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free will school


The idea is that everything we learn is learned by our own will and im gonna debate for it....

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Germany and Japan could have won WWII if it weren't for Hitler and Yamato


Germany could have won the war if it weren't for Hitler being the commander of the entire German military and Yamato attacking pearl harbor when he did. Con may present his first argument good luck and lets keep this friendly....

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Normal School is better than Homeschool.


So basically this is from a previous debate where my opponent forfeited. You wanted me to challenge you so yeah. Normal school is better than homeschool. I despise the acceptance thing and we already decided so I will post my arguments in the 1st round. So here we go: Contention 1: Social Interaction School is often known as the main place where kids socialize. They're in it for 5 days a week! Most friends comes from school, where they meet with their friends everyday. To eliminate this...

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Students should be engaged in extra curricular activities


The first round of this debate will be views on the topic, and the same pattern will continue throughout the debate, with the choice of rebuttals and counters from the second round onwards. The adage "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" has acquired a lot of significance today. This is because today"s kids are told to "Play less and study more!" Kids today are forced to get very high GPAs (Grade Point Averages) or secure very high percentages (read unrealistically high!). Thanks to the...

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Should we use well-known or local celebrity endorsement for a multinational company


A well-known celebrity has more impact on consumer rather than a local famous person....

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Should students be able to listen to their Ipods/MP3's while doing independent work?


First round-Acceptance Second round- Arguments Third round- Arguments/ Rebuttals Fourth round- Rebuttals/ Closing -- Rules: -No new ideas in the last round -No trolling -- I'm really exited to debate this topic, good luck and have fun!! :)...

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Children should start learning education from the internet now, not schools.


Children should start getting education from the internet since almost all information you want to know is contained in the internet. By learning from the internet you can save more money and other necessities required to go to school. You can save more time and greatly increase your knowledge because you can always test yourself or just click to review a page. It is true schools have social experience, but you can also have social experience from the internet, you are not going to sit all day,...

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Private school is better/safer than public school


Private schools give you a better education than public schools. The teachers at public schools are paid more, so most people who seek a teaching career will want a job at one of them. Anyone who decides to teach at a private school knows that the pay is worse, and they teach at them because they love their job. So, they will be better at their job. Also, if you attend a private school, you have to pay tuition. The school has to give you a better education, than, if they want you to stay. S...

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The alphabet doesn't have a true order.


We tend to put the alphabet in an order easily singable to the song twinkle twinkle little star. Is that actually the right order? Look down at your keyboard. Is that any less accurate of an order? Man put the alphabet in the order it is. What about this random order? s n e v t c h w k f o y r z j i p q g a x d m u l b In all reality, the alphabet is 26 letters long. Those letters were put into an order. Society has demanded that we recognize it in that said order....

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American slaves suffered more than Jews who were killed during the Holocaust


It was estimated that 5-6 million Jews lost their lives during the Holocaust. Many Jewish victims were never aware of their impending death. They were malnourished, beaten daily, and tortured. During these monstrous acts, Nazis soldiers knew that would have to kill these prisoners eventually, but still continued to torture them. There was never a beacon of hope, and no point in wishful thinking for the Jewish victims. Many families were forced to depart from their loved ones, not knowing if they...

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