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Why the Bible is turning to dust and God is becoming only a word


The Bible and God were always above all else. In the late 1800's and early 1900's people were hung if they did not live within the standards of the good book and if they didn't believe in God they had better keep thier mouth shut or they would be burned at the stake. As time passed the Bible and God lived on... Until now. The world is falling to ruin- that much is certain but you know that it really is falling to ruin when people will go to church and then go and get drunk in the same day. Or ho...

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Is Christianity true?


As a new member of, I would like to start by just saying I do not wish to offend anybody or attack/slander anybody personally. I simply wish to entertain myself and others, expand my knowledge and voice my opinions as well as learn the opinions of others to grow as an intellectual. I welcome debates from anybody and everybody and hope somebody will challenge me in this debate. I would like my challenger to be a christian.I don't particularly care for an organised structure to...

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Hate Speech is Constitutionally Protected


I will be making the argument that hate speech, so long as it doesn't directly pose a threat to national security or another's life, is protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances....

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good video


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Michigan vs Ohio State is the best rivalry in college football


As pro I will argue that the Michigan vs Ohio State rivalry is the best rivalry in college football. Con will select a DIFFERENT rivalry and argue that THEIR choice is the best rivalry in college football. 3 rounds, 4000 characters a round, 24 hours between rounds. The length of the rivalry spans over a centuryMi...

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THWBT the academe should not condemn the rise of YA fiction


YA fiction is a form of entertainment that is aimed on YAs. It should not be ban because it does not have any unique element that makes it in anyway harmful for YAs. It has more good to offer. It allows YAs to sharpen their vocabulary and spend time productively...

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Do dogs or cats make better companions?


I think dogs make better companions because 1.They are more loyal. I heard stories of dogs sacrificing their lives to save their owner. So they are more loyal. And I have not heard any stories of cats being loyal. Cats are so independent, that they might not even need anybody. 2.Dogs can be taught tricks more easily than cats Dogs can be taught tricks more easily than cats because if you try to teach a cat, they are most likely to scratch you ,just walk away or both. most dogs do try to lea...

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Resolved: Animal Rights Ought To Be Recognized In Society


Resolved: Animal Rights Ought To Be Recognised In Society Rules Round 1 is acceptance No trollingNo forfeiture The Burden Of Proof is shared Definitions Animal Right...

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Donald Trump for President 2016 (Not a Democrat/Republican Debate)


Though I would vote for Trump over a democrat, I feel that he is quite possibly the worst republican candidate. He seems to have no knowlage of the issues and has insulted many because he has nothing better to say. In my opinion Ben Carson would make the best president. Even if Trump wins because of his popularity, I hope he will be smart enough to chose a good VP, like Carson, so that he can still be an effective president. Thoughts?...

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Is homeschooling/distance education a good form of education?


Homeschooling is a fantastic way to learn in a peaceful environment without the pressure and certain dangers sometimes associated with public schools. While a common response to homeschooling is that it lacks the development of certain social skills and realistic values, this is simply not true and a stereotype. In fact, the shear flexibility of your learning helps you get out of the house more than if you in Pulitzer school!

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