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Most People Hate the Truth Which is We All Deserve Death and Hell


You can argue that we don't deserve to die so it is not possbile that you can be hateful of a truth which is a fallacy, or silly arguments like that. You can call my arguments silly. When you say death is natural or only an event we don't deserve, I'll say that is silly and I will explain why it is silly: it is silly because if we don't deserve it, that means it is not fair. Since it falls on all of us, then it must be fair. Is it fair or is i...

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Popular fiction can be inferred to be a parable of spiritual events.


The position that Pip and Magwitch in Charles Dickens' novel 'Great Expectations' are representative of spiritual roles is ridiculous....

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Revised Christian rap battle: Truth_seeker vs. JasperFrancisShickadance

JasperFrancisShickadance A rematch to this battle, but it will be judged. Both of us will simply repost our lyrics over. You can change your lyrics and/or write more if you want. Voting Criteria: Conduct - No forfeits, not really going to count Conduct. Convincing arguments will be judged on the following: 1) Bar length - In my opinion, every line should be the same length. Were each rappers too short or to...

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God most likely exists


Let's start with some visualization. You are walking through the woods and see a beautiful log cabin. Do you assume: "How wonderful! The trees must have fallen in just the right place."? Of course not! How much more unlikely is it to say that the infinitely complex, orderly, and vast universe happened randomly by chance, without a creator? This is against scientific laws like the second law of thermodynamics which states entropy tends to increase. Entropy is disorder. Based on this law, how...

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Abortion should be made Illegal


Hello I'm looking to Debate with someone about Abortion but first of all let me make some things clear. 1. I am NOT a Christian nor do I follow any Faith nor am I a Scientific illiterate who thinks Fetus's are real People. I just find it wrong to deny a Human Being Life before it even exists. 2. I will not Debate with someone who uses "Your just a Misogynist Pig!" as a argument this is just not the case. 3.A common refute for People with my Mentality is "well it's better for them to not...

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TT2 Expert Final: U.S. militia groups pose a greater threat to our national security than do FTOs


First and foremost, I'd like to congratulate bsh1 on making it this far in the tournament. Much as he has achieved this before, and even won before, I think it's a massive achievement with all of the fantastic competition we've had. Second, I am again honored to be debating a venerated veteran of the site. I have a lot of respect for bsh1 and his debating prowess, something I know he'll bring in spades to this debate. I hope I am up to the challenge, but most importantly, no matter how this ends...

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Euthanasia Should be Legal in Medical Practice


As the title of the debate would imply, the purpose of this argument is to discuss whether or not euthanasia should be legal in medical practices. I am against this (attacking it), and thus I would expect my opponent to argue in favor of it. The first round of five is solely for acceptance, and each person will have three whole days to respond before forfeiture of the round. May the smartest man win!...

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Math Debate #1


The title's pretty self-explanatory. Because I'm a whole lot better at mathematics than debating, and there's really nothing math-related here, I'd like to start perhaps the first math debate in all of DDO. Here are the rules.Oh wait, first, I'd like to tell you to do something: Hold your tongue with your fingers and say "I like to math debate." If you know what I mean...anyway:The first round is always acceptance only...

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The United States was primarily responsible for instigating the Cold War


1. First round for acceptance 2. No new arguments in the final round 3. The debate should be impossible to accept. Finding a way to accept without permission will result in an automatic loss for Con. If you would like to accept, please say so in the comments section, and I will challenge you in a week or so. 4. By accepting the debate, Con agrees to define the Cold War as "the period of political tension between the United States and the Soviet Union lasting from the end of World War II...

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Cows Are Evil


Hello, and welcome to the the debate over whether or not cows are evil. Uberdragon (me) is representing the pro side, while CowsAgainstHumanity (my good friend) is representing the con side. Before I begin may I say good luck to both of us. To begin, I hereby proclaim that all cow bovine things are super evil. Have you ever noticed that your cows are secretly plotting against you? Yes, they are! Your favorite milk creating four legged farm toy wants to shoot you and then rape your sexy wife...

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