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Resolved:On Balance, Students in the United States should be guaranteed Free College.


Hi, so for today's debate, we will have 5 rounds. 1)Acceptance2) Opening Statements3)Rebuttals4)Rehabs/Second Rebuttals5)Closing StatementsSources can be linked in Case or in the comments, though in case would be preferableRULES:1) No Counter Planning. Opportunity costs are ok.2)Forfeiting a round is NOT an automatic loss, but voters should note that it as an example of misconduct3)Nothing New sources or arg...

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Laptops in Class


PrefaceI am auditing a class over the winter break, and I've noticed that the professor prohibits the use of laptops in class. When asked why, he cited their potential for distraction. I am interested in having a debate on this topic, since I have also heard educators laud the things that laptops can enable them to do with students. I think this should be an enlightening discourse.There is a 2,000 ELO minimum needed to vote on this debate. You must h...

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Should History be compulsory for GCSE?


History should be allowed to be compulsory for GCSE. I have many reasons for this. If History is compulsory then that mean everyone will know the history of Britain fully and will be full aware of what is happening in the world. History helps us to understand the word more and realise how lucky we are as well as making us think deep about this. History being compulsory means that we can learn more about World War 1 and 2. This is why we should make History compulsory for GSCE. Please understand....

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Should classrooms have class pets?


Classes should have class pets because taking care of one will teach responsibility, respect for living animals, and give a sense of interdependence. If the pet dies the events and mourning that come after will teach the children life and the life cycle. The pet could also be example for learning that would make it fun to learn....

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Exams should be changed for the better


Hello everybody I believe very strongly that GCSE&GCE awards in the UK should not be based off exams as you may know what to put but have the wrong exam technique and fail the exam all together. I think that many people would agree that while exams do test knowledge they should be based purely off knowledge of the course and not require any technique to actually sit the exams to begin with. (Your Turn Argue cons)...

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Do Schools focus more on Grades (Pro) or Intelligence (Con)


I believe that Schools focus too heavily on what your grade is rather than what you are learning. Currently, schools are pressuring student on keeping their grades up. Sure having good grades is good, but in some cases they don't measure your knowledge. You can really understand a subject and know exactly what the material is, but none of that matters because you didn't turn in one homework assignment and that brought your grade down 1%. According to schools, that's the end of the world. Now you...

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Should School Lunches be Regulated


Recently the Obama administration has put legislation into place restricting some of the more "unhealthy" or "fatty" foods. Apparently kids eat way to unhealthy at school and so the government feels the need to take over your job as a parent and supply them with healthy food. As a high school student I have experienced, first hand, this new dramatic shift in our schools cuisine. I have found that over three-quarters of the students at my high school say that our lunches are repulsive at best and...

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Philosophy and the humanities are underrated in education.


I would like to thank my esteemed opponent in advance for accepting this debate. I look forward to what I hope will be a very thought provoking and insightful discussion :) For all intents and purposes, I believe the resolution is pretty straight-forward. By underrated, I will be arguing that increasing the focus in humanities and/or philosophy in education, particularly higher education, would be beneficial to society. I will contend that there is an increasing problematic...

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Should students be able to listen to music with limitations in school


YES!!! It has been scientifically proved, multiple times, that students benefit from listening to music while studying. The limits within the school would allow teachers to decide when students are able to listen to music and when they can't. If other students would rather not listen to music because it distracts them, so be it. It is a free world!!!

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should special needs students be able to go to public schools ?


Special needs are those who are challenged mentally or physically. In the occurence of equallity now a days, and people being more open minded i believe that this, like same sex marraige, should be a very important matter to look into. We shall make every human being feel "normal" no matter what they choose to be or are in life, as long as it doesnt effect those around him/her. By allowing special needs to participate and be able to be enrolled in a public school it breaks the limitations p...

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