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Roblox is way better than Minecraft


Roblox is more fun because: 1. More physics. 2. More Items and gadgets 3. Can have up to 20-50 players in 1 server 4. Different Games in every server 5. You can create games 6.More monsters like Slenderman, Jack the killer, Mummies and many many more. 7. You could be the monster. 8. More friends to be explore. 9. You can dress up your virtual player. 10. You can create more. 11. Crop pictures of you and place it in your game...

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Evolution is true


First round is acceptance.I'm not debating the veracity of creationism or the existence of God,i'm debating the veracity of the theory of evolution.Also,i'm debating the theory of evolution like it is now,not from the book by Darwin "The Origin of Species".Good luck con.Definitions:Evolution:The process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from e...

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Robots are good for society


1st Round = Acceptance. Pro will argue why robots are good and should be integrated into society. Con will argue why robots are not good and should not be integrated into society. Robot Definition (by Google):"a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer" Provide sources as needed. Good luck to the opponent....

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Radiometric Dating is Accurate & Precise


Full Resolution: "Radiometric Dating is Accurate & Precise as a method to measure the age of the Earth" This debate addresses the age of the Earth. Amusingly I realized today I have yet to put this topic on my C.V. despite being one of my favorite topics. Note - Made resolution more specific to allow for a more focused discussion. The burden of proof is on me to demonstrate the resolution to be true. I will argue in the following round and Con may provide rebuttals/arguments in the same ro...

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Should public nudity outside nudist venues and beaches be legalized?


Nudity might offend some people, but it does not kill, maim or injure anybody. Protagonists of nudism claim that liberalising public nudity will cause a drop in the demand for pornography, eating disorders and body image problems (particularly with women and young people), and a sharp decrease in sexual offences and unwanted pregnancies. Nudists who are Christians argue that public nudity should be liberalized because Jesus Christ did not condemn it in the Bible. Overseas nudists from Europe t...

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Physical Education Should be Required for All Years of High School in the State of California


Welcome to the debate with the topic "Physical Education Should be Required for All Years of High School in the State of California". Just to give an overview, there are 4 rounds: (8000 characters max, 72 hours) Round 1: Acceptance/Overview Round 2: Arguments (And Rebuttals, if applicable). Round 3: Arguments (And Rebuttals, if applicable). Round 4: Conclusion (Please, no new rebuttals or arguments. To voters: If you do see new arguments or rebuttals, please refrain from voting for that d...

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Rap Battle


This is a rap battle, self-explanatory. Censored cursing is allowed, but some things are over the line, such as very aggressively sexual or racist lyrics, etc. I'll let voters decide what crosses this line. There's a 48 hour debating period and a 2,000 character limit. My opponent must pass on a round, either first or last, depending on preference. Thanks in advance to whoever accepts....

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abortion should be legal up to the first trimester


I will debate anyone who believes abortion should be completely illegal. I want a opinion based debate but if you do need to use sources for FACTS then I'd rather not have to read through a ton of sites so please try to keep sources to a minimum and they must be reliable as in not .com or wikkapidia. My argument is abortion should be legal up to 3 months. If you disagree post why and I'll tell you why I disagree with your opinion and vise versa. Comment if I forget to address one of your...

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Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin are better together than apart


Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin are twins. They both are very different, but without each other, they don't know what to do. And, how are they supposed to do their brotherly love act if there's only one? They have never had a fight (except that one episode, but it was fake!!!) and do you think they ever will? They don't want to leave each other, and they never will, if you think having only Hikaru and no Kaoru (or vice versa), do you know how they would act without each other? lost and alone, sure, t...

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0-60 is the most important aspect of a good supercar


0-60 creates the surge all motor heads thrive on so makes the most difference when driving for leisure....

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