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The "Supreme Being" MUST exist


I will be arguing that the Supreme Being must exist and that He is the likely the creator of the universe and thus is omnipotent (capable of doing all that He wills to do that is not self-contradicting), transcendent (not a part of the universe), immanent (involved in the affairs of the world), omnipresent, omnibenevolent, and omniscient (having all knowledge). I will be relying primarily on logic and science. The first round is acceptance only. 4th round is for summary only. No new arg...

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Tic Tac Toe


My second tic tac toe game! Rules: -No forfeits -No cheating -No cussing The player who succeeds in placing three respective marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the game. Game: X_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ *X is me....

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God will let you go your own way, all of the way to Hell.


The Challenge title says it all for the first round argument. God will let you go to Hell. If you think God won't let you go to Hell, please tell me why. "God does not exist" is not the debate, the debate is not about the existence of God. This debate is about you going to Hell and God not stopping you if you don't care that you are going there.This debate is not about "Hell does not exist" or "God does not exist". This debate is about why God should not let you go to Hell or wh...

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Abortion is morally permissible


First round is for acceptance. Second round is for opening statements. Third round for first rebuttals. Fourth round for second rebuttals and concluding remarks. This debate will be centered on the moral issue concerning abortion, so do not bring Roe v. Wade or the law into this discussion. It's about the moral issue only. Pro will argue that abortion is morally permissible. While Con will argue that abortion is morally wrong. Both Pro and Con share the burden of proof....

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My life is worse than my opponents


Hello. I have decided to propose a debate modeled off a previous and legendary debate. {1}This is a troll debate, and I have challenged a opponent who is confident in his abilities. First round acceptance. Second and third opening. Fourth closing. Thanks. {1} ...

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The Genesis account of creation is not mythical


I will argue that the account in Genesis is not mythical unlike it's neighbors, but that it's based on fact and demonstrates that Yahweh is the only one true God. First round acceptance...

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the 2D Pokemon games are better than the anime.


I am in affirmation to the resolution above. Con must argue that the Pokemon anime is superior to the video games. BOP is on me.Debate structure:R1: Acceptance only

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The Bible is True


I believe that the Bible is true, and that all it teaches - Jesus, God, The Trinity - is also true. There are a few reasons why I believe this. 1. Textual Accuracy Did you know that the Bible is 99% textually pure? Not many people do. This means that the Bible has virtually unchanged since it was first written. It has been preserved so carefully that the meaning and what it teaches has not been changed. 2. Prophecy There are many prophecies written in the Old Testament that were fulfil...

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This House Concludes that Abortion is Murder


** For the purpose of screening candidates, this debate should be near impossible for you to accept. However, if you are interested in accepting, please make yourself known in the comments section. **It's no secret that the subject of abortion is my primary interest on this website. I am aware of the fact that the subject of abortion has already been debated endlessly and I have read several of the other debates on this subject - already. That said, when it comes to...

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Do use of "profanities" hinder one's credibility/argument?


This came to my mind after finding it is against the terms of service to use profane language on this site. - Does this really matter? I do not imply insults. Insults and profanity or swear words are completely different things. The Wikipedia definition [1] is what I will use. If you do not like that definition, please provide your own. My argument is that the use of profane language should not only not offend someone if it is not used in the form of an insult, but it should not take a...

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