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Should Girls be allowed to play on Boys sports team


Girls Should be allowed to play on Guys sports team because they're just as athletic as us men...

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The Cowboys vs. the Patriots in Super Bowl LI


I am taking the position that Super Bowl LI in Houston will feature the Dallas Cowboys and the Patriots. No other team has the ability to stop either of these teams when relatively healthy. Pro/Me: Cowboys vs Patriot in Super Bowl LI Con: Any Other Team Con can argue that Super Bowl LI will feature a combination of any other team, or any team vs. the Cowboys, or any other team vs. the Patriots. As long as it isn't the Cowboys vs. the Patriots. Round 1) Acceptance Rounds 2 and 3) Arg...

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Should college football players be payed?


I don't think college football players should be payed because that would stop them playing for the game! I get paying players in the NFL I mean that's their job! So if you payed college football players there wouldn't be alot of NFL players!...

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LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time


LeBron James is the greatest of all time. LeBron will have a longer career than Jordan will. (I know he didn't go to college) He has played against a generation where 3 point shooting is virtually impossible to miss. He carried the Cavaliers 2 games in the finals against the Warriors. This season they finished (73-9). LeBron has played against arguably the best talent in the NBA of all time. (03-16) Lebron has 2 rings. Jordan has 6. LeBron didn't win until he went to the Heat with Wade and Bosh....

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Anderson Silva did not throw his fight with Chris Weidman


I am hoping to argue with another MMA afficionado over Anderson Silva's stunning loss to Chris Weidman via KO. I have recently seen several commentors speculating that Silva threw the fight to get a bigger rematch. I will be arguing that this is not the case. Obviously there is no concrete evidence, so we will be left to hypothetical examinations of pre and post fight behavior. Burden of proof is on Con to present arguments for Silva intentionally losing the fight. Voters should vote based...

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Hockey is better than soccer


I'm from a place where hockey isn't very popular. People who play all kinds of other sports tell me hockey is stupid, it sucks, and all that stuff. Most of those people are soccer players. So anyone want to debate? What is the better sport. Hockey, or soccer?...

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Is sports needed for all the people?


According to my opinion sports is needed for each and every person in the world. If sports is not there, then no can become an athlete or a sports person. We can have an opportunity to prove ourselves in sports also....

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Gay Parenting


My last few attempts to debate this subject were taken on by non-serious debaters, so I'd like to try this again with a minimum 15 debate requirement. If you would like to debate this and do not meet the requirement, please let me know.Many arguments against the legality of gay marriage include the sanctity of the family. According to social conservatives, gay people are deranged, perverted or otherwise unfit to provide a safe, functional and/or loving family environment in whic...

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Should college athletes be payed like professional athletes?


I've tried to do this debate for the longest amount of time and every single time I've found someone to debate with, something came up and it prevented me from doing any round of the debate. 1st time - Malware virus 2nd time - Computer broke and I could not access another computer I do not believe that college athletes should be played for playing a sport like professional athletes do since they're only playing for a school team rather than a national team. I look forward to this debat...

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Lionel Messi is a better player than Ronaldo


my point is simple, that Messi is better than Ronaldo. Not that he's not a good player, he's and excellent player but he wont reach Messi's level. Messi has set some of the most unbreakable records which i don't think Ronaldo, or for that matter, anyone would be able to break. The simplicity that Messi brings to the game is something that Ronaldo lacks....

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