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More non-politicians should be running for political positions.


Donald Trump's presidential run proves that you don't need to be a politician to run for a government position. There should be more encouragement for philosophers, educators, economists, doctors, etc. to reform society so that our country may become more ethical, safe, and free than it is now under the control of profit-motivated corporate puppets....

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Demonitesation in india


First round is acceptance . I will be fighting that Demonitesation was a bad move...

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Circumcision without absolute medical necesity is genital mutilation and should be banned:


Standard resolution- I am just going to copy paste from a previous debate- the circumcision, or any other form of genital cutting, of anyone under the age of 18, unless out of absolute medical necessity, is genital mutilation, and should be banned.Alright, so I've talked about this before, my whole life is not about penises if you were wondering, but I found this debate in which you defended this barbaric practise, and so-...

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The Fine-Tuning Argument For Design Succeeds


The fine-tuning of the universe (by fine-tuning I mean that which involves strictly the different parameters and physical constants, not about designed life versus Darwinism) for the existence of intelligent life is often posited as a reason to infer a designer of the initial conditions of the univserse. The argument is as follows: P1: The fine-tuning of the universe is due to either physical necessity, chance, or design P2: The fine-tuning of the universe is not due to physical necessity...

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Should students have to wear school uniforms?


Students should have to wear school uniforms because it helps make the school look more professional. By having everyone dressed in the same appropriate attire, it would also allow the school to earn a well thought reputation. It makes everyone look well mannered and polished. Students should have to wear school uniforms because it unites them as one in the school. Also by wearing uniforms, it would allow students to not worry so much about their appearance and arrive to school on time. Instea...

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Orange juice is healthy and more people should consume it.


Many people do not realize how healthy orange juice is. It offers consumers a great source of Vitamin C (1), lowers cholesterol (1), helps prevent cancer and boosts the immune system (2), and most importantly, orange juice can give one radiant skin (3), which we all want. What is there not to love about orange juice? The pulp is also an add-on to those who like to have a little chew while drinking it. The pulp can also help with things, like: being a good source of minerals and vitamins, be anti...

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Capitalism (Pro) vs Socialism (Con)


This round is acceptance Round 2 is opening arguments Round 3 is rebuttal Round 4 is Closing arguments I hope you accept :) Definitions Capitalism: an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. Socialism: a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the government as a w...

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Free Speech on Public Colleges


IntroRomanii applied to debate me on this topic and on these sides through my "You Choose the Topic" debate challenge. As an interesting bit of trivia, if Romanii accepts this debate, this would be our 7th time debating each other. I think that this topic is particularly interesting and timely, and I look forward to engaging him on the subject. He's an excellent debater, and I look forward to a fun round.In order to ensure quality judging, I have nom...

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Religion is a problem for socety


I'll keep this short and concise. Everything from the denial of evolution to the acceptation of creationism and some people believing in a flat earth even though all of the evidence is stacked against them. This causes society, technology, and the human race to progress slower. If we were to completely do away with religion most things would progress faster. And for those who think that Darwinian evolution is just a theory, a theory is tested time and time again. Overall this shows that religion...

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Churches Are Slaughtering America's Children Since 1998, Should Churches Be Banned?


According to the calculation of how 56,000,000 people die each year, the percentage of children being slaughtered since the release of "All Dogs Go To Heaven Christmas Carol" in 1998 is 19%. That means that the average number of children being senselessly slaughteres each year is 982,456.4 and that the total number of children being slaughtered in all these 19 years is 18,666,667. Churches should be banned because they have been slaughtering 18,666,667 children secretly when they're "close...

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