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Web design competition


The resolution says "web design competition" for better understanding for readers and voters. However, the official title I would like to give this competition is "HTML/CSS design competition".How this will work should my esteemed friend Larztheloser, accept:This competition is a challenge for both of competitors to make a better use of coding skills in the design category. Voting for this competition should contain the usual RFD explaining why you thought one member...

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Writers debate: Fiction


The purpose of this debate will be to intellectually get around the challenges posed by your opponent with each plot twist. At the same time, both writers will focus their skills into making their prose interesting, legible, and well written. "Is this a debate?" some of you may ask. I personally believe a writers debate requires a great amount of skill as it shows a debaters confidence in their speech, and they have to overcome obstacles through the use of creativity, imagination, an...

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My opponent cannot write better romantic comedy than me


The Lovely Love-Struck Lovers of Olde Luton Towne

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Rap Battle


Throw down your vocab in an online rap battle 5 rounds 72 hours max time to rhyme Voting will be complete 2 weeks after the battle Open to any challengers!...

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AOW Rebellion!


This is a special type of AOW, In which I am defender and Try to Rebel, then keep the Island of Guam. My opponent Must crush the rebellion.Rules:1. No kritiks, semantics, etc. etc.2. The use of WMDs are banned.3. I am defending, And will go in round 2.4. Con may not have ANY sort of Support from the outside, Pro may.5. More countries may Join if wanted, on PRO.6. Electronic warfare is allowed, But EMPs are not.7. State your forces, or li...

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Writers debate


This is a writers debate! The point of this debate is to shed creativity of both writers. One person will write a passage, and the next person will add on to the story accordingly.Whoever creates the most interesting continuation/orientation/conclusion of the story wins the vote for "most convincing arguments"Points for spelling and grammar are awarded as per usual.****RULES****...

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Rap Battle.


This here is a rap battle, kids. The objective for each side is simply to make a rap, not too short but not too long, that attacks the other person. Because we're simply writing our raps, beats won't really be an issue, so the battle will essentially be more poetic than fully hip-hop like. The criteria used for judging should simply be the quality of the wordplay, taking into account creativity of the rhymes, references to outside things, etc. Flow–meaning rhythm, and the syllabic structu...

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The Superior Photographer


This is not really a debate. I would just like to show off my photography and look at someone's photography and we will critique each other. Rules: -Each round you will post a photo that you have taken. -The photos can't be changed(such as removing a sign or pole)in post-photo programs. -You can, however, conduct minor Photoshop changes, such as brightness and contrast, levels, and curves, etc. You can also crop. -Each time you post a photo, you would critique the photo I previously poste...

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MS Paint Battle


Rules 1. Each of us will issue the other a challenge to draw in the next round. 2. Challenges will be 5 words or less. 3. Pro's round 1 and Con's round 3 will have no pictures. Pro's round 1 will contain a challenge, Con's round 3 won't contain anything. 4. Pictures will be hosted on DDO on the debaters' profiles so that they may be accessed easily. Links will be provided in the round. My opponent's challenge is "dinosaurs harvesting pizza from trees"....

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MS Paint Battle: tvellalott versus lickdafoot


I challenge you, lickdafoot, to a ms paint battle!This is how it works: We will do three drawings each. You will choose something, anything really, for me to draw, for example; A ninja riding a train. Be creative but realistic, I am not a skilled computer artist so keep it reasonable.You give me something to draw and I'll draw it in round two. Round one is only for your acceptance and my first thing.Do you accept this challenge?...

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