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Web design competition


The resolution says "web design competition" for better understanding for readers and voters. However, the official title I would like to give this competition is "HTML/CSS design competition".How this will work should my esteemed friend Larztheloser, accept:This competition is a challenge for both of competitors to make a better use of coding skills in the design category. Voting for this competition should contain the usual RFD explaining why you thought one member...

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Led Zeppelin.....The Greatest Band Ever


Led Zeppelin is hands down the best band to ever grace us with their presence on this earth. Jimmy Page is arguably the best guitarist ever. The late Bonzo was and still is the greatest drummer of all time. Plant was the first true metal vocalist with his distictive high pitch. And last but not least, JPJ, the most underrated musician of the modern era; great composer and played many different instruments. But a band cannot have success with just very talented members, it needs chemistry, consis...

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My photographs are, on the overall, "better" than my opponent's.


In this debate my opponent and I shall post one (1) picture that we have taken ourselves each round and then include a short description and a criticism of their opponent's previous photograph. The word "better" shall be defined by the voters and they are free to listen to our arguments and choose accordingly. I will start the competition with one of my more recent photographs: Pictured is a Muscovy Duck [1] relaxing in the grass on...

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MS Paint Battle: tvellalott versus lickdafoot


I challenge you, lickdafoot, to a ms paint battle!This is how it works: We will do three drawings each. You will choose something, anything really, for me to draw, for example; A ninja riding a train. Be creative but realistic, I am not a skilled computer artist so keep it reasonable.You give me something to draw and I'll draw it in round two. Round one is only for your acceptance and my first thing.Do you accept this challenge?...

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Resolved: Harry Potter is better than Twilight


As stated simply above, the resolution will be: Harry Potter is better than Twilight. I will be arguing Pro (Harry Potter is better). First round acceptance, thank you for considering my challenge. 1st Round: Acceptance 2nd Round: Constructive (Arguments) 3rd Round: 2nd Constructive (More Arguments can be brought up) 4th Round: Cross Examination (Pro will ask 10 questions, and Con will answer them and add their own in their argument.) 5th Round: Rebuttals (Pro will answer Con's questions...

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Art MasterPiece Challenge!


Round one acceptanceRound two post ONE of our masterpieces. It can be digitally edited to look awesome....

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Contemporary Art is becoming more perverse and repulsive than the art of previous eras.


In my opinion, art of the modern era is becoming far less beautiful and marvelous and instead increasingly disturbing. Much of what is considered art today is no longer something to be appraised, but instead what could be labeled downright repulsive. It seems to some that much of the contemporary art is putting up a proverbial middle finger to the traditions and standards of artists of the passed. Over the passed few decades, there has been an increase in art that includes pornographic images th...

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Is art more important than science in the world?


To me as far as I am concerned, art is not that important or needed in this world compared to science. Art is something that is needed for human entertainment. while science is needed to make the world a better place for others. We need people in the world that can help mankind, not people who can entertain others cause in the end it does not help the world in any way. Why do you think that there are fewer opportunities for people who are good at art compared to science? There are many jobs such...

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We Should Beat Donald Trump Supporters


Donald Trump supporters should be viciously beaten, because they are obnoxious and despicable people. I put this under the category of "Arts," because I hope that beating Trump supporters will one day develop into a performance art. There will be five rounds to this debate and if you accept you will be arguing against the proposition that Donald Trump supporters should be viciously beaten on sight....

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Singing Challenge


Let's begin with round one with our performance. Best winner wins! Good luck homie! :) I'm beginning mine with "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence Enjoy and have fun!...

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