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Capitolism creates a tense society where everyone is working for self-promotion. All of our (American) society is based on someone trying to outdo someone else; someone trying to sell something to you; Someone trying to use you for a profit. They see you as a way to make money. Next time your outside in a city, take a look around. Theres billboards trying to use you to make a profit. Theres prople walking around with T-shirts that encourage you to give your money to certain large corporations. W...

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It is too hard for women to escape domestic violence.


Throughout multiple experiences discussing the issue of domestic violence, I have come to the conclusion that it is just too hard for women to escape. The ignorance that I have encountered so far is that everyone believes that women will magically become empowered by motivational sayings and speeches and just eventually leave but the fact remains that this is untrue. There are multiple thing that hold women in abusive relationships such as children, religious beliefs, and the biggest one of a...

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1 gapping should be federal law or at least a social norm.


I hate people that don't one gap, and think it's absurd not to. No I won't define 1 gapping, and yes we'll be using my definition. It will be a fair definition and if you don't know what one gapping is you're probably one of those jerks that don't do it anyway, so I want to debate you....

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Child pornography should be legal to posses.


Hi, and thanks for accepting this debate challenge. Might I make it perfectly clear to anybody reading this that I am not in support of child pornography, nor the production of child pornography. I strongly believe that abuse like the production of CP should come with punishment. My debate is on the topic of the possession of child pornography. While the possessors of Child Pornography may be sick, wrong, and perverted they are realistically doing nothing to harm anybody. They are not...

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Should Euthanasia and assisted sicide be legal?


Steve is a highschool student who has a bestfriend named sherry. Steve feels as if his whole life is nothing but a big mistake. He's always depressed, always feeling sorry for himself, and very anti-social except when he is around sherry. Steves life is so bad that he' seven considered suicide, the only problem is, he doesn't have the guts to perform this act on himself. Well, thats where sherry comes in. He is such good friends with sherry that he feels that sherry should get it over with for h...

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Freedom of expression should not be supressed by accusations of sexism.


I would like to invite a fellow debater to demonstrate that I am wrong when I contend that freedom of expression should not be suppressed by accusations of sexism and that the controversial comments I may make in the course of my arguments should be kept to myself. I would welcome a challenge from a male or female but I suspect I am more likely to receive a rebuttal from a man, as there appears to be far more male members of than there are female members. Interestingly, this mirro...

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Women should not be able to vote.


Women should not be able to vote. Men are better....

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Homosexuality is immoral


JimProfit has been trolling the forums lately with his anti-gay spiel. Whenever called out on it, he has been unable to coherently explain *why* he thinks homosexuality is immoral. This has led many to speculate that his feelings are owing to personal issues with denial and self-loathing. Here I've provided him with a platform to explain his views to the DDO community and to dispel such rumors. Because Pro has an onerous burden of proof to uphold, I'll give him a head start to lay out his cas...

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Is Homosexuality wrong?


This question has been raised in many different forms, on this site. Mostly in the form of "Should gay marriage be allowed?". But never to my knowledge has it been discussed directly. So the questions stands. "Is Homosexuality wrong?" Homosexuality is not wrong. 1)Many people, automatically bring up the bible, when faced with this question. And thats fine, for those that believe the bible. But, what about those that dont? Sure the bible has been used to set the foundations of countries an...

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Abortion is wrong.


I am here, not only to state my opinion that abortion is wrong, but to also see the other side of the situation. God creates us all, with a unique personality and mind, and with a role to play in this world. Taking that chance from an individual is wrong. Abortion is murder, if you do not want your baby, or are scared, there are plenty of alternatives to killing it. One of the best, there are couples out there that cannot have a baby of their own and then there are people who are killing...

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