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Classic Robert Gauntlet Tournament: The current tax system should be replaced by the fair tax.


By current tax system, I'm referring to the federal tax system currently used by the United States government. Explanation of the Fair Tax 1. The Fair Tax is a consumption tax at the point of sale for 23% of every dollar spent. It's effectively a 30% sales tax. For the first year. 2. The tax will replace income tax, social security, corporate taxes, capital gains tax, Medicare tax, payroll tax, gift taxes and estate tax. 3. The tax would be on all new goods and services. Purchases fr...

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Question: Why not make the minimum wage a percentage of the company?


If there are any economics people out there, my question to you is: Why not make the minimum wage a percentage of what a given company is worth/makes/can pay? That way every company wouldn't have to pay out more than they could afford and couldn't get away with paying less than they could afford. You could call it a "floor wage" and then have a base minimum wage that no company could go below, so that small companies couldn't get away with paying there employees like 25 cents an hour. Would this...

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Does capatilism encourage greed and social manipulation?


First round is acceptance only. I hope this debate goes well. Please no trolling....

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Should the U.S.A. raise taxes on imports?


We have a national debt problem owed to other countries that is growing every minute. If the US would just put a penalty on raising the debt it wouldn't be a problem. It would most likely reduce imports therefor be giving jobs to US citizens, reducing transportation costs, reducing transportation emissions and make more US manufactured products. Without doing so we are sitting ducks waiting to go into poverty....

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Resolved: The United States Federal Government should raise the minimum wage to $15.


This is a tournament debate. Using 16kadams Rules: Rules: 1. First round is for acceptance only 2. Second round is for cases only 3. BOP is shared 4. No kritiks/semantics 5. Voting is on arguments only 6. Breaking rules = loss 7. Sources don't need to be in debate, but if you do that put them in an external link. 8. No NAP or annoying libertarian philosophy (counts as a K). Stats master race 9. You accept definitions 10. Don't trol...

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Should the penny still be minted?


The penny should be made still because it makes a more exact form of payment. Without the penny the US would have to round up because you would be able to pay just one penny. The nickle would be the smallest pay...

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Democratic Socialism (Pro) vs. Free-Market Capitalism (Con)


In this debate I will be arguing that Democratic Socialism is a better economic system overall than Free-Market Capitalism. I wish my opponent the best of luck....

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The Case For the Minimum Wage


The Case For The Minimum WageThis Debate will cover the minimum wage laws in the United States. I will try and make the case in support of the concept of minimum pay requirements, and Garret Kade Dupre will oppose. The Burden of Proof will lie on Con, since he will argue against estali...

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Should African elephants go extinct?


Hey! We need to Save the African Elephants! Did you know the African Elephants have the biggest ears? People are hunting them down so they can cut of their trunks and sell them for money. They can live up to 70 years in the wild! The African elephants are the largest land animals on Earth. We would not want to loose an amazing creature like that would we?...

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Minimum Wage Should Not Be Raised


I will be arguing for a stable federal minimum wage in the United States. I personally believe that the minimum wage should be abolished altogether, as I believe in almost nonexistent government intervention in business. However, I am arguing that we should not increase the minimum wage any higher then it already is on a federal basis. This comes from the fact that Seattle, NYC, LA, and Chicago have all raised their minimum wages to an exorbitant amount, which will eventually end up in los...

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