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Messi is better than Ronaldo


Messi is better than ronaldo for a number of reasons. Messi is younger than Ronaldo therefore he has more stamina in the field and also messi has on multiple championships in the past, more than Ronaldo. Also in the 2014 world cup Messi has scored more goals. Ronaldo has an injury right now so therefore in the present Messi is better....

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Distance Track is Better than Cross Country


For this debate, I would really like a runner, who participates in both Distance Track and Cross Country. First, a couple ground rules when it comes to what can be debated. Distance Track shall be defined as the 400 meter dash, 800 meter run, 1600 meter run, 3200 meter run, 3200 meter relay, and 1600 meter relay. If I forgot any events let me know in the comments. Let's just keep the considerations between the high school version of these sports. Additionally, factors like weather sho...

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Should Compound archery be included in the Olympics?


I think they should include compound archery in the Olympics because shooting a compound bow is nearly as challenging as shooting a recurve bow, and most people that shoot a bow now shoot a compound bow instead of shooting a recurve bow, so limiting the olympics to only a recurve bow is limiting the amount of competitors in the event....

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Soccer is a better sport than Hockey


I would first like to clarify the rules. Rule 1: There is 4 rounds, the first being the round that you can ONLY accept and define the rules of this debate . Rule 2: The last round is only for Rebuttals, and neither opponent can say ANY points in round 5. I hope everything is clear. Good Luck Darth. :)...

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Is Chess a Sport?


I believe chess is a sport for a multitude of reasons. One reason is that the player is using their mental toughness, not just having to throw a ball around. Even if you are not working up a sweat or running around, the game is hard and you have to think about where you are going to move. I think that chess is a sport, also because it is recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee. This proves that chess is indeed a sport, even if you are not running around. In conclusion, I bel...

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Manchester United is better than Chelsea.


Manchester United has beat Chelsea a number of time and continues to destroy them. Manchester has better players and more money....

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Professional athletes using Performance-Enhancing drugs


In todays world the temptation to use performance-enhancing drugs is too great for too many athletes. Performance-enhancing drugs are self explanatory, it is a drug to enhance physical performance. Usually associated with professional athletes striving for perfection. There are many risks that come with taking performance-enhancements there are many types of PEDs, all of which are illegal. The United States Anti-Doping agency should keep performance-enhancing drugs illegal to keep professional a...

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Soccer IS overall the best sport in the world


Round uno is for acceptance. NO ARGUMENTS. I strongly believe that soccer is the best sport in the world. You will be arguing that, 'Soccer is not the best sport in the world'. Ground rules: <>Good spelling <>Don't say 'I like basket ball more', and then start listing reasons why basket ball is your favorite sport. Your job is not to promote another sport besides soccer. Your job in this debate is to give reasons why soccer is not the best sport, not why another sport is. <>Though...

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IS dance a sport?


Dance. dance is a an art form and an entertainment BUT it is also a sport. If you look at my picture you can't just do that in a single day it takes practice. I've heard a lot of people say that dancers don't have goals like athletes and dancers can't get hurt just from dancing. and it's not in the olympics and you're not working as hard like athletes are you're just learning choreography (I am sorry for spelling very bad at it). All of this Is wrong. Dancers have goals whether it's learning how...

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Should dance be considered a sport? Should dancers be considered athletes?


In this debate I will be arguing that dance is a sport. The dictionary definition of a sport (according to is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess, often of a competitive nature. Dance contains all of these elements. The fact that dance is an art does not mean that it cannot be a sport as well. Dancers train and compete just like other athletes. Let me clarify that I am talking about competitive dancing, whether it is individual or with a team, not simply danc...

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