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Decriminalization of All Drug Usage


One of the most heated and consequential endeavours of our time is the War on Drugs, which I am in full opposition against. In this debate, I will argue in favour of the decriminalization of all drug usage, even though I still would institute certain punishments for the actual production and distribution of some particular drugs, like krokodil for example, but the private usage must not be punished. my opponent will...

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Are Schools Being Unfair with Restrictions


My Schools Policy is Too Restrictive Sites Are Block EXE Files are Blocked By Group Policy This Never Happened While I was in Elementary school...

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Should we let 6th graders play sports with 7th and 8th graders


Some say 6th graders should not be allowed to play sports with 7th and 8th graders. 100 years ago this was implemented on the football field for fear of 6th graders being hit by 240 pound eight graders. Today there are many sports that 6th graders could do and not have this fear. I also feel this gives the 6th graders an introduction to Middle School and feel safe at the same time. teaching 7th and 8th graders should be coached in the art of mentorship and leadership skills to help the 6th gra...

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In Order To Do Good, You May Have To Engage in Evil


If you believe in the idea of good and evil (instead I like to use 'helpful' and 'harmful', though they still have their limitations) you need to make a distinction between the intention and the result. - sponge B Yahoo answers...

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Doctor assisted suicide


In our society, doctors get a position of great respect and responsibility. However, they are not obligated to make the same sort of hard choices that people with far less pay, respect and responsibility are asked to make. Even more, doctors are not confronted with the awful realities of people who have no quality of life and simply want to get out of their suffering. Don't misunderstand me--I believe that people who have nothing physically wrong with them should be given psychological help and...

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Should singers be banned from AGT or BGT or any of the "Got talent" shows


America's got Talent (I use this because all the other "talent" shows originated from the one that started in America) has been around now for 10 years. In those years, many acts have come and gone. We've seen magicians, dancers, silhouettes, singers, and much more. Now I don't watch it on a regular basis but I used to at a time. I remember, a lot, when I watched that there were more singers than other acts. Also more singers won at the end than other acts. Out of the 10 season there have been,...

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religion is false


doing math is slaying dragons, some get ate.. religion...

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The Biblical Adam and Eve were real people


I will be arguing that it is scientifically, logically, and historically impossible that the Biblical Adam and Eve ever existed in the real world. Pro must argue not only that Adam and Eve are historical, non-fictional figures, but that the accounts of their lives outlined in Genesis are completely accurate. Therefore, the BoP is shared by Pro and Con.Definitions:Adam - according to the Book of Genesis, the first man, created from dust by God.Eve - according to...

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Coming back Debate: Choose a topic


Russia_The_Almighty is back to Debating. I'm not sure what debate I should do, so I decided to do one of the comment for what you want to debate on. This debate should be impossible to accept. If you somehow manage to accept this, you immediately forfeit all 7 points. Rules: 1. No debate involving presidency. I am seeing so many politics on the news, I want a break from the race for president. 2. Keep the topic appropriate. Nothing sexual, violent, vulgar, or anything like that. 3. Keep...

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Jesus was just a loonie.


Jesus is a phony! First he claimed that he was the son of god, which cannot be confirmed. He forgave every man he met, even forgiving that slut Mary Magdalene. Jesus was not a prosecutor of the law! They should have been punished, but no, that lunatic forgave them without proper authority! Also, he claimed that wine is his blood and the bread is his body. That would make every christian a cannibal. Then Jesus "died for our sins". Why did he sacrifice himself when all that was really needed was...

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