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Is Euthanasia Morally Acceptable?


Euthanasia is not morally permissible because the dignity of a human person does not depend on the amount on suffering that someone goes through. Their dignity is inherent, being a human person. If someone complies with the idea of euthanasia, then they equate dignity with intellectual and physical capabilities, which is wrong. True compassion demands that we love and support one another regardless of our function or appearance and prepare someone for their ultimate purpose which is fulfilling t...

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Circle's "winner" deserved to survive {Spoilers}


This debate refers to the movie Circle (2015). Spoilers may/will occur.Rules:1.) The contender taking the con/against position must have seen the entire movie.2.) The contender must offer up one or more person(s) that would have been a more deserving winner as well as prove that my position is incorrect.3.) The first round is for acc...

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The United States Federal Government should legalize all recreational drugs.


this debate should be impossible to accept. if you accept it, auto loss for u lol comment if you want it...

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Give me one good reason for not believing in God


[The contender has to be an athiest]. I am convinced that if God truly exists then, a person standing before God in the next life, would not even have one good reason for not having believed God's existence. Though if the contender gives me one unrefutable good reason to not believe in God then, I may reconsider my belief. So contender, give me one good reason of why you do not believe in God's existence. (This debate will contain 5 rounds - may the best human win!)...

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Freedom of Speech in schools (in America)


I believe that schools should have more power over freedom of speech. The reason why is that, I mean think about it? If you are for freedom of speech in schools, you are saying that students can have the right to say anything they want. What if your child was going to a school with freedom of speech, but then got cyberbullied (for an example). They used mean words that hurt your child. If your school was against freedom of speech, the situation will never happen in the first place. They will pun...

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Technology should replace human labor


In the last years technology has improved quickly. These technologies change the way we live a lot. To give an example, the smart phone enabled us to find all the information we want to know no matter where we are. Some other technologies automated tasks, which means people are no longer required to do those tasks. Like how the self-driving cars can replace drivers and how self-help checkouts replace cashiers.Not everybody supports this trend but as pro, I do support this...

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Syrian Refuges should be allowed to enter the United States of America.


The United States of America (USA) has been known as a charitable country. In recent years the image of the country has been strongly scrutinized due to questionable leadership from the leading political parties. With an influx of refugees departing Syria into Europe, the USA is once again under scrutiny from the eyes of both those outside the country and on the inside. Even in the wake of the threat of the terrorist group known as ISIS, the leadership of the USA has made a decision on whether o...

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A Woman Can Rape a Man


My argument: if a woman engages with sexual intercourse, of any kind, with a man that is unable to consent (due to being intoxicated or under age) or is simply just not consenting, it constitutes as rape. This is gender equality; if a man can rape a woman then, equally, a woman can rape a man. Also, this kind of sexual assault is often not taken very seriously and the man is mocked, which is, quite simply, bullying and sexist....

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islam a religion of peace.


ISLAM a religion of peace: where our greeting start with Assalam u alaikum (English: peace be on you) today people says that Islam is a religion of terror and Muslims are the terrorists. i am asking that how you can judge a whole religion by the actions of few people or a group of people. actually people who are declaring Muslims as terrorist are the types of people who don't believe in truth. why we forgets about 1st world war who started 1st world war ? who started the second world war? who th...

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