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Gun Ban


Gun Control has been amongst one of the most debated topics about safety. But I am against the banning on weapons. One simple reason why: 2nd amendment. The second amendment helps people to be able to bear arms. Another reason why is safety. That gun can save your life when in danger and can stop people from assaulting you. Another reason is food. We used weapons before to kill animals for their food since there was no thing as a "supermarket". People today still hunt their food since it's free....

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Parody Challenge


This is an open debate for a parody challenge. There will be a contest as to who can make a better parody of a song. I will give my opponent the privilege of picking the song. First round will be acceptance and decision of which song will be used. If the song does not follow the rules, I will begin the next round with my own parody. RULES: -The song picked must be widely known -The song picked must consist of at LEAST a verse and a chorus -The parody must consist of at LEAST a verse and th...

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Thor(Pro) vs Goku(Con)


Created this debate to show the true power of canon marvel Thor. Powerful enough to even to defeat Goku in combat. I'll will begin my argument after someone accepts my challenge. (We may only use canon material from the comics and manga)...

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Goku (Dragon Ball), age 13, has more destructive power than Naruto (Naruto), as of anime episode 379


PRO will argue that a 13 year old Goku has a greater destructive ability than Naruto as of the anime episode 379. CON must show that Naruto has a greater destructive power than a 13 year old Goku from Dragon Ball. DEFINITIONS: Power - The ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way. More - A greater or additional amount or degree. RULES: 1. Neither CON nor PRO may make new arguments in their final round. 2. BOP is shared. 3. No playing semantics CON ca...

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Picture Debate


A picture says a thousand words. This debate has a 1,000 word limit. Therefore, from Round 2 onward, our argument for each round must consist of exactly 1 picture and nothing else. Round 1 is acceptance. Upon accepting, Con shall decide upon a debate topic that I will be Pro for. Any topic is acceptable, provided it can be supported by pictures. Pictures containing walls of text are not allowed. Pictures should support the premises we are trying to prove, or else discredit the opponent's p...

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All star cheerleading is a sport


I don't understand why people think all star cheerleading is not a sport. We work just as hard as anybody else does and in fact even harder most of the times. School cheer which is the one with the girls on the sidelines is not as much of a sport as all star, we do NOT cheer for another sport. You need to have strength and you need to be flexible you need to have elite tumbling passes. And when people say we lift up girls who are under 100 pound. That's funny cause why is my flyer an 18 year old...

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Oil production is causing environmental issues which requires a change


Oil Production is highly subject to accidents and mistakes as shown in north Dakota's boom which documented more then 1,000 accidents in 2011. (1) Exposed oil causes tragedies in even the people that use it. Humans can be effected in, but not limited to, Rashes, chronic headaches, lung disease, organ damage, and nervous system damage. (2) I conclude that oil drilling and the support of all products maintained by oil are causing massive destruction towards the Earth and we, as the human race, mus...

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Should public schools indoctrinate one religion?


First round is acceptance. Please include moral views, and chose which religion should schools indoctrinate. Rules: No swearing Be respectful No name calling Have fun Good luck....

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Gun Control


This is an issue that the United States cannot seem to reflect an decisive lead on. We see other countries like Australia and England doing just fine with regulation, but Americans with some justifiable paranoia, can't seem to do away with our favorite toys. I will be arguing that both fully regulated and non-regulated fire arm-based societies are problematic and that somewhere, a mix of the two, (depending on the given area), we will find the least amount of deaths. And that I argue for a r...

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God Is Real


Prove God is real or he isn't. This will not be a structured debate. Each round could either be rebuttal or arguments. Good luck....

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