: More Rebuttals and Conclusions ======================================================4 Rounds10,0000 Characters3 days to post argumen...

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The Holocaust Didn't Happen


I will be arguing that what is commonly referred to as the Holocaust of the Jews by Nazi Germany did not, infact, occur. My contention entails that there was no successful, widespread agenda by Nazi Germany to exterminate the European Jews, and the 6 million figure is a myth.My opponent will argue the contrary: that there was a succesful agenda to exterminate Jews by Nazi Germany, and while he need not prove the 6 million figure, he will need to support the claim that million

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Is the Confederate Flag Racist?


First round is just to accept the debate. I will argue that the Confederate Flag and what it stands for is Racist....

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