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Gay Marriage


I would like to challenge you to a debate sir. I will defend the rights for gays to marry! No need to use marriage as a weapon against diversity! Regardless of any of our opinions I do not believe there is a person alive that should have the authority to stop you from marriage of you are consenting legal adults!...

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Gay marriage should be allowed


Why shouldn't two people of the same sex be allowed together? I find it ironic how countries are trying to fight against homophobia, even though laws against the right for gays to marry IS being homophobic. I also find it sexist how men love to see lesbians, (because they think we're into special 'kinky' things that other couples wouldn't do, even though that's not true. We have the same sex life as straight couples) and hate seeing gay men....

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A Christian Ought to Vote Against Gay Marriage


Introduction The purpose of this debate is to open a dialogue to discuss the role of a Christian in the political/social arena. Gay Marriage was chosen as a topic in order to spark lively debate. Arguments Within the Christian community there are those that believe that a Christian should not vote against Gay Marriage ballots because it is a secular (Western) society that we live in. With a culture or society there are many values that are held that are either unique to that culture or...

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Homosexuality and Gay Marriage are Morally Wrong


The proposition on offer is that Homosexuality and Gay Marriage are not Morally Wrong. My opponent (should he choose to accept) has posted some interesting "information" on this issue. Let's examine some of his points: >> "Statistics show that homosexuals remain faithful to one another only 25% of the time, on the other hand, heterosexual couples remain faithful to one another 80% of the time." What statistics? He provides no source for this very suspicious number.... Furthermore, the...

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Gay marriage should be legalized In the United States


This is for the DDO Tier Tournament take two. Lannan and I have been paired up to debate. Rounds:Pro(1) Rules(2) Contentions(3) Contentions/rebuttals(4) Rebuttals/Closing StatementsCon(1) Contentions(2) Contentions/Rebuttals(3) Rebuttals/Closing statements(4) Shall type only "no round as agreed upon" and nothing elseRules(1) If my opponent fails to type "No round as agreed...

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Gay Marriage should not be legal


The discussion over whether the state ought to recognize gay marriage has thus far focused on the issue as one of civil rights. This argument is erroneous because the state recognition of marriage is not a universal right. States regulate marriage in many ways besides denying couples of the same sex from marrying. Many states prohibit first cousins from marrying, and all prohibit marriage of closer blood relatives, even if the individuals being married are sterile. In all states, it is illegal t...

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Gay marriage should be legal


Straight forward debate on gay rights. Men should be allowed to marry men and women should be allowed to marry women. My opponent will argue that this is only heterosexual couples should marry. Set up Round 1 = acceptance Round 2 and 3 = arguments and rebuttal Round 4 = closing speech (rebuttal but no new arguments) Rules Forfeit and you lose conduct. New arguments in R4 and you lose conduct. No "shouting" or bad language Only accept this debate if you are actually against it. I lo...

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Gay marriage should be legal.


First round will be for acceptance. I thank you. You thank me. Everybody's a happy family. Round 2 will be for opening arguments. I say a whole lot of stuff to support one side. You say a whole lot of stuff to support the side I'm not supporting. Debate commences. Round 3 will be for refutation and case reconstruction. I tell you what is wrong with your case. You tell me what is wrong with my case. We debate. Clash happens (ideally). Round 4 will be for closing arguments. Some ground...

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gay marriage should be legalized


I think gay marriage should be legal because there no different then a man and a woman in love. yes, the bible might say its wrong but doesn't it also say that god loves ALL his children, and doesn't it also say that everyone is created equal under the eyes of god? it could also raise some peoples self-esteem. Studies show that LGBT teens are between 30 and 40 percent more likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers. some of these teens might think "what's the point of living if I cant m...

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Gay marriage should be legalized in all states


I believe that same sex marriages are the same at heterosexual marriages. To me marriage is between 2 people who love each other, and they would favor in sharing their love for the rest of their lives. As we live in a modern day society, people are now re-defining the meaning of marriage and is starting to suppose gay rights, and that's great! But there is still a percentage of people who believe it's wrong. Gay marriage can be a positive thing prior to our financial system. If gay marri...

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