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If God is omnipotent and omniscient, then God cannot be omnibenevolent at the same time.


Resolution: If God is omnipotent and omniscient, then God cannot be omnibenevolent at the same time. Definitions: benevolent : marked by or disposed to doing good omnibenevolent: disposed to doing only good good: 1. virtuous, right, commendable 2. kind kind: 1. of a sympathetic or helpful nature 2. of a forbearing nature : gentle 3. arising from or characterized by sympathy or forbearance 4. of a kind to give pleasure or relief omnipotent: almighty almighty: having absolute power over...

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Homosexual acts are immoral


Definitions: Homosexual - one attracted to the same sex Homosexual acts - intercourse with one [person] of the same sex No semantics or trolling. First round acceptance/definitions...

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It is reasonable to accept the theory of evolution


Thank you for accepting this debate. If you accept this debate, you agree to the rules and formats of the debate. Breaking the rules and formats of the debate is considered forfeiture. This is in response to my opponent challenging's atheists. I carry most of the burden of proof, however, my opponent must defend his position that evolution is untrue. Rules: 1. No insults or ad hominem. 2. The scientific position that no thing can be proved 100% and can only be shown to be clo...

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0.9999 recurring is equal to 1


Intro The 0.999 recurring is to mean a continuous stream of nines, ever ending. I assume people know what I mean here. The Pro's burden is simple, to prove that 0.99 recurring is indeed equal to 1. I'm looking to see if there's any challengers out there. And before anyone gets at all tricky (sneaky, making new rules), don't get ridiculously tricky, it's also of course in base 10 that we're talking (no base 16 etc.) . Finally not every dash (-) or such is a minu...

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The Jesus of the Bible Probably Existed


I will make my case and address the most common arguments presented by the mythological Jesus camp. The Historicity of Jesus as reported by extrabiblical sources, biblical sources, and basic logic: 1. Tacitus was an early Roman historian who wrote early in the 2nd century. In his writings we have a reference to Jesus as the founder of Christianity and his being crucified under the thumb of Pontius Pilot. Unfortunately much of Tacitus' work has been lost, including portions from 29-32 AD –...

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Evolution is a ridiculous theory


I stand in affirmation. I will allow my opponent to open up the discussion. Why is evolution (Macro-Evolution) a plausible and provable idea?...

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The Law of Parsimony Favors Intelligent Design - B


Resolved: The Law of Parsimony Favors Intelligent Design Over Alternative Theories. Please abstain from the use of semantics. I would like to thank my future opponent for his/her willingness to debate this topic. For the sake of clarity I will briefly summarize the rule of parsimony and Intelligent Design, and then follow with my numerically listed points. The Rule of Parsimony: Essentially, the simplest theory wins. That is to say, the theory with the same explanatory power and least...

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Convert Me


Though the instigator normally bears the burden of proof by taking this debate my opponent accepts the burden of proof. The Rules. 1: My opponent as Pro is to make a case for the truth of their religion. 2: I as Con am to critically examine this case and attempt to test it to destruction. 3: Pro's case must consist of one or more of the following. An argument of logic/science, a test or experiment that can be recreated or performed by a non-believer or actual physical evidence (scientific...

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On balance, capitalism is more humanitarian than communism.


Thanks, Lwerd for accepting, and good luck! As before, the burden of proof is equal: we both must show the merits of our respective systems and demonstrate their superiority over the alternative. == Definitions == Capitalism – economic system characterized by voluntary exchange, private ownership, and the prohibition of force, fraud, and coercion. Humanitarian – showing concern for welfare and happiness of mankind. I'll leave this term open-ended. Some possible criteria might incl...

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Sadolite has the worst record probly in the history of debate .com


I believe I have the worst win ratio in the history of LOL. Aren't you people glad I don't care. You just have to laugh because I know there are people that are far worse debaters than I with better records. I will be back with another controversial debate soon stay tuned. My current record is 0 and 26...

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